tatu pdrm 2011

What is a tattoo? No, it isn’t about getting Ami James to draw a dragon on your back. Okay fine, that’s also correct, but this time I’m referring to something else.

In the armed forces, tattoo is what they call performances that include marching band, drills, drums.. you know.. those kind of stuffs. Nowadays tattoo events cover even wider scope, with many kinds of demos (firearms, helicopters, paragliding etc.) to show to the public.

In conjunction with the Royal Malaysian Police’s 204th anniversary, a tattoo event was held at Stadium Merdeka on the 29th and 30th April 2011. We went to watch it on Friday night. Invited Dyanna to tag along (as I was already hanging out with her that evening) but she didn’t want to go as she couldn’t bear missing American Idol.

When we entered the stadium, the marching band was already in position.

Many policemen around...

...and many publics too.

The minister officiated the event with a gunshot...

...which was followed by fireworks display.

First up was a demo by Unit Tindakan Khas on saving a hijacked plane.

The video quality is actually a lot better on my computer, but somehow after uploading it to Youtube it doesn’t appear as good. I doubt you can see the men in black coming down using ropes from the helicopter and the roof, or can you?

The marching band played in the dark to show off their LED lit uniforms.

They were accompanied by cultural performers who danced to their music.

Next was “Kawad Tanpa Perintah”, which I thought was really impressive. He said it could easily take 2 months of practice to perfect the drill.

They did many different formations, completely guideless, just based on timing and perhaps taking cues from the music.

Then the MC announced that the next act would be “Kawad Patung”.

Me: Kawad Patung tu apa?
Him: Clowns berkawad.
Me: *Confused* Haa? Clowns?
Him: Yeah.. clowns..
Me: *Skeptical* Eee.. ye ke?
Him: Ye laa.. tak caya u tengok nanti.

Tengok2 memang betul clowns keluar berkawad :-D

Obviously I had never seen such thing before!

Then it was the turn for Unit Berkuda to show off their skills. Too bad they kept the lights off. The audience couldn’t see the horses and the stunts clearly. Quite a waste considering that their performances were pretty impressive, especially the Roman riding, whereby the rider STOOD on two moving horses!

It would have been much better with the lights on, eh?

I noticed that the female riders tied red scarves around their hat. Wonder what was the significance?

Just as the crowd was enjoying the horse show, it started drizzling, so we decided to leave before the rain came pouring. Had to skip the paragliding show, but did saw them wandering in the skies just outside the stadium, waiting for their cue to go in. Perhaps there were still a few more shows in store as well, but the weather wasn’t permissible. Many audiences actually left early, not wanting to get soaked in case it rained.

Anyway, as a whole, it was a good event. Of course, there were rooms for improvement. Some parts could have been made shorter (the marching band’s performance was simply too long). Some music choices could have been better (perhaps songs that the public were more familiar with). Some spotlights could be helpful rather than solely relying on LED decorated outfits (the horses weren’t dressed in LED, how to see them?).

Having said that, I think it was not bad from the eyes of a first time tattoo audience like me. Yeah, not bad at all!


JaJa'Z said...

uish..menarik betul..akak rasa time kecik2 dulu jek akak pernah tgk tattoo ni...dah besar2 ni memang tak berkesempatan dah la.....'HIM' referring to???? adakah orang yang sama dalam entry2 sebelum ni???? :p

dieya said...

k jaja,
aik kata guru penasihat kadet polis, ingatkan tatu2 ni dah jadi aktiviti sampingan k jaja.
well, that's for me to keep and for u to find out :-p

JaJa'Z said...

aiyoooo...dalam kadet polis mana ada tattoo2 ni dik nonnnn...hehehhe..aik, nak rahsia2 plak dia...tapi kalau sekali tgk..emmm..main dengan tentera2 ni..dah sah2 la orang yang sama kot...hari tu pasal mindef..yang ni plak polis....kompem!!!

dieya said...

k jaja,
ehhh k jaja ni, memandai je yek! mana tau it was my pakcik sedara punya nenek angkat punya cucu sepupu punya kawan sekolah tadika sebelah rumah atuk tiri punya jiran seberang kampung.. haa.. haa.. haa.. :-p

-farahsu- said...

lorrr tk aciii...tk ajak tuhh...i nak gk tgk abang polisss :D...

JaJa'Z said...

dieya: sudah! jangan kau bersandiwara disini!!!!

Maya Marisa said...


From theatre to tatoo to kg baru for nasi lemak...
Hhmm the smell of nasi minyak is nearer to my nose...

dieya said...

ooo nak usha abang polis yek.. nnt kita wat lawatan sambil belajar ke bukit aman eh :-D

k jaja,
ampun puan penasihat kadet polis.. jgn angin kus2.. nanti keluar kedut sapa nak tolong inject botox?

omg i'm shocked that you mentioned nasi lemak kg baru! i didn't talk abt it here at all.. how on earth..? have u been stalking me???
*tengok kiri kanan takut2 ada hot mama crazy stalker tgh mengendap*

~jeet~ said...

habisla dieya..this would go on for quite some time now...hehehe,

i prefer tattoo angkatan tentera though, when i was young i remembered my fav stunts was like 10 guys on a scrambler, lari lari lari...lompat naik, kagum gile waktu tu... :)

dieya said...

spoken like a true ROTU chick! did u try to do that when you were in training?
owh well, maklum sajalah di sini terdapat ramai cik kiah yg terlebih prihatin :-p
but how can i compete with your 17 years story.. or that gambar berukuran poskad sambil pakai baju matchy2 black & grey gitu..
ooops.. chup chup..
*gostan balik, tak jadi larik*
don't forget to put up gambar the two of u zaman budak hingusan okay!
*sambung lariiiiik!!!*

~jeet~ said...

aaahh...tolong....x habis lagi rupanya, u even scrutinize my baju and his...aiyo..ini dah jauh.. ;p

now its my turn to laarriikk....

ahkakbatik said...

kaktek turun naik post dok cari sapolah gerangan we.... me and "HIM" itew....???!!!!

dieya said...

kata kipas susah mati CSI kan.. mestilah praktikkan apa yg grissom ajar.. hahaha!
oittttt... jangan lariiiiikkk!

turun naik lain mpatblas kali sampai kurus.. nescaya akan ketemu jawapannya.. ngeh ngeh ngeh