my dinner

On nights that I have classes, this is my dinner. Or something similar.

Such is a part time student’s lifestyle. Proper dinner is a luxury. Normally I munch a few pieces in the car while driving from office to campus. Then during break, after Maghrib prayers, I munch a few more.

I try not to eat much at night anyway. Got to watch my weight. Unless I’m on a trip or celebrating or socializing, during which weigh watching takes a back seat. But I quickly work on getting my normal weight back once the special pass is over.

My normal weight range? 45kg to 47kg, at which I look my best. Anything less/more makes me look like a skeleton/penguin. Thanks (or no thanks) to Penang’s glorious food, when I jumped on the scale at Hard Rock Hotel I was at 49.9kg *gawk*. Scary! After two weeks of less frequent lunches and dinners, plus the fact that I just moved to a new office that is located a lot further from the parking lot, I’ve lost the excess baggage *phew*.

I know, eating cheese biscuits kind of defeats the purpose. But to my defense, it’s not like I finish the entire box in a single sitting. Only several pieces at one go, just enough to stop me from craving for more “sinful” stuffs like nasi lemak late at night. And I don’t like the biscuits much actually. They get stuck in my molar. Need to rinse my mouth immediately afterwards.

*Thinking* What do you call the act of rinsing your mouth..?

Omigod I just realized there’s no equivalent English word for “kumur”! My first thought was “gargle”, but I don’t think so. Kumur ≠ Gargle. Gargle is when you tilt your head backwards and rinse your throat. Kumur is when you rinse your mouth. This is the first time I find that English vocabulary is not complete! Or is it only my vocabulary? Paging English teachers!

P.S.: Somehow the label “BAKED NOT FRIED” sounds amusing. Whoever fries a biscuit anyway?


Sha@Mama Tina said...

Oh no..akak tak leh terima la biskut ni dieya..tak leh telan tapi Tina boleh munch biskut ni banyak..dia kan cheese lover..dieya leh geng ngan Tina la..

kecik2 dah ada cute spare tyre around her waist..haha..camner tu..?

Maya Marisa said...

haiyoooo missed ur entriessssss. i bc slow slow wokeh...
lor, dulu u penguin ker???? hehehehheehehehhehehehe

dyanna said...

penang food memang macam tu. hard to resist the yummy food and even harder to shed the pounds :)

that's why I joined the aerobics classes and went to the gym every week, but still... malas nak cakap.

JaJa'Z said...

a'ah ek..sapa yang goreng biskut..?? apa punya tag line daaaa.hehehe..penat sangat2 ni..baru balik meeting pibg..

dieya said...

k sha,
owh tina pun cheese lover jugak? yeay ada geng! kalau kecik2 mcm tina ada spare tyre mmg cute.. kalu yg dah beso panjang ni.. adeh.. kena buat sit up selalu ler gamaknya :-D

and i miss yours! betul punya bz kak pah kita ni eh?
u jangan tatau.. if only u knew me a few years back, memanglah sgt terserlah kepenguinan ku di kala itu.. uhukkk

agreed! bahaya laa dok kat penang. dah laa i ni mmg suka mamak food. aiyohhh!
don't worry babe, usaha tangga kejayaan. i was a penguin remember?

k jaja,
itulah, tak logik langsung tagline dia kan! ooohhh.. rehat2 laa yer.. amacam dpt naik jadi pengerusi pibg tak?

~jeet~ said...

u finish in more than one sitting?, it takes a lot to refrain, knowing that the crackers is addictive ;)

JaJa'Z said...

jadi pengerusi PIBG? jangan kata pengerusi dieya..jadi AJK kecik2 dia pun kalau boleh semua cikgu nak elakkan..sangat2 la boring bila kena attend meeting biasa2 PIBG tu..sebabnya meeting tu selalu drag sampai kul 6 lebih dan bincang plak menda2 yg remeh temeh tapi hangatnya yg lebih..

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

haiyakkk... better bawakk jauh2 from me..huhuh...

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Dieya, I love what is written in your profile as well your lively sense of humour.
And I sure am impressed with your stylish eloquence. Outstanding!
Regret to say not many come near you in written English. Good for you.

Here's wishing you the very best in your studies, and may the wind always be at your back, and the sun upon your face, and the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.
You have fun and keep a song in your heart.

Citarasa Rinduan said...

selamat malam dik..
rindu nak BW>alhamdullilah, FIl semakin sembuh......dapatlah kak singgah ke blog yang mana sempat....

terima kasih atas doa dan ucapan kamu yer...kak hargai

dieya said...

addictive indeed! but i couldn't stand the fact that the pieces got stuck in my molars, thus i had to refrain from eating them in class.

k jaja,
uihhh.. bunyi mcm ceramah politik ler pulak, keluar segala isu2 hangat yek. ada tayang video tak? :-p

hahaha i think i ada lebih biskut tu.. nak?

uncle lee,
thanks for dropping by and your nice words. much appreciated! happy to know that you enjoy reading my ramblings :-)
owh i do need that good luck wish, am buried underneath piles of assignments to do!
have fun yourself. will visit your blog real soon!

k ayu,
selamat malam k ayu! ke selamat pagi? hihihi! alhadulillah your FIL semakin sihat ya. selamat kembali ber-BW!

Nazimah said...

your kg x sampai 50 pom ok. mine already 57 (baru timbang semalam!), wargh!!!! tensi!!!!!

dieya said...

50kg is not so bad for a mum of two laa babe :-)
jom gi swimming, hilang tensi. i dah lama tak masuk pool. rindu nak main air!