bila si buruk merajuk

Yesterday at 7pm, as Miss S and I were waiting for the lift at the office to go home...

Miss S: So when are you getting your new car?
Me: Next week if I take the first batch. If not, will wait for the second batch at the end of the month.
Miss S: We so have to go out for lunch!
Me: Sure thing!

We headed to the car park at said goodbye. I headed to my good old car, opened the door, inserted the key into the ignition, turned on the engine...

Kehekehekek... And silence.

Okay, one more time.

Kehekehekek... And again, silence.

Seriously? One last time.

Kehekehekek... Rammed the engine... Vroom... Vroom... And silence.

My good old car suddenly wasn’t being good! It wouldn’t start! Argh!

Called my dad. Confused him with my not-so-technical explanation of the problem. After going back and forth several times, I finally got the message across. He said it must be the battery. Told me to call the insurance company.

Called the insurance company. They said their nearest repair guy was in Sunway. I would have to wait for a while for him to reach my office. Fine (as if I got any other choice).

The repair man called. Confused him with my not-so-technical explanation of the problem, like how I confused my dad. Cars and engines are so NOT my thing! Well, except for Formula 1 races that I hardly miss. Other than that, naaaah!

Angah called (dad told him what happened) wondering if he had to pick me up. Told him it was fine, I would wait for the repair guy. If the repair guy couldn’t fix it then only I needed Angah to bring me home.

Dad called. He told me if the car could start after the repair guy fixed it, just bring the car home. We could change the battery later.

7:15pm. Drizzles on the windscreen. The waiting game began.

8:15pm. I had waited for an hour. Nearly dozed off on the driver’s seat.

The repair man called. “Tunggu sekejap ye. Saya kat Federal Highway.” More waiting. Great.

Saw my colleague Mr. R walked by. Usually he is the last person to leave the office. Couldn’t believe I would be leaving later that him! On a Friday night too!

The repair man called again. He was already at the gate. Gave him the direction to the car park. Saw him approaching. Finally!

He turned on the engine. Popped up the hood. Took out some tools. Some twisting here. Some turning there. Rammed the accelerator. Yadda... Yadda... Yadda...

After about 15 minutes the car was up and running.

Signed off some papers. Called my dad to tell him all was well. Called Angah to tell him to get ready, I needed him to accompany me to buy a new battery.

Picked Angah up. Went around town looking for a battery shop that was open. Found none. Not surprised. It was almost 10pm already.

Went home.


All because of you old car.

Bad old car.

Merajuk konon.

Buang baru tau!


dyanna said...

things have a funny way of retaliating to your future plans of discarding them. They actually have ears!
nampaknya kena amik 1st batch. heheh..

JaJa'Z said...

hahahha..kes low battery ni akak dah banyak kali merasa pengalaman tu...first time kena masa akak kursus induksi kat mersing..mujur duit ada kat tgn...terhegeh2 la cari kedai kereta..

second time nak gi sekolah..mujur ada lagi cikgu2 yg tak g sek lagi..bleh la tumpang dulu..

third time baru balik dr gym last year..stop nak beli lauk kat abg zack..start2 kereta tak hidup...mujur dah hari gaji..dan kedai pun dekat ngan tempat kejadian...melayang la rm250 ptg2 hari...

eiii..tak suka!!!
kereta ni kuat merajuk kan..nyampoh!

dieya said...

i could have sworn they do! piat telinga baru tau, huh!
seriously considering that. see how.

k jaja,
tuh laa merajuk pulak dia. baru jek mandikan wangi2 siap polish bagai, sekali buat perangai. gerammmsss!

-farahsu- said...

jangan marah die..nnt die continue buat perangai tauu...ish aku amat berpengalaman bab2 ni :D

Liza said...

my mom slalu ckp kalau nak beli kereta baru, make it a secret, which was somewhat true, when we wanted to get a new car we didn't listen to my mom and suddenly our car stop in the middle of the road for no reason...mmg merajuk....

Kak Nora said...

What about slow talk to 'her' (or 'him'), maybe dia tak merajuk .Eh, dia pun ada feeling tau!

Maya Marisa said...

Ala siannyer...
My guesstimate - ur batt is > 1 yr? If yes, mmg lerrrr :-P
If not, mmg sah merajuk!

Erin said...

been there too! before cadang2 nak tukar kete, elok je. baru terpikir nak tukar, terus mcm2 rosaknye. geram betul, terus jual hihi...

dieya said...

marley pun kuat merajuk eh? ish.. susah betul.. memang nak kena depa ni kan!

k liza,
iskkk.. too late for that.. i already told the whole world!

aunty nora,
ish2.. nak kena slow talk laa pulak. perhaps i'll give him upah if he behaves. another round of wash and polish, ok tak?

guess what, the battery was changed mid last year. baru 7 mths gitu! memang merajuk!

hahaha ni lagi best, jual terus. i guess i have to ugut him.. kalau buat perangai kena jual!