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Thank you versatile ladies!

Tiga kali kena