pena celoreng & platun harimau

Remember that entry where I said I stalk several blogs of people I have nothing in common with? Well, Maya requested that I share the links here (sorry Maya for the delay, you know how busy I am these days, but better late than never, right?). Anyway, since it’s a weekend and I have a bit of time before heading to Spanish class, I shall entertain her request. So here’s a peek at one of the stalked blog.


It’s owned by Lt. Kol. Mohd. Radzi bin Abd. Hamid, an army officer (is “officer” the right term for a Lt. Kol.?) who has a penchant for literature. A very well-read man too. He has - get this - 4 diplomas, 2 degrees and 3 masters *gawk*. And now working on his fourth master *double gawk*. Just finished his thesis vi-vo. Me? I’m doing one lousy MBA yet I already feel like going bonkers! And I can’t even think of a thesis topic yet!

What’s up with the blog?

I came across it sometime last year. I don’t remember how I got there. Must be one of those boring weekends when I had nothing better to do than clicking on people’s blogroll.

The first entry I read on Pena Celoreng was a short story about the rescue mission during Highland Towers tragedy. I was impressed by how it was told from the rescuer’s point of view, unlike most write-ups which are told from the victim’s point of view. Since then, I visit the blog every now and then, reading one or two of the writer’s masterpieces every time.

He writes about the army (mostly). Bought his book Platun Harimau sometime last year. Was initially disturbed by photos of killed communists and wounded soldiers in it. Well, I normally read before bedtime, so having those images playing in my head before going to sleep wasn’t nice! So I kept the book with others on my “will read them one day” pile (which is quite an impressive pile, wonder when I will start finish reading them all). It stayed there for a while, months to be exact.

I finally started finished reading Platun Harimau recently. Wrapped it up in just a few hours. Well, the book is not that thick to begin with and it has plenty of pictures. Plus, the first several pages are list of terms, short forms and illustrations to assist readers.

Platun Harimau Dalam Misi Hutang Darah Dibayar Darah. Strong title.

How was it? A good read I must say. The fighting scenes were well crafted. The sad scenes were emotional without being mushy. The military terms can be a little put-off sometimes. Had to flip to the reference page every now and then to get what they meant. Yet they also gave the book its life. After all, what do I expect, it’s a war novel, not a chic lit :-p

One enemy down. The pic makes me cringe every time.

The TV drama version of the book is coming up soon. I read on Utusan that the first episode will be aired on 1 March 2011 on TV1, in conjunction with Hari Ulang tahun Tentera Darat ke-78. Fortunately it will be on Tuesday night and I don’t have a class.

Can’t wait to watch the premiere!

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~jeet~ said...

dulu-dulu i rajin blogstalking ni, nowadays dah tak sempat, some i managed to gather the courage to say hi, like yours..hahaha..some i just drop by now and then ;)

nanti-nantila i start balik stalking org ni..hehehe..

Citarasa Rinduan said...

selamat pagi dieya..

mmg best buku tu..
kak pun macam jeet..dulu2 suka syer ttg buku yang telah dibaca..skrang??

bukan malas...tapi jiwa dh menjunam..heheh

dieya said...

yeah i totally remember! it's kind of freaky (in a good way) how much we have in common, kan?
i still have a handful that i stalk every now and then :-D
mana2 yg best tu don't forget to share!

k ayu,
selamat petang k ayu! dieya banyak je baca buku tapi jarang2 sgt buat review. buku dah lama beli tapi lombaca pun banyak jugak. now dah start kelas ni baca buku teks jek laa.. huhuhu..

Maya Marisa said...

No worries dear, u busy, i pun busy. Br today nak visit blogmates. Hey, thx 4 sharing!!
Nnti i buat entry pulak yea on my blog stalk list... Hehehe, and link the post to ur page...mcm buat tag la pulak..
Best kan reading from a POV of the other party involved? Well, tats y they say, the coin has 2 faces ...

dieya said...

no prob! busy di sana sini kan? i realize that this time of the year is always the busy period. perhaps everybody's now on full gear after settling into the new year.
most definitely! it's always nice to get a balanced view of everything.
hahaha ala2 tag laa ni kan. can't wait to see who are your stalk victims pulak :-D


