ramiro is in kl

Remember Ramiro, the guy that I met in Buenos Aires? He’s in KL now. HP sent him to our part of the world to sort out some stuffs at their offices in Singapore and KL. He arrived in Singapore last week after 32 hours flight: Buenos Aires - São Paulo - Doha - KL - Singapore. Imagine that!

After a week in Singapore, he came to KL on Monday. He said that he was in better shape in KL as compared to Singapore. Why? “Because when I was Singapore I was too busy fighting jet lag!” Oh yeah, 32 house flight, how could I forget :-D

Fiza arranged for us to have dinner together at Chili’s. We were joined by their colleague Christy and her hubby Yong. Apparently Ramiro is Christy’s boss. By the way, HP’s organization structure is borderless. You can have team members working in different parts of the world. Fiza’s boss for example is in India.

Because of that, they work in shifts. The night we were out, Christy had to leave early as she had a conference call at 11pm. Fiza also couldn’t stay out too late as she had a meeting at 5:30am the next morning. I could only imagine how early she had to wake up to get ready for that!

The guys sat and we stood. Perfect gentlemen :-p

Since Fiza and I didn’t get anything for Ramiro for his hospitality towards us in Buenos Aires, I thought we should get something this time around. I didn’t have time to shop for anything special, so I just went to the kedai runcit near my place and bought nearly all types of kerepek that they sold. Kerepek pisang, kerepek ubi, tempeyek, kuih kacang etc. They weren’t much, but at least he would be able share some Malaysian food with his family and friends back in Argentina.

While waiting to pay for the parking, I lamented to Ramiro how busy I had been recently with MBA classes and assignments. He told me that he did his MBA part time too. It took him 2 years to finish all subjects and 1 more year to do thesis. “It’s not easy. But look at it as an investment,” he said.

I should do that. Rather than complaining till the sun goes down, I should look at it as an investment.

A very big investment.

RM 20k ++ worth of investment.

I so have to study!


Mamamya said...

agree sgt2 dgn statement romiro "it's not easy,but look at it as an investment" ayat tu lah yg akak selalu dok ulang tayang kat cu manis bila asyik mengeluh penat study....bukan senang nak senang kan dieya....tp sejak balik dari MIA last week dia dah b'semangat semula alhamdulillah.....

klu akak lah flight smpi 32 jam mcm tu...jln dah x blh tegak lagi dah..sbb sakit pinggang!! :D penatnya kan...haih...

dieya said...

k lieya,
betul laa, i need to remind myself every now and then. especially bila tengah2 semester mcm skrg.. sangatlah memenatkan..
tuh laa, 1.5 hari berterbangan tu! memang penat.. tak mandi pulak tu.. sampai2 je mau kena hurung ngan lalat :-D

cik selamah kundang said...

dah lama nk sambung tp tak tersambung2.sikit2 Ot.susah nk plan time.tp sangat2 doa one day boleh buat

dieya said...

cik selamah,
kalau kerja banyak OT mmg susah sgt nak sambung study. wait till ur job stable sikit, then baru sambung. kalu wat skrg takut tak terkejar, rugi je nanti kan ;-)

Anonymous said...

So you met him in Buenos Aires? I'm going there in two weeks! I was checking for a Buenos Aires real estate agency that would help me find a nice property in Palermo which is were I decided to stay after reading about the different neighborhoods. Hope to have a nice stay. David

Erin said...

Store-bought kerepek mesti x sesedap yg bli kt kampung kan? Oh, he wont know the difference hik. Oppss...tudung mcm kenal hihi

dieya said...

yeah i did. palermo is a very nice neighborhood indeed. happy home hunting!

itulah, label pun ader tulis omputih tau! last minute nyer pasal, sambar je laa apa yg ada kan.. hahaha..
tudung tu ramai org kat opis berkenan tau :-D

PatinPasta said...

Awat tak pesan kat Ramiro mintak belikan dulce de leche ka? :D

Agree with the investment part thingy, true indeed. Bukan senang nak senang, kan? :)

* tak bekalkan dia belacan ka?

dieya said...

actually when i met him in BA he did say that he MIGHT be coming, tapi tak sure lagi. then suddenly dah ada kat KL. so tak sempat laa nak kirim apa2 yg patut. kirim kat señor tomi boleh? ;-)