halal feature: Rooti’s @ Cape Town, South Africa

Fiza and I first saw this restaurant on the day we arrived in Cape Town. We actually wanted to find Nelson Mandela Gateway, so we would know where to catch our boat to Robben Island the day after. It was a nice surprise to see a descent Cape Malay restaurant just next to it. So we decided to have dinner there after returning from Robben Island.

Fiza checking out the menu. What to eat?

The words in green are the most important.

The restaurant’s name is Rooti’s.

We sat outside to enjoy the nice breezy evening.

I had falooda, something like sirap bandung with tiny bubble jellies. Simply yummy! Fiza had mango lassi.

My beryani. Nicely spicy!

Fiza’s chicken curry.

Banana crepe with vanilla sauce for dessert. Couldn’t finish it because we were too full.

We really enjoyed the food so we decided to go there again a few days later. The waiters immediately recognized us and chatted with us while we waited for our meal to be ready. They told us that the restaurant’s owner is a well-respected man in the Cape Malay community. He hailed from Bo-Kaap and proudly wallpapered his restaurant with images of the infamous colorful houses.

So what did we eat on the second time we went there?

I had bobotie, a signature Cape Malay dish. I actually wanted to try it on the first visit but it wasn’t available. Fortunately they had it on the second visit!

Fiza had kebab with rice.

Since we were such nice patrons *wink* the waiters treated us with ice cream. It was funny because the weather was really chilly that night. Other people were walking around in sweaters and windbreakers, yet there we were eating ice cream like two Eskimos!

The restaurant is located at Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. Look for Nelson Mandela Gateway, you’ll see the restaurant at its doorstep. Here’s the place on Google map.

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By the way, I discovered a blog called Hungry for Halaal shortly before my visit to Cape Town. It’s owned by Dilshad, a local Capetonian who talks about halal eateries in the city. So if you plan to go there, do check out her blog. You’ll be spoilt for choice!


JaJa'Z said...

kalau dah 'hantu mamak'..sampai ke cape town pun cari beriyani ek.hehehhe.tapi sekali tgk mcm nasi goreng plak rupanya...

Akmalhazwan said...

jalan-jalan cari makan~ pas ni leh hostkan tv show nih,version oversea punye..hehe.

dieya said...

k jaja,
muahahaha.. mamak food juga yg best! beryani dia sedap tau k jaja, sangat berempah. diorg makan beryani tak berkuah, kering je. lauk campur sekali dlm nasi. tu yg nampak mcm nasi goreng.

yeah! cita2 nak jadi mcm anthony bourdain, suka sangat tengok his show "no reservations". nak buat halal version punya :-D

~jeet~ said...

this one i x pegi..knapa ek? i pon x ingat, padahal tiap2 hari pass by masa tu.. :)


There are Halal Restaurant in Mandela Square. They are selling chicken, mutton and beef briyani every friday. Dont be late because the shop will attack by muslim around after friday prayer. I missed the mutton briyani. Dia orang cakap Malay Rest kat capetown tu tak Halal? Ye ke? At Joberg, ada Malaysian jual gemstone kat Balailaka Hotel. Dia ada kedai kat plaza sebelah Balailaka Hotel. Sy dah lupa nama dia. Dia kawin dgn ex-MAs Stewardes. They hv a big banglow there. Wan Tanah Merah.

ahkakbatik said...

badan cikeding tapi sakan cerita pasal makan je!!

Sha@Mama Tina said...

