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Girl talk lunch at Chili’s with my two most favourite people at the twin towers...

The footie mum of four boys and a Manchester United fan. Yes madam, we shall meet at UEFA Champions League final!

The soon-to-be mum of two who’s determined NOT to break her first pregnancy’s weight gain record of 27kg ;-)

Girl talk tea at Chinoz my super funny ex-schoolmate cum blogger pal...

The proud owner of iPad 2, bought on its Malaysian launch day itself! She lined up in front of the store since 8:30am. Finally got to counter at 12:30pm.

Unbelievable, you think? Just look at that! Even at 5pm, there was still a long queue! I wonder if they had enough iPad 2’s for everyone?

Couldn’t wait to get the hands on the new baby, even a butter knife would do!

Our tea set for 2 and the iPad 2 :-D

As we were about to leave, we saw Marion Caunter entering the restaurant with her friend. She’s really pretty in person.

Then we headed to Starbucks for frappucino happy hour. Got them at half price!

My hazelnut frappe and her mocha frappe. Couldn’t find a seat at Starbucks so we walked around Parkson...

...and I got these. Perfect baby blue. Love them!


JaJa'Z said...

morning dearrrr....amboi2...berjalan sakan yek...lawa jek tgk ipad 2..brapa harganya yek....and that baby!!!!!

dieya said...

k jaja,
morning! jalan2 lepas exam sambil jumpa kekawan lama :-D
she bought iPad wifi 64GB for RM 2,100 ke camtuh. kalau nak ada 3G, tambah lagi RM 300 ke 400.
the baby blue sangat menawan hati! lupa nak bagitau, ada 50% discount then tolak voucher RM30, so "terpaksa" beli.. hihihi!

dyanna said...

lol, you are a very stealthy paparazzi =D

i'm doing a review of BEING in the queue later. still not blogging from the Shiny yet, work in progress in installing apps.

i believe both of use had a very fruitful day indeed!

dieya said...

owh yes i am :-D
owh do write abt your queuing experience quick. wonder what you went thru standing there for solid 4 hours.
welcome to the world, shiny!
owh yes we do! and thanks for affirming my choice of the baby blue :-D

Erin said...

waah looks like the two of you got new toys! and i like both hehe

Maya Marisa said...

u know wat?! it's not me yg tido tak lena, mandi tak basah on the arrival of ipad2, it's my cha cha...haiyooooo
how la????

PatinPasta said...

rasanya setiap 6 bulan Dieya kena update gambo stok kasut. Mesti akan sampai satu tahap kena beli rumah lain semata nak simpan kasut. Muaha! But hey, the baby blue look lovely!

dieya said...

yes we did! like dyanna said, we both went home twice happy :-D

apa lagi.. gi camping depan machines store cepat!

hahaha.. beli rumah utk kasut.. good idea! yg dah agak worn out tu i give away to kakak cleaner, so takde laa penuh rumah with old stuffs. stylo kakak cleaner pakai heels sambil sapu sampah :-D

Sha@Mama Tina said...

wah seronoknya berjalan2 sakan..dieya.. that perfect baby blue tu memang very nice in colour.. tapi heel dia tinggi gak. kalau akak mesti tak beli takut jatuh u!

~jeet~ said...

u spotted marion counter, i sat tadi baru nampak dominic lau, partner dia dlm e news asia tadi..nanti i update dlm blog..tmpang gelama...hehehe...

dieya said...

k sha,
thank u! berkenan sangat color tu. as for me mmg suka kalu tinggi gitu!

ye ke? looks like the e-news team is out and about this weekend. owh mesti letak tau his pic, bukan senang nak jumpa international star kan :-D

lucky said...

LOVE THE SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Messy Mummy said...

hayyo... kasut lagik kah?? huhu.. anyway, it's nice just that i can't borrow... mesti jatuh tergolek. :)

psss... kawan yang sorang tuh... mesti stok nak guling2 atas lantai klcc bila dapat ipad2 tuh yer.. ? :D

another psssss... confident nampak masuk final...hahaha.. i wish that too but this time around please kasi malu ManU lebih skit dari before.. hahaha...

dieya said...

thanks! love em too!

alaaa.. kalu hari2 pakai mesti tak tergolek nyer.. lagi ayu ada :-D
wahahaha.. tuh terguling2 sakan penuh excited.. i pun tumpang excited tengok ipad2 fresh keluar box!
hahaha thanks for the confidence! kita kasi ganyang sama itu red tomato!