newroz pîroz be!

Last Monday was Newroz, the Persian New Year celebration. It’s the biggest annual festivity for Iranians. FYI in UM’s MBA program, there’s a significant number of Iranian students. Every year during Newroz, they put a table filled with decorations at the faculty’s lobby.

This year’s deco that they prepared. That’s me and Wan in the mirror ;-)

What are the stuffs on the table? Clockwise from 12 o’clock:
- A mirror.
- The Holy Quran.
- A glass of vinegar with several coins in it.
- Apples.
- Cookies, these aren’t part of the deco, they are for guests to eat.
- Garlic.
- Egg with some Persian characters written on it and wheat.
- A goldfish in a bowl aquarium.
- Some kind of mixture. Not sure what it is.
- What are those black fruits? Can’t recall.
- The green stuffs in the middle of a table are bean sprouts.

According to my Iranian classmates, the decorations symbolize seven things beginning with the letter “S” in their language. The mirror symbolizes a shiny new year. I did try the cookies, very sweet! Taste like those Arabic halwa.

Newroz Pîroz Be to those celebrating! Have a great year ahead!


JaJa'Z said...

mesti setiap menda2 tu ada maksud tersendiri kan...cuba la tanya kawan dieya tu...

Sha@Mama Tina said...

hmm..bagus kan dapat tengok live tradisi2 dari negara lain nih. apalagi kalau ianya diamalkan oleh orang2 muda kini..mmg impressed!

dieya said...

k jaja,
tak sempat lak nak tanya, masing2 nak cepat balik rumah after class. should hv asked kan, boleh cerita panjang sket kat sini.

k sha,
diorg ni memang stay true to their tradition, very interesting indeed. dapatlah kita kat mesia ni tumpang belajar culture diorg.

AYApunyaCINTA said...

never know about this. should wish this to my iranian crush ehhe

dieya said...

perhaps it's not too late for you to wish him. i bet he's still in festive mood ;-)
go ahead girl!