chocolate sale

There was a chocolate sale at the office yesterday, the first one for 2011. A week earlier there was a perfume sale. It is one of the upside of working at the airport - when the shops need to clear their old stocks, we get to buy them at a fraction of the price. Last year I bought quite a lot of chocolates as the sale was held close to Hari Raya. This time around the sale was near to CNY, so I went to see if I could get something to bring home.

This Hershey’s gift box went down from RM 46.90 to RM 15.00.

There were three trays (24 pieces) inside.

I wanted to grab four boxes to give away to relatives during CNY. I was already at the payment counter when I flipped the box and noticed...

...the expiry date was on the same day!

No wonder it was so cheap! Okay, I already expected the chocolates to be close to expiry, but not this close. Usually they would have at least a month buffer. Definitely didn’t expect them to be sale on the same day as the expiry date. So I returned three boxes and bought only one, just for my own consumption. That was more than enough sugar intake that I could handle for one day anyway.

Actually, if it’s up to me, several days after the expiry date is not a problem, I can still eat them. But that’s just me, it doesn’t apply to things that I buy for others. Plus, I don’t want to be blamed if the entire family spends CNY fighting for the toilet.

Heading to hometown to celebrate. Toodles!


mamaaedrean said...

la pttla... hu3

jemput singgah jenguk kami yer :)

mamaaedrean said...

eh luper... nak tanyer sbenarnyer... u ader FM dari tempat2 u jejak tuh x?... leh eB bli? :)

ahkakbatik said...

kaktek makan hershey je kt sini... murah!.
kalau expired seminggu pun kaktek telan...

Kak Nora said...

Hi dieya,
I love 'Hershey's. But sorry, no tag,tag me lah!

~jeet~ said...

happy new year to you and family ;)

p/s: perut i ade terlebih lining, takat choc expired seminggu sure boleh handle!!

JaJa'Z said...

wah! mujur dieya perasan kan..kalau tak, tak pasal2 bagi menda dah expired plak kat ur family..jahat la diaorang....anyway dear, happy chinese new year ek....dieya kan half2 elok2 yek...

dyanna said...

happy CNY!
have a good time. I bet mesti korang amik gambar tradisi kat depan pintu rumah tu this year.

have fun and be safe.

My Bloggie ! said...

haaa patutla murah hehe tapi tak pe la kan bole makan lagi.

celeb chinese new year eh.
best oh !
dapat celeb banyak raya :D

have fun ! kirim salam semua hehee

dot said...

Babe. I mish those choc sale. Tapi biase nye kalau yg extra ordinary murah mmg yg nak expired nyawa2 ikan. Kitaorg satu ofis belasah jek. Cume kalau nak bagi org tak best la kan. Happy CNY

PatinPasta said...

La isk.. tu la sometimes when it's too good to be true.. it is. Huhu! Nasib baik la check expiry date, kalo tak mesti penerima terima dengan berat tangan je :D

* i'm now practising checking the expiry date, ingredient and cal when buying.

Happy holidays!

Liza said...

believe it or not, i don't like chocolate, many people don't believe it and when they know, they will definitely say...ruginyer

dieya said...

i selalu jenguk blog u tau.. tapi malu2 nak komen.. hehehe.. suka tengok eB nyer photography skills!
alamak fm dah habis laa, i dah bagi2 kat orang.

tak baik tau makan sorg2.. meh pos sini sket!

aunty nora,
i love hershey's too! owh aunty tak suka main tag2 ye.. hehehe.. okay :-)

thanks babe! hahaha sungguh well-trained perut u yek!

k jaja,
thanks! itulah.. patutlah murah semacam, tp tak sangka pulak memang on the expiry date betul2.
hehehe.. dah sampai kampung halaman :-)

thanks! hahaha will bergambar puas2 tomorrow!

yeah boleh makan lagi. kelam kabut nak habiskan tapi still tak habis juga, so lepas cuti sambung makan.
thanks dear! hahaha some of us takleh jwb salam laa sayang, kira best regards laa yek :-D

tu laa kan.. kalau utk mkn sendiri or kat ofc okay lagi. nasib baik tak borong bawa balik kg. thanks for the wish babe!

dah sampai kaunter baru teringat nak check. siap double confirm ngan cashier tu betul ke hari ni expire? dia pun confuse, eh memang hari ni.. aiyark.. tak jadi borong.
good practice u hv there! and thanks for the wish!

k liza,
you don't?! why oh why???
eh tak rugi.. untung laa choc lovers like me, less people to fight for choc with :-D

Maya Marisa said...

tertipu jugak yea? same here! there was a choc sale at wisma consplant abt 2 yrs ago. cannot mention the name of the retailer, but enuf said that the brands yg dorang carry, mmg tip top. the price was darn cheap. like RM 15 for 2 la, RM 10 per box la. Sekali i tengok date, lagi 1 week nak expire. So, I pun selamba land ler tanya, its expring, why are u selling it. U tau apa sales girl tu jawab? we need to clear the stock, thats why we are selling it cheap. pastu bole tanya pulak kat i - u want to buy or not? im speechless....

dieya said...

nak clear stock punya pasal, mmg super cheap laa jawabnya. still i think RM15 wasn't cheap enough for something that was expiring on the same day. patutnya diorg jual RM5 je kan.
hahaha main ugut2 lak salesgirl tuh yek!