halal feature: Baraka @ Buenos Aires, Argentina

My first halal feature for 2011. Thanks to a comment for Putri Berendam, I was instantly reminded that I still haven’t talked about the halal eateries I went to during my “south to south” trip. So first up is a restaurant called Baraka in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Though I came across several restaurants that are said to serve halal food when I did my pre-trip online research, Baraka is the only one that I am confident of the halal status. Other restaurants are more towards belly dancing clubs, which pretty much contradicts the Islamic way of life, hence I doubt if their food is really halal.

As for Baraka, just looking at their website was enough for me to be sure that the restaurant is serious about serving halal food. They have also made it clear that they do not serve alcohol at all. Check out their website here. Everything’s in Spanish though.

The restaurant is located at Gurruchaga 1450 in the affluent neighborhood of Palermo. It’s at the corner of a lane between Cabrera and Gorriti, to be exact.

The menu book.

Begin with the name of Allah.

Nice Islamic calligraphies.

We ordered a pitcher of lime juice and munched some bread while waiting for our food. I must tell you the bread (all different types of it) was really good!

Our starter: Tortilla española (Spanish omelet). Basically omelet filled with diced potatoes.

Fiza’s main course: Thai green chicken curry. Perhaps she missed home ;-)

My main course: Bife de chorizo, Argentinean signature steak dish. One can’t leave Argentina without sampling its quality beef!

A book shelf lined with religious books.

A nicely decorated wall.

Fiza and a corner of the restaurant in the background.

Me in front of a building opposite the restaurant, along a lane that joints with Gurruchaga. Love the cheerful paint job!

My verdict of Baraka? Great food. Nice ambiance. Credit card accepted. Cozy. Homely (applies to both the dishes and the restaurant’s setup). Love everything about it!

Here’s the place on Google map.

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We actually walked from Plaza Serrano to the restaurant, along which we stopped by several nice shops. Palermo is a safe neighborhood, so it’s totally fine to take a stroll there. I suggest you to do the same. Nothing beats discovering a new place on foot. Plus, it will build your appetite for the meal ahead!


Updated on 17/1/2014:

I received an email from a fellow traveler who went to the restaurant recently. He gave some useful insights (thank you Ebrahim!). Read his email below:

Assalamu Alaykum

Just got back from South America and visited Baraka restaurant. Just thought to update you.

Not all the food is halal, you have to ask them which items on the menu are halal on that particular as they don’t get a regular supply of halal meat.

They do serve alcohol.

Was salaam


JaJa'Z said...

entry ni la yang dah lama akak nanti2 kan..

memang sepatutnya b4 travel kena survey tempat makan yg betul2 halal kan..menda halal haram ni kena la tau betul2..jangan main sumbat sedap kat tekak je kan...

kadang2 wonder jugak bila baca blog2 yang suka gi travel2 oversea ni..tgk makan selamber jek kat kedai2 makan yg kadang2 kita sendiri ragu2 nak makan..memang la makan seafood je kan..tapi bahan2 penyediaan tu..bukannya kita tau...mcm fish and chip kadang2 letak beer jugak..

memang la kena hati2 kan..

your steak look..wallah..lapar tetiba...


There are one more halal restrn (it said so by MAS crew). From the monumen across the main rd, walk strait down, cross the shooping rd, and u will find a tiny India restrn. Ada nasi briani and mcm-mcm la. I did try, ok la. For the 1st trip, I take a train to Islamico Centralisto with believed they do have halal restrn around. Sadly, not even one. I did ask the islamico centralisto guys, they said, they will form one in coming years. Now, saya rasa mesti mereka dah adakan? Plan to visit again, probably more longer.

Jom Tango. ta ta tat ta ta tat

dieya said...

k jaja,
i believe in the importance to doing research before travelling. kalau yakin halal then makan. kalau tak yakin better don't.
steak tu memang awesome! argentinean beef memang superb laa k jaja.. thick, tender, juicy.. yummy!

pena celoreng,
you know what.. i did look for the indian restaurant that you mentioned, but it was no longer in business. so tak dapat makan beryani in buenos aires.
i went to the centro islamico too but it was closed that day, so i couldn't take a peek inside. as far as what i saw from the outside, there wasn't any halal restaurant nearby. this restaurant (baraka) is about 5 minutes taxi ride from there though.
yeah, vamos a tango! i did watch a tango show there, sangatlah impressive! a milonga (tango bar) owner dropped by my blog once. kalau pergi sana lagi must check out her place!

~jeet~ said...

i missed this post, dah berapa hari baru perasan, nasib la ada restoran ni, at least you can taste the steak ;) xdela mengidam nak makan nanti kan !!

dieya said...

itulah.. syukur sesangat jumpa this restaurant.. dapat i merasa argentinean beef yg superb tu!

Putri said...

Salam Dieya!
Hey, insya-Allah was planning to go to Rome and Argentina soon. Do you have suggestions where I can stay?Preferably hostels or gd budget hotels.I prefer somewhere near Termini (Rome) where I can check out the endless landmarks and not forgetting the restaurants which u featured-pizza looked yummilicious!..and hopefully the same for Argentina.Fyi- Looking at ur Argentinian steak, I am drooling by the buckets here hehe! Keep on blogging..Well-done!
Love, Putri (reply me thru email, plz- worldhalalquest@live.com.sg thks!)

dieya said...

w'salam! wow that's awesome! sure, let me dig back my old notes on the rome trip. will e-mail you soon :-)

Anonymous said...

hi thr Dieya↲

im Aini,a Malaysian trvlg to Buenos Aires tonite fr Lima,Peru.i want to eat HALAL Steak at Baraka .are they open on Mondays?appreciate some feedback.u can also email me at idora99@yahoo.com..i wl be arvg at B.aires,30may Monday.thot to have lunch thr.Thanks

dieya said...

wow.. u r a malaysian travelling from lima to BsAs? que bien!
as far as i know, the restaurant is closed on mondays.
their business hours: Tue-Sat 9am-9pm; Sun 10:30am-9pm.
perhaps you can go and check it out tomorrow :-)
no prob, i'll email the same info to u, just in case u r already on ur way to BsAs. have fun!

MiAmIrA said...


Im amira, Just blog walking cari halal food in argentina couse Im going to argentina next month for 1 month attachment. Found ur blog. Any idea about the any other halal food kat sana?. Since i'll be staying in la plata 55km from bueinos aires. Any tips that i can use or prepare from malaysia. Thank you yer, this is my email asmeral87@gmail.com.

dieya said...

Hi Amira,
Thanks for dropping by. Honestly it's very difficult to find halal restaurant in Buenos Aires. This one (Baraka) is the only restaurant that I found during my trip. Since you are on 1 month attachment, agak lama tu, I would suggest cooking your own meals. I will send you and email soon with some tips :-)

Riaz said...


I am visiting Palermo, Buenos Aires later this year and I would like to know of any places in this area that sells Halal Food and the price range of the meals, in their currency. Do you perhaps have more pictures of their menu and their prices as I am really worried about my food situation upon my stay in BA. Shukran for the help.

My email is: riazorrie2312@gmail.com

dieya said...

Waalaikumussalam Riaz,
Thanks for dropping by. I have sent some info to your email. Enjoy your trip to Buenos Aires!