chocolate riddle

Yesterday, while I was immersing myself into piles of work, my colleague Miss H called me up...

Miss H: Hey miss accountant, hear this.
Me: What?
Miss H: Mr. R (our colleague who was at another location) texted me a riddle...

You can buy 1 chocolate for RM 1.
If you buy 3 chocolates and eat them all, you can return 3 wrappers to the shop and get 1 free chocolate.
Say you have RM 15 in your pocket.
How many chocolates will you get in total?
How many wrappers will you have left?

No points for guessing that we spent the next five minutes cracking it up!

Give it a try. Will tell you the answer later in the day (if I have the time) or tomorrow.

Happy calculating.. or guessing!


Akmalhazwan said...


Nazimah said...

27 choc, finally only 1 wrapper, betoi ka?

dieya said...

tettttt.. wrong answer ;-)

nope, not that either. sila cuba lagi :-D

Kak Nora said...

Ah...dah lama minda ini tak buat mental exercise. More then 5 mins already, pssst.... what's the answer missy accountant?

JaJa'Z said...

ehem2...cikgu math nak jawab plak answer is u get 22 chocolate and 1 wrapper left!...betul ke???

-farahsu- said...

22 coklat and 1 wrapper left..klu btul sila bg present starbuck buy 1 free 1 tuh okehh :D

Anonymous said...

21 chocs and 0 wrapper left :)

Mamamya said...

alamak...kene buat kira2 ker????

biar cikgu math je lah yg tlg jawab....aci x???

Anonymous said...

With RM15 X 1 = 15 chocolates. 15 wrappers divided by 3 wrappers = 5 chocolates. Therefore,RM15 yields 20 pieces of chocolate and no wrapper left but rubbish.


dieya said...

aunty nora,
tak aci nih, terus minta answer.. kena kira jugak! :-p

k jaja,
jawapannya.. kita tunggu selepas ini!

jeng jeng jeng.. sila play soundtrack who wants to be a millionaire.. dan sila rehat sebentar bersama kit kat!

naa naa naa.. come back for the answer :-)

k lieya,
ni lagi satu tak aci! minta org lain jawabkan pulak!
suruh damya kira kan laa :-D

not just rubbish, also lots of excess baggage from eating 15 + X chocs in one go.. hahaha!

dear friends,
i have set the answer to be autopublished at 3:00 PM (GMT +8) today 5/5/2011. so do come back slightly later to see if you got it right. in the mean time, keep on counting the chocs ;-)


Pertamanya: RM 15 tu, I tak nak beli cokelat. Makan D punya yang free tu.

Kedua, kalau kena beli juga, I will get

21 cokelat and 2 wrappers left.

dieya said...

pertamanya, ambik laa.. tak kesah.. kurang sikit excess baggage :-D

keduanya, the answer will be up in a few mins!


The last three wrappers, bila i return,
Salesgirl: sorry sir, the chocolates out of stock at the moment bcoz akmal, nazi, jaja, k nora, farah su n mama mia dah tukar lebih awal.
R: ye ke?
Salesgirl: dia org tu memang chocolate mazzy.

He he

dieya said...

mr. r,
eleh.. takmo ngaku salah kira, salahkan org lain abiskan stock chocs pulak :-p