barcelona 3:1 manchester united

Putting a pause to Istanbul entries. This one news is just too hot to miss.

F.C. Barcelona, my team, the greatest team in the world, is European Champion once again!

Yeah baby, UEFA Champions League winner for 2011, that’s us! (Photo credit to UEFA)

The first 10 minutes of the game was nerve wrecking. But as always, Barça just needed some time to warm up. After that it was business as usual.

To win against Manchester United was good. To win against an English team, in England, was even better.

Pedro’s goal was superb.

Messi’s goal was out of this world.

Villa’s goal was icing on the cake.

That trophy in the middle is returning to Camp Nou!

Visca Barça! El mejor equipo del mundo, siempre!

P.S.: Typing this as I watch the post-match clebration on ESPN. Bliss!


Citarasa Rinduan said...

selamat pagi ahad sayangku dieya....

wah!!!! jelesnya kamu bergambar disitu MU!!!!

Akmalhazwan said...

eventho i'm not a fan of both club.. igotta say this :

boooooo~ haha

congratz btw. =)

~jeet~ said...

viva barca!!! yes, worth la tak tidur, and now i am at work ;) barca totally outplay MU, by miles, yes, the best team win :)

JaJa'Z said...

dah ku agak..dikau menjadi burung hantu malam tadi..mujur hari ni hari ahad kan..bleh la cover semula tido tu....hubby akak pun kul 4 lebih baru tido..penangan tgk bola...

Messy Mummy said...

congrats babe. but you know... there is nothing much MU can do... barca is just way better. i even laugh reading my friend status on FB
" New FIFA ruling! Any team against fc Barcelona with be awarded with a 12th player advantage".
Funny but sangat setuju! hahaha...

Hjh Noralenna Abbas said...


dieya said...

k ayu,
selamat pagi ahad k ayu sayang!
owh, peminat MU rupanya yek.. barca! barca! barca!!!

hahaha.. any enemy of my enemy is my friend.. so high five :-D
muchas gracias!

visca barca!!! owh absolutely. was a bit worried for the first 10 mins tho, but i knew barca would do well. the best team ever!!!
omg u r at work? on sunday? kalau tido pun takde sapa sedar kot :-p

k jaja,
sudah semestinya! biggest game in europe, mana boleh miss. dieya lepas subuh baru tido. so totally worth it!
p.s. b zack sokong mana?

thanks!!! barca so deserve to win kan? not because of referee bias or some strange red card ocassion. the better team won it, definitely!
hahaha.. 12th player advantage.. super funny!!!

aunty nora,
ole.. ole ole ole!!!

JaJa'Z said...

bro zack sokong skuad harimau..hehhehe

dieya said...

k jaja,
auuummm!!! :-D

el isman said...

rasa mcm on top of the world bila barca menang

dieya said...

lamanya tak nampak mamu, pi mana?
for me bukan setakat top of the world, but out of this world!

daddyzkool said...

yezzz! barca!

ahkakbatik said...

mung ni tak citer pasai bola..pasai jalan2..pasai makanan memang tak sah... badan dok besar lagu tu jugak.

dieya said...

yeah visca barca!!!

ish.. kalau asal citer2 je terus badan naik.. takut ah nak citer2 lagi..

PatinPasta said...

*high 5!*
We even cut our day short to watch the match that day. Screamed like mad from the first goal onwards. Terkejut segala lembu kat situ. Haha!

dieya said...

hahaha.. maunya terus lembu tu dpt mad cow disease!
was it a superb game or what?! high 5 chica!!!!