Berdua jek kan..tapi boleh tahan banyak order nih..habis ke?

hihi..most of the dish rupanya mcm sedap..owh..suda lama tak jumpa briyani...

dieya said...

this restaurant memang betul2 sebelah tangga mandela gateway to robben island. perhaps when u were there diorg lom bukak lagi kot?

pena celoreng,
mandela square? is that in joberg or cape town? joberg i tak sampai lagi, perhaps nx time.
yang rooti's ni i confident halal coz tulis halal terang2 kat menu, tak serve alcohol and the owner (according to the waiters yg borak2 ngan kitorang lah) is a pious muslim yg tak pernah tinggal solat jumaat. maka saya yakin dan saya kunci jawapannya :-D
really? if i go to joberg one day nak cari lah. best kalau gi jln2 tempat org tak selalu pergi, then suddenly jumpa org msia kan.

kedengaran suara2 jeles di situ.. muahahaha.. *gelak evil*

k sha,
eh tu dua kali makan k sha. first trip mkn beryani and chicken curry. second trip makan bobotie and kebab. kalau semua tu masuk sekali confirm senak takleh berjalan dah :-D
owh beryani dia sgn sedap!


Kalau dah jumpa rest halal kat luar negara, bulan setakat sekali makan. hari pegi, esok pegi, lusa pegi tulat pegi, tonggeng pun pegi. Dah tak ada tempat lain yang boleh makan. Rest tu sebelah kana tangga je. Kalau kat kedai-kedai lain pun boleh tapi setakat fish n chip je la. I will not miss that sebab 'fish' dia memang fresh gilerrr. Pendek kata, masa nak suap tu, ekor dok bergedik lagi.

Dieya: Masa kat cape town, I sewa keta. We pusing satu benua.

~jeet~ said...

diorang dah bukak...ktorang je tak terpanggil masuk..hehehe...

dieya said...

pena celoreng,
betul2 kalau susah cari kedai halal, sekali jumpa mkn laa puas2. kalau bosan tukar mkn seafood or vegetarian. i tried their signature snoek fish, sedap! tapi byk tulang.
it was just two of us girls so tak berani nak self drive. lagipun masa tu baru je case satu couple mat saleh kena car jack and killed after dinner. so we relied on the hop-on hop-off bus to go around.
i wish to drive in nz one day. from north island to south island. singgah bungee jump along the way. jom.

laa yer ker, it's a good restaurant laa babe. a bit pricey (kata kat waterfront kan) but definitely worth it. i totally love the beryani. and the banana crepe that we had was superb! tak habis coz kenyang sangat so kitorang tapau, jalan2, balik hotel sambung makan. still sedap!

Maya Marisa said...

kalau i la kan...i attack the banana crepe dulu...hahahhaa

dieya said...

banana crepe tu kan order org tamak.. konon2 takut tak kenyang walhal dah order nasi sorg sepinggan, nak jugak dessert tu! finally when the banana crepe sampai, dua2 org dah menyandar. waiter tu siap kata "i would be surprised if you girls can finish it!" :-D

tinta sakuradesa said...

done bungee jump. not that challenging anyway. jom g skydiving, canoeing, rafting and water skiing in oz lagi best giler. stayed there for a month! my annual affair with the aussies...hahaha. g skiing in the alps swiss pun ok. giler punya best. been there twice. simply lv it! macam nak makan je ice kat situ...buat ais kepal, letak sirap!!!hehehe

nur_emyinda12 said...

done bungee jump. not that challenging anyway. jom g skydiving, canoeing, rafting and water skiing in oz lagi best giler. stayed there for a month! my annual affair with the aussies...hahaha. g skiing in the alps swiss pun ok. giler punya best. been there twice. simply lv it! macam nak makan je ice kat situ...buat ais kepal, letak sirap!!!hehehe

dieya said...

tinta sakuradesa / nur_emyinda12,
bungee jump not challenging? wah terer laa u! best nyer u get to stay in aussie for a month. i wish i can take a super long break (but a paid one.. hahaha) and go travelling, mesti best kan. jom buat cendol pulut ala penang kat swiss alps.. yumster!
p.s. awat your comment appears twice under different names.. dual identity eh? mcm jason bourne pulak :-D


