acid attack alert

Got this from a friend yesterday. “Check out this and be careful. The victims are mostly ladies,” he said. Must I mention that my friend is a well educated Malaysian Indian guy, hence I’m very sure that he has only good intention. A simple safety alert for all, especially women who frequent the area. Nothing else.

Click on the pics to enlarge. Or you can read the original version in Malay Mail’s website here.

Shocking. The victims seemed so random. School teachers, marketing execs, even primary school students! Didn’t make any sense at all!

Read a related article on previous acid attacks here. Scary how the attackers simply sneaked from behind on a motorbike, splashed acid to the victim’s face and sped off.

Yup, just like that.

A girl’s entire life (in fact, several girls’ entire lives, to be exact) changed in a split second.

So please stay safe, my girlfriends...

...or wear a hazmat suit when you go out!


PatinPasta said...

Erk! Nak ke mana-mana pon terus rasa risau kalo gini. What's wrong with those empty headed species, eh?

Messy Mummy said...

Ayoo... Apa ni?? kenapa la ada org yang keji macam ni. Dah tak ada kerja lain ker dari nak harm org. You know.. very difficult to go out dan rasa selamat.. It's like 'crazy people' every where.. ergggg...

dieya said...

i know! the scariest part was that the victims were so random. seemed like they spared no one. kesian sgt kat diorg, mmg betul2 kena freak accident. wrong place, wrong time.

betul laa, hard to believe this is happening in msia. sangat menakutkan.

Sha@Mama Tina said...

kenapa manusia2 yang tak sihat mcm ni wujud kat mesia ek..buat susah org jek

ahkakbatik said...

banyak dah kes macam ni.. dok suruh org berjaga-jaga je...kerajaan kena lebih tegas lah... jadikan acid bahan terlarang.

dieya said...

tuh laa pasal. dalam diam2 dah 4 kes masuk paper. yg tak masuk paper? tatau laa berapa kan.
nak ikut kaktek pindah dallas. takde koboi naik kuda baling acid kan?

dieya said...

k sha,
tuh laa, kalu suka noo baling2 gi laa main bola jaring ke, basketball ke, bleh gak asah bakat masuk sukan olimpik kan. main baling asid, masuk jail ada laa!