Eeeemmm, where and how to start? (It’s take me more than a minutes).
Let agreed with THANK YOU (Bold it, Ok? Thank you for what?
Firstly, for agreeing with the suggestion;
Secondly, for patient enough to crawled and jumping during your journey in my book ‘PLATUN HARIMAU’.
And Last but not least, for giving a masterpiece comments and opinion regard to what we blended in the book.
As are ‘small’ writer, I’m in hysteric, when the book really turns to drama after a million of obstacles. Even till yesterday, I was called by ‘Lem…….Tap……’ regarding to cut some part in the drama. According to them, it is not suitable to show ‘askar tembak komunis’ because the communist is Chinese and not lure to 1MALAYSIA. I feel like to shout at them but being graduated in ‘crises management’, so it makes me cool and smile. I told them, the story manners in the novel is the most ‘soften’ version which the cruelties part had been cut by our Intelligent Branch (It need the Intelligence Branch approval before the book can be publish). So sad. The director really get mad and he have to get out from the discussion room to cool himself and gone.
They had so much to say; pro and con, madu and racun, laila and majnun, dolah and minah, bunga dan kumbang, bla bla bla. I’m stay still because in my mind, I already make the decision. After they finished; I give them a ‘one liner’ statement ‘Ether you show it 100% or don’t show it. I’m nobody to you all but I’m somebody to myself. I f the panel decide to cut some part, please do not discuss with me’. Push stop, said thank you, shake hand, and smile a bit and blahhhhh.
Memang la youu, hati macam nak meletup kerana tak boleh nak tunjuk askar tembak komunis. Apa dah jadi? Semalam balik, lepas isyak terus terlelap. Rasa letih semacam. Tapi around jam 3 cam tu, mata I klip klap klop klip klap klop. Pagi ni bila tengok Pancaindera, hati senyum.
a. The sequel of the Platun Harimau at the final stage of proof reading by DBP. This time, the novel much requires readers brain and patient.
b. May I publish yr masterpiece comment in my Blog? Thank you for saying yes.

dieya said...

pena celoreng,
u r most welcome! i would suspect that it wasn’t easy to make the book come to life in a tv drama. kudos to you for making it happen!
everyone’s entitled of an opinion. tapi sampai askar tembak komunis pun tak boleh tunjuk, that’s kind of ridiculous. a denial to malaysia’s history, dare i say. and an insult to the rakyat’s intelligence, as if we can’t differentiate between communists and layman chinese. oh well, some people just think too much, don’t they?
anyway, good to know it is all in the past. the drama’s coming up in a couple of days, so you have all the reason in the world to be joyous!
p.s.: a. hope to read it soon. b. you’ve answered it yourself :-)

ahkakbatik said...

great review la dieya... kaktek suka buku banyak gambar.... dan bahasa nya Lt. Kol. guna pun tak high end sangat... cantik untuk org biasa baca...

JaJa'Z said...

wah!!! best tu..tak sabar nak tgk jugak..anyway apa yg 'pena celoreng' cakap tu memang betul...sejarah tetap sejarah..kalau nak cut sana sini..tak tercapaila apa yg nak disampaikan dlm buku tu...

pinjam bleh?? hehhe

dieya said...

thanks kaktek! yup his writing senang nak faham, then ada reference page, so kalu tak faham gak boleh refer je kat muka depan.

k jaja,
boleh2 no prob. if u really nak pinjam nanti dieya hantar ngan fm spore laa. aiyoo lama dah fm tu duduk dlm plastik tak berhantar. sorry!


Till 4 to 6 Mac, we do have biggest army day celebration at Dataran Merdeka. Start at 9 am till 10 pm. Mcm2 ada, payung terjun, pancaragam, perarakan asset pertahanan on teh 6 morning. DBP akan buat promosi novel perang tu. Ada special diskaun. Dtg la kat dataran merdeka. tq

JaJa'Z said...

dieya!!!! nak nak nak!!!! memang tu sebenarnya hajat di hati..pinjam ek...dah habis baca..akak pass semula..aci???

pena celoreng: kalau la jaja dok kl..bleh la jugak menjengah ke sana...


D jaja, zam zam ala kazam

dieya said...

pena celoreng,
sound exciting! but this weekend i kena balik kampung pergi mengundi, menunaikan tanggungjawab pada negara. would love see the show and get you to autograph my book, but too bad, maybe next time. have fun though!

k jaja,
oraits! i'll send the book with the fm to you. aci aci buka pintu, aci jaja kena bagi pengeras udang harimau besar lengan wokey???

JaJa'Z said...

berehhhhhh...tapi syaratnya kena mai ktn la...dah kebetulan pena celoreng menjemput..jaja pun nak ajak beramai2 datang ke TUDM ktn untuk hari terbuka kat Pangkalan tentera udara batu 10 ktn yek..kita tgk jet2 bising2 kat langit..hehhehe

dieya said...

k jaja,
last year's tudm open day kat subang base belakang ni kitorg tengok dari balkoni office jek. yg keje kat hangar tgk dari bumbung hangar. yg keje kat control tower paling best, dekaaaaattt sangat sukhoi & mig tu lalu.
tunggu k jaja tangkap udang nnt dieya gi kuantan eh :-D

JaJa'Z said...

tunggu tangkap udang baru nak mai...dtg jek dulu..udang tu bisa diatur....mai2...

dieya said...

k jaja,
*tatau kena tunggu sampai bila though :-p*