Dieya: FYI, I had gone through NZ. One month vacation. Masa kat UUM, suddenly ur Sem break di panjangkan sebab UUM ubah structure jadi college concept. Sebab ubahsuai tak siap,maka, U tak buka. So I cabut pergi NZ. 18 hari kat southern island and 12 days kat northern Island. From Auckland fly to Christchurch, rent a car, bought sleeping bag and get the road map and move, Interesting. The road system is so friendly, M1 or M2. Then flown to Auckland. Rent a car, then we drive down straight to My University. From there, we drive up to Palmerston, Napier and stop two night at Taupo (there are th e highest buggy jump, then drove to Gisbone and stop at Rotorua for two days (make sure you stop on weekend bcoz they have a huge Sunday market at Rotorua Lake side), then drove straight to Paihia; take a boat for fishing island, back to Auckland.

I suggest from Christchurch ride to Nelson and cross the strait by ferry to Wellington and drove up. (This suppose the best plan).

Southern Island is the most beautiful. Mount Cook, Aroroa Bay, Kaikoura Wild Park.

p/s masa student dulu, I take steam train from Auckland to Wellington. That is the best journey I had in my life. Beautiful scenery. Heaven.

nur_emyinda12 said...

haha...u are one in my list - girls affair... hehe - to get the dual identity blogs.

bungee jump - bukan terer pun..terrorist adalah...siap warning my sis kalau apa2 jadik kat saya, she's accountable for challenging me to venture to that! Hmm... managed to stay long coz my sis there - dah jadi orang sana; married to the aussie...sebab tu lah lodging not a prob...kira macam balik 'kampung' dia lah tu...jengah dia anak beranak. Anyway, grateful they are there for me! :)

dieya said...

pena celoreng,
awesomeness! i get excited just reading it! tengah kumpul notes on driving in nz. already got wonderful ideas from frenz that already did it. will definitely get more input from u if/when this plan materialise.
p.s. omg i totally love travelling by train! to me, paris to madrid during snow was really nice. anyway, that is one great idea! totally going to include that!

ooo patut laa.. dua identity takpe babe, jgn split personality sudah.. hahaha
wah, lodging ditanggung beres eh? best tu. next time ajak i k :-D

nur_emyinda12 said...

no prob! split personality??? insyaallah...NO NO NO...banana split - for sure hahaha...... errmmmm......yummy yummy
crème délicieux ... la glace à la banane ... délicieux avec les gâteaux...qui va être mon tonite dîner! Jom g secret recipe!!


The beauty is, they still maintain the steam train. Even a blind man will not lost in NZ, so dont worry. My style, redah je. More challenging. Get the map, mark it and go. But dont travel during Christmas or school holiday or holiday season bcoz u will face problem with accommodation.The place which u should not miss are Taupo lake (MUST have a night stay), Crakers of the Moon, get the Rotorua Hotel yang ada kolam renang gunung berapi (ori), Aroara Bay etc.

nur_emyinda12 said...

PC intéressante!!
Sure it was in NZ. whole lots of things and acts to venture.

Waitomo ... glow worm! Amazing!!! hot springs, mud pool and geysers! magnifique!!! going there again hopefully for my next vac to oz - nz...Jom...venez nous rejoindre!

dieya said...

hope u enjoyed your banana split. great tips, adding those to my notes. alahai my french is as good as my swahili. anyhow, muchas gracias!

dieya said...

pena celoreng,
superb! i'm so going to try that steam train! my friends did mention abt the incredible lake taupo. definitely on the list!
may not do it in december anyway. the new semester will start in sept, so the break shifts march rasanya. sejak jadi student balik ni pretty difficult to plan my hols.. ugh! can't wait to finish everything!

Dilshad said...

Hi Dieya

Thanks for the mention of my blog www.hungryforhalaal.blogspot.com. Next time you in Cape Town, feel free to get in touch and we can do coffee. It could be the beginning of an international halaal foodie network.

dieya said...

hi there! thanks for dropping by. of course, if i go to cape town again i'll surely let you know. international halal foodie network - i like the sound of it!