süleymaniye mosque & grand bazaar

After breakfast, we headed to Süleymaniye Mosque, which was the second largest mosque in Istanbul. Took the tram to Beyazit which stopped right in front of the infamous Grand Bazaar (Kapalı Çarşı). From there, the mosque was a short (albeit a little confusing) walk away.

Passing by the outside of Grand Bazaar enroute to Süleymaniye Mosque.

Reached the mosque. From a glance, it looked similar to the Blue Mosque.

Wudhu’ area and beautiful arches above it.

A huge chandelier decorated the prayer hall.

Layers of arches inside.

The holy Quran had its own corner.

Didn’t I tell you the chandelier was huge?

A classic marble sink. The tap didn’t work. Yes, I tried :-p

A pose at the entrance before leaving...

And another near the gate...

One more from the outside to capture the beautiful domes...

Across the mosque, there was an alley heading to Süleymaniye Kütüphanesi. What’s that?

Süleymaniye Library, which houses the largest collection of Islamic manuscripts in the world.

We then walked back to the Grand Bazaar. Shopping time! Or so I thought. The truth was, prices of things at the Grand Bazaar were easily three times more expensive that what you could get by the roadside. A place to check out? Yes. A place to buy things? Not really, unless you found something that you really like.

Inside the Grand Bazaar. Beautiful architecture.

Beautiful things to see. And touch. And buy, only if you really like them and you have the time to bargain ala Petaling Street.

Thirsty? Help yourselves to some water here.

Some info on the bazaar.

We were only in the bazaar for hardly an hour when somebody started to feel nauseous. At first we thought it was due to the closed space combined with the smell of Turkish scents from the shops. Later we figured out it was actually food poisoning. So we returned to the hotel so the sickly one could get some rest. I went back to the Grand Bazaar on my own to continue where we left off.

Tired of walking with shopping bags in tow, I stopped by at Starbucks for iced latte with Irish cream syrup and a pink coloured vanilla cake.

Went to the pharmacy to get some oral rehydration salt for the sickly one and returned to the hotel. Spent the night indoors, surfing the internet, while my patient recouped.

Day 3 - Done!


JaJa'Z said...

and now akak dah boleh tau u stail of posing..tangan letak di poket and pusing badan ke belakang..hehhe..nak kena try ni..hehhe nampak macam menarik je tu...

agak2nya lepas yang sorang tu sakit perut bila balik malaysia dieya plak sakit ek..? apsal plak yek? salah makan apa lah agaknya tu yek...rugi betul rasa kalau time gi jenjalan badan jadi tak sihat...

dyanna said...

Jauh2 ko jalan, di starbucks jugak berhenti minum... :p
Did they have any local flavored frapps?

Seriously i cannot imagine how the was like during it's greatest... Surely would have been very grand.

Thanks for sharing this part of the world with us.

ZuNas77 said...

sesak nafas baca day 3 punya..hahaha

Rashidah Ibrahim said...

Love the architecture, Oh nampaknya nak kena gi juga ni..

Mamamya said...

b'pinau2 mata baca n3 + tgk gmbar2 yg jauh ketinggalan....;D

td ada baca n3 kawan yg dok kan findland...dia pun baru balik dari istanbul...tgk gambar bunga2 tulip kat sana....cantiknya.....dieya ada pegi x tempat tu???

dieya said...

k jaja,
hahaha mau tiru yek! kena bayar royalti nih :-p
itulah, dia sakit perut i think coz mkn aiskrim tepi jalan. for me plak sakit perut i think because kebab tak berapa masak, nasib baik on last day, so tak rugi apa2. tapi sengsara juga dlm flight 10 jam ulang alik toilet muntah bagai.

what can i say, starbucks always make me feel at home! not sure abt the frappes, but they do hv lots more syrup varieties.
i would thought so too. just look at the archtecture, marvelous!

breathe in.. breathe out.. :-D
more to come!

k ieda,
mesti pegi! best sangat!

k lieya,
hehehe.. slow n steady :-)
kat part mana yg byk tulip tu? anyway around the city mmg byk tanam tulip merata2.. macam2 warna.. cantik sangat!

JaJa'Z said...

kawan kak lieya tu sama la orangnya dengan member blogger akak tu..dia gi umrah dan balik tu singgah istanbul..dia pun gi istana topkapi.. ni blog dia... www.nurniezza.blogspot.com try la buka..

~jeet~ said...

the chandelier is waaayyy too low..time orang solat, would they raise it? ke just high enough for people to stand?

sori..bnyk soal lak...and the pink vanilla cake look so gurly ;)

dieya said...

k jaja,
ooo yer ker.. oraits i'll visit her blog nnt :-)

the chandeliers are low, tapi taklah sampai kena kepala org.. unless u r kobe bryant :-p
the cake is so cute kan? nampak mcm macaroons pun ada. and manis yaa amat!

Anonymous said...

if i'm not mistaken, irish cream is a type of liqueur, thus it has alcohol in it..u might want to check on it...

anyway, nice pics!

dieya said...

thanks for bringing up the point on irish cream. as far as i know, starbucks' irish cream syrup has no alcohol, just the irish cream flavor. that was based on what i read here. so i believe it's safe :-)
glad u like the pics!

PatinPasta said...

Mak aiii.. besor sungguh lampu!
Tabek la Dieya gi sambung round sorang-sorang. Kalo saya, memang dok kat bilik je. Huhu!

Hey love all the pics!

dieya said...

ish.. rugi laa tak jalan. ala.. buat gaya confident and blend into the crowd ;-)
thanks, glad u enjoy them!

outdoor lighting said...

Love the chandeliers. It really is so huge and blends well with the architecture of the mosque.

dieya said...

outdoor lighting,
the chandeliers are gorgeous indeed!
p.s. thanks for dropping by :-)

grand Bazaar said...

historic the first grand bazaar in Istanbul shopping center to be seen.

dieya said...

definitely! such a history place. a must see :-)