untukmu loloq

Someone asked me if I wanted to watch “Untukmu Loloq”, a tribute concert to Loloq, the talented lyricist who passed away several years ago. The concert was co-hosted by MINDEF and KPKK, so he got tickets to watch the premiere at Istana Budaya last night. I haven’t watched concerts for a while (the last one was “Search di Awan Biru”) and Loloq’s rock kapak songs are very much to my liking, so of course I said yes.

We reached Istana Budaya quite early, there weren’t many people there yet.

Fast forward several minutes later, the lobby was full with patrons.

The concert’s banner.

Luncai Emas, owned by M. Nasir, a good friend of Loloq’s.

Our tickets and the concert’s flyer.

There were four main acts on stage: M. Nasir, Ramli Sarip, Ella and Spider.

Ella - Her voice was great (I’ve been her fan since I was a kid) and her showmanship was fabulous. I had so much fun singing along to “Nuri” and “Layar Impian”!

Ramli Sarip - I’m not really his fan, so to me his performance was alright. I mean, he’s an otai, of course he did a good job. Just that his overly serak voice wasn’t too pleasing to my ears.

Spider - They were AWESOME! Really! The combination of their three guitarists (Tam the lead singer also played guitar) was fantastic. We loved their performance the most. Gosok jangan tak gosok!

M. Nasir - He started with a song called “Wak [something]” which had a special meaning to him as it was the only song that Loloq himself sang in an album. But like he said, “Ianya memberi makna pada saya, tapi pada anda semua takde apa2 makna kot?” Hahaha so true, I had never heard the song before. And I bet I wasn’t the only one!

The overcrowded stage.

The final bow. I heart Ella and Spider!

All in all, it was a great concert. A bit too short tough. It was scheduled to start at 8:30pm but after the opening remarks and “Negaraku” (first time pegi tengok konsert kena nyanyi “Negaraku” sebelum berjimba2) the concert proper only started around 9pm. One artiste only sang about 3 songs. In between, there were comedy sketches by Khir Rahman and Azrul Raja Lawak, as well as choir performances by Badan Kesenian Tentera Darat. The entire thing ended at 10:30pm, only 1.5 hours show. Too short, eh?

Anyway, the concert is currently on at Istana Budaya until Sunday, 24 April 2011. So if you wanna catch it, go quick.

After the concert we went through the pics that we took and chose which ones to put up here. He told me not to put up our faces (more like his face actually, since all the pics with my face had his face too) just yet. “Let them guess,” he said dengan nada perasan glemer :-p

So go ahead, guess who took me to the concert last night?

Whoever got it right, please ask for your prize from him, not me. I’ll put up the answer next week, also by his request. Punya laa lama tarikh tutup macam laa ada juta2 orang nak teka siapa dia kan :-p

Happy guessing!


ahkakbatik said...

haaaa... si dia tu ang punya ehem-ehem kaaa?

Nazimah said...

wah, best nyer gi concert! sape yg bawak ha? hehehehe. like ahkakbatik said, your "ehem-ehem" ke? hehehehe :p

dieya said...

jawab style artis hollywood - no comment :-D

sila rujuk skema jawapan di atas.. hahaha!

Kak Nora said...

Aunty pun suka Ella, so sweet n manja manja. Aunty tunggu aje lah jawapan who's the guy...

dyanna said...

al-fatihah utk arwah loloq. he's such a talent. like ppl always say, the good ones dies young.

definitely going to watch this space! from the looks of it, the thumb looks like a young person's thumb. So i'll rule out your dad. boleh tak?

Mamamya said...

aiks...dah pandai berteka-teki yer....ermmmm....rasanya lah angah kot.... ( redah jer lah.....kata teke kan...;D )

ella...akak pun suka lagu2 dia tp kan kdg2 pelik dgn habit dia yg suka lentok2 kepala sambil belai2 rambut...adehhhhh...rimas...

spider mmg best..."gosok...gosok jgn x gosok...." :D

p.s: botol dah dpt tq yer...masa tgk taip comment ni posmen smpi...fiqa terus nak minum dalam botol tu....sabo je lah...jgn lupa b'tau total cost tau....

dieya said...

aunty nora,
yeah ella sentiasa lentok2 gitu, nak amik gambar dia kat stage pun susah coz dia dok gerak2.
hahaha okay then!

al-fatihah. during the concert only i realised many of my fav songs are loloq's work.
kahkahkah u r as funny as always laa babe!

k lieya,
saja bagi readers senaman minda di hari jumaat :-D
ella tu cute sgt orgnya, kecik jek. spider mmg mantap!
takpe, minum dulu, kos nyer nanti kena tanya org yg balik london tuh. dia pun bz tak sempat mengira.

JaJa'Z said...

aik..ni mushkil ni...kena main teka2 plak..takkan komando CC..kot??? nak kata Ramiro..lagi la jauh... :p ke Si Celoreng..? macam lagi tak kena....

u better tell me dearrrr!!!!!

Erin said...

ala, xpyhla sampai next week...bgtau skrg jugak! hihihi..

~jeet~ said...

disebabkan you mentioned and highlight MINDEF quite a few times...my guess goes to either si celoreng..or you dah ada contact CC? ;)

dieya said...

k jaja,
best apa main teka teki, mencabar minda pembaca.. sabo ye, i will tell you next week :-D

takmo, nak next week jugak! hahaha!

hahaha miss ROTU, u focus on MINDEF yea.. how about KPKK? ;-)
you'll know the answer next week!

-farahsu- said...

watched it yesterday :D..sume sgt bes...tp spider superb..
about "ehem2" tu..rsnye abg 'tiarap' MINDEF kot :D ...ehemmmmmm cam tk leh berenti lak dh ni hak3x....
*ps/ kem salam abg MINDEF/KPKK..pesan kt die lenkali klu ade tiket jgn lupekan dieya AND sepupu dieya yg comel ni skali hahahahhaa....

dieya said...

you did? best kan! hahaha sudah2 laa berdehem tu, hilang lak suara lemak merdu tuh karang.
p.s. ehhh nyibuk je.. hahaha :-p