bowling with colleagues

Yesterday my department organised a bowling get-together at Summit USJ. I am not much of a bowler.. oh well, a horrible bowler is more like it. But since it was an official work event, everyone had to participate. Fortunately many of us were first time bowlers (or first time in 15 years or something like that) so it wasn’t too embarrassing to see endless dashes (meaning no score, bola masuk longkang) on my score sheet :-p

The shoes were pretty cute.

Gaya mesti lebih :-D

Let’s roll! No idea why Karl needed his sunglasses, the bowling balls were too bright perhaps?

Our scores after the second game. Mine was on the top of the list. Obviously not the top score.

After bowling we went to have coffee at Black Canyon. Some of us left immediately after the game as it was raining outside and traffic was already building up. Anyway, I didn’t see the point of joining the bumper to bumper trail, so might as well hang out with colleagues while waiting for the traffic to ease.

Anne’s green tea milk and popia. Love her handbag!

My Mexican iced coffee in a cute shoe glass.

The head of the organising committee.

The big happy family.

It was really good to hang out with officemates outside of work environment for a change. Bowling was tiring, I was already dragging my feet after the first game, but then again, with a great crowd, everything was fun.

And yeah, the entire department had the chance to see how good I was at aiming for the drain!


JaJa'Z said...

emm... dengan score 65 tu..rasa2nya akak bleh 'makan' jek dieya kalau ajak main bowling ni..hehhehe..apa kata projek makan2 paella plus main2 bowling..hehehhehe...

~jeet~ said...

nak join!!
p/s: tak malu jemput diri sendiri..hehehe... ;p

Mamamya said...

huhuhuhu...akak pun x terror main bowling ni...1st time main 4 tahun lps kot....pastu dah x penah main yg bestnya sungguh pun 1st time main bowling dapat jadi naib juara tau...hehehe....

dieya said...

k jaja,
wahahaha.. ooo.. berlagak ye! nanti kita tengok sapa lagi banyak masuk longkang :-D

jom! don't worry, i know you'll fare much better than me!

dieya said...

k lieya,
pergh.. first time terus naib juara tu! hebat! *clap clap*

Zuraida said...

hahahah!!! my company pun last thursday buat company bowling event, agaknya sekarang ni musim kot semua orang pi bowling?

dyanna said...

i hope the mexican iced coffee doesn't taste like feet!
just kidding.

dieya said...

i guess so. nak buat outdoor activities dok hujan je hari2, so buat indoor stuff je laa.

definitely didn't taste like feet.. not that i know how feet taste like :-p

Maya Marisa said...

I love the food at Black Canyon!!!
Its sooo uber, east meet west kinda thing.
Bowling? Alamakkk hvnt done that for yearsss

dieya said...

kan! the tomyam was really nice too, reminded me of the original one i had in thailand. love the wide selection of coffee that they offer.
me too, until last friday. and after all those years my "skill" hadn't improved much though :-D

ahkakbatik said...

betui comeinya henbeg tu... brand apa? sesuwei tak akak kertu ni pakai? kang syasya pulak merengek mintak..

dieya said...

tak sure brand apa, lupa lak nak tanya. kalu udah kertu handbag kenit gitu tak muat daa.. mana mau letak pampers cik mat lagi.. pampers omaknye lagi.. ooops!

Messy Mummy said...

Did not know that kasut bowling dah secantik itu.. huhu.. the last time main like 7 years ago.. kasut sungguh haru jer tengok...

the shoe glass tu menarik sungguh. 3hr 3 mlm baru habis minum. (ke kecik jer sebenarnya?)

MM tak boleh pakai handbag kecik comei camtuh.. MM punya beg poket doremon sikit... Segala benda ada.. Mainan laiqah la.. baby wipes lah... etc. Sampai nak cari hp pun selalu tak jumpa lah... messy! huhu

dieya said...

itulah the last time i played kasut punyalah buruk macam nak terbarai dah, bola pun bertampal2. now dah byk sgt improve.
gelas dia besar sikit je dari normal glass. sedap tau mexican coffee tu, u hv to try!
hahaha nama pun messy mummy kan ;-D

Anonymous said...

hi dieya,..i saw the last pic and terus i ckp "eh eh..that blue t-shirt??dieya from engineering ke????"..if u r,such a small world lah!!!!
-lela nasir

dieya said...

hehehe tak laa.. i'm from finance. t-shirt biru tu everyone dpt sorg satu regardless of department :-)

dieya said...

eh mana hilangnya your other comment? huh...?
amyway tell your friend jgn perasan ye.. bukan org engineerong je dpt, org finance pun dpt tau!