workers, jokers

My colleagues are a bunch of jokers.

Scene #1

In the lift, with a bunch of engineers.

Mr. A: So, when is your baby due?
Mr. B: Huh? My wife is not pregnant.
Mr. A: I know. When is YOUR baby due? *Pointing at Mr. B’s huge belly*
Mr. B: Hahaha! You’re evil! *Looking at me and the others in the lift* Did you hear what he said?
Mr. C: Of course I did, I already have a name for your baby!

Scene #2

In the lecture hall, during training.

Ms. P: Mr. Q, are you alright? You look disturbed.
Mr. R: *Whispering* He had a small accident this morning.
Ms. P: Really? What happened?
Mr. Q: I turned into the ramp at the multilevel car park and my car hit the wall.
Ms. P: Oh dear! Is the WALL okay?

Scene #3

At the café, during lunch.

Mr. X: Hey, you’re wearing our corporate t-shirt.
Me: Yeah, it’s Wednesday. (FYI we are supposed to wear the company’s corporate t-shirt on Wednesdays)
Ms. Z: How come you are not wearing yours?
Mr. X: My t-shirt got smaller.
Me: Huh...? *Trying to digest the fact*
Ms. Z: You mean you got...
Mr. X: No! My t-shirt got smaller!

Work is fun when you have fun colleagues :-D


Mamamya said...

joke for refresh mood utk arini..... :D

dieya said...

k lieya,
yeah! jom kita mood ceria2 selalu! :-D

Liza said...

i know what you mean, my team is also full of crazy people which makes it fun to come to work....

Maya Marisa said...

They make life more fun aren't they...
like the other day, my lady boss email to my colleague, asking for her email address. Yea betul! and my colleague was like - what the hack is wrong with her this morning?! off tangent again? :P

PatinPasta said...

Ahaks! Very the funny lor!

Tommy's father baby (read:belly) changes according to the meal. Sometimes after a meal, he's 3 months pregnant.. but most of the time he's 7 months :D

Messy Mummy said...

It's hilarious! Tapi lawak no.1 lau kena kat MM dah merajuk setahun dah tuh.. Yang No.2 hmmm, kindda wonder apa punya pesen orang tuh... lawak no.3 i agree, it's always the baju terkecik. :D Terceria baca semua nieh...

dieya said...

k liza,
definitely! working with fun & crazy people makes the job so much better that it already is!

kahkahkahhh!!! itu betul punya lawak! i wonder does she remember her own home address?

alhamdulillah.. señor tomi nak dapat adik tak lama lagi :-D

yg no. 1 tu mmg lawak giler! bergegar satu lift dok gelak terbahak2!