good luck, not good bye

So what if you can’t celebrate love on Valentine’s Day?

You celebrate breakup. Well, sort of.

14 February 2011 was a day to remember. It marked my temporary move from my current department to join Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project team for one year. FYI the company is implementing SAP, the super powerful system from Germany. The requirement gathering stage is over, hence we are about to enter the design stage. As such, several key business users (like myself) are required to work together with the developer to customize the system according to our needs.

My move was basically hush-hush until my boss announced it last week. Upon hearing the news, my lovely kakak-kakak immediately geared into action and organized a lunch yesterday. They insisted not to call it a farewell as I was expected to return to the department after the project finish. So they called it a “Good Luck” lunch - to wish me the very best with my new role.

Since they were kind enough to organize the lunch for me, I bought them cupcakes!

Before I made my order, I actually went through nearly 50 cupcake blogs. No kidding. It was tough to find the right one. Most didn’t entertain urgent orders. Some were located too far away like Bangi or Semenyih or Kuala Selangor. Some could only deliver to certain places or on certain days or at certain times. Some wouldn’t even pick up the phone when I called, which I found rather unprofessional.

Finally, I found Chantique Cupcakes owned by Shima and she was able to accept my order, even though I placed in on Saturday to be picked up on Sunday. I requested for two sets of chocolate flavored cupcakes, one with the company logo and another with the department’s club logo. The best part was she could also do the logo in edible images, unlike most blogs that demanded at least 5 days notice to do so.

The main course was nasi beryani and bandung soda. One staff brought a homemade chocolate cake to share.

Wanna guess what these were?

Now let’s makan! Kak Rozi was like a prison guard, making sure nobody took anybody else’s allocation :-D

A “Good Luck” gift from the department.

Antara wajah-wajah yang akan dirindui.

A breakup filled with love!

I will be handing over my current portfolio to my colleagues when work resumes tomorrow. Transition will take place for about two weeks or so, after which I will be in the project on full time basis.

Said my big boss in her e-mail:
Definitely not a farewell for Nadiah. She will have to come back here once done with ERP.

Yes, she did highlight the words in red.

Said my boss in reply to that:
well said... nadiah to print this email & hang it on her (smaller) cubicle (if any)...

Say me?

New job scope. New MBA semester. New round of Spanish class.

So if my entries are few and far in between, you know why.

Wish me luck!


JaJa'Z said...

wah!!! bertukar tempat kerja la kejap ek..dah tu lepas ni dok kat mana plak? or still kat subang tapi lain2 department? good luck jugak untuk tugasan yg baru ni...cute sangat cupcakes tu...yang semacam tu akak rasa macam buah lai jek..betul ke? hehhe

dieya said...

k jaja,
ha'ah tukar kejap for 1 year. still kat subang cuma lain block jek. thank u! ^_^
cute kan! rasa pun sedap. boleh order lagi.
yeah betul! lai lai dtg kl amik hadiah paella sepinggan!

-farahsu- said...

comelnye cuppy cakes tuu..eheemmm3x...nih bln februari tauu..jgn buat2 lupeee..nk cuppy cakesss...hahahahhaha...

lucky said...

good luck dieya! those food looks nyummy!

dieya said...

hahaha.. tak buat2 lupa.. sengaja nak lupa.. boleh? :-D
ko buat party eh, aku bawak cupcakes! ajak alden dtg main train!

thanks babe! if i hv prob with the german instructions i'll message u :-D

Fertzy said...

gud luck deeyaa!!! silap2 boleh jadik warga SAP terus. heard of their great wages scheme ;) hehe!

btw, logo mas tue mengingatkan aku keapada cerita ikan emas kau tue.

smalam we flew MAS dgn bos aku, so aku pon buat teka teki dkt bos, "boss, u tau tak logo MAS tue gambo aper?" dgn kompiden bos jawab,"gambo wau- lah" "salah bos, gambo ikan emas!"

the rest were history.....heheh

dieya said...

thanks babe! hehehe kata orang never say never ;-)
wakakaka teka teki yg sungguh bijak.. nasib baik ko tak wat teka hurup.. ada q.. ada p.. ada x.. masihkah ko ingat??? :-D

Maya Marisa said...

errr SAP-super power system? hhmmm.. i've got tonnes to complaint, be it HRMS & FICO. in short, we got to do a lot of customization as the on-the-shelf package unable to cater our biz needs....uiks, dah mcm tmpt pengaduan pulak comment box you.
oohhh 1 yr tue. PMO job yer? alahai..rindunyer i kat gantt chart & visio.

PatinPasta said...

Ahh, new job? But still under MAS, no? Sorry ye, blur sikit. Huhu!

knowing you, I bet there wouldn't be any probs at all, right? Good luck with the new environment, and classes!

Erin said...

Good luck babe! betul ke dpt smaller cubicle? haha

dieya said...

SAP = Sikit Ada Payah, Selalu Ada Problem.
bukan i cakap ok, the consultants themselves yg ckp gitu.. coz kitorg tak abis2 komplen abt their system :-D
nah, not gonna do PMO. will be doing system design together with the consultants, since later we'll have to maintain it ourselves. makanya si akauntan ini kena belajar system codes, tulis script bagai.. ohhh cabaran!

thanks! still under MAS, just a different work scope. user sekarang takleh goyang kaki tunggu system siap, kena sama2 design the system with the consultants, to make sure they do it as how i want it. kalu tak nnt kita nak gulai tempoyak dia pi buat gulai asam pedas!
eh.. tiba2 tempoyak lak keluar.. aida laa nyer pasal ni :-D

thanks babe! guess what the PMO team is looking for a vacant cubible for me coz the project room is super full! jgn dok bersila atas lantai dah lerrr..

-farahsu- said...

SAP - ko make sure ko put clearly all requirements and masa UAT, sila test sehabis baik...klu tk ko akan menderita di hari depan bila nk guna sytem tu turut derita sbb nak kene incur more cost utk cater additional needs...hehehe...

dieya said...

aku betul2 byk amik iktibar from the things that you told me. also the reason why i don't mind being part of the design team, so that i can be sure everything i need is in there. coz bila org2 jerman itu sudah pulak, kita gak yg kena tanggung sendiri semua tu kan!

Messy Mummy said...

Sorry lambat Dieya...
But GOOD LUCK yer! Hopefully cemerlang sepanjang setahun yer.. Have a wonderful experience okay..?

dieya said...

thanks so much mm! inshaAllah i will!

eikeenmulan said...

Salam dieya
nak tanya, sedap tak cupcakes tu? kalau sedap, saya nak order dr chantique cupcakes...

dieya said...

salam eikeemulan,
sorry lambar reply, agak bz lately. to me, sedap, tak manis sgt, just nice :-)
enjoy your cupcakes!