happy women’s day!

Today, 8 March, is Women’s Day. I only noticed it this morning as I glanced at my calendar while getting ready for work. Immediately the song “Ratu” by Sheila Majid started playing in my head, though the words were pretty jumbled up as I forgot most of the lyrics. Then while I was driving, the radio played the song “Wanita Seluruh Dunia” by Projek Pistol, which I thought was a really cool song.

In commemoration of the special day, instead of putting up a song which I initially wanted to, I want to share with you a very beautiful poem.

To my friends who are Muslim women, this one is for you.

To the rest of my wonderful friends - men, women, Muslim or otherwise - hopefully this poem will make you understand us better :-)

I Am a Muslim Woman by Jenn Zaghloul

I am a Muslim woman
Feel free to ask me why
When I walk
I walk with dignity
When I speak
I do not lie

I am a Muslim woman
Not all of me you’ll see
But what you should appreciate
Is that the choice I make is free

I’m not plagued with depression
I’m neither cheated nor abused
I don’t envy other women
And I’m certainly not confused

Note, I speak perfect English
Et un petit peu de Francais aussie
I’m majoring in Linguistics
So you need not speak slowly

I run my own small business
Every cent I earn is mine
I drive my Chevy to school & work
And no, that’s not a crime!

You often stare as I walk by
You don’t understand my veil
But peace and power I have found
As I am equal to any male!

I am a Muslim woman
So please don’t pity me
For God has guided me to truth
And now I’m finally free!

P.S.: Read about Jenn’s hijab journey here.


JaJa'Z said...

akak pun baru tau kejap td..masa baca kat fb...

csk.com said...

happy women's day to dieya.ni log baru lpas previous kena remove by blogspot

Lelord said...

happy women's day :)

Mamamya said...

akak ingat semalam tau dieya...rupa2nya arini...nmpak sgt serabut fikiran kan....:D

apa pun nak wish lah happy women's day to us.... :D

ZuNas77 said...

i pun tau masa dgr HotFm. kalau tau awal leh mintak special hadiah dari suami tercinta...hahaha..over tau.

mmg special kita jadi p'puan. sbb mana ada Men's Day?? mana ada kan...hahaha

~jeet~ said...

soy muslima pero yo hablo un poco español ;)

strong yet sweet piece, thanks a lot for sharing!!

dyanna said...

happy women's day!
do you feel empowered? I do! i am grateful that I'm living in a time in malaysia where women are allowed to go to school and learn, go out and work, have the power to vote and the power to making choices and to choose the things that are good for us and our family.
Girls kick ass. (just had to say it :P)

dieya said...

k jaja,
happy women's day!
itulah.. hari ni baru tau :-D

happy women's day!
omg what happened??? first time dengar blogspot removes anyone's blog. i'll follow your new blog real soon!

k lelord,
happy women's day!
syok laa org tu balik mesia yek ;-)

k lieya,
happy women's day!
alahai.. jangan serabut2.. jom kita order nasi goreng udang galah kat org kuantan nun!

happy women's day!
wahahaha bengkap ler nas tak lama lagi.. baru dapat bb dah minta hadiah baru :-D

happy women's day!
jejeje yo tambien!!! no problem chica :-)

dieya said...

happy women's day!
yeah, aren't we lucky chicks! hahaha.. ass kickers indeed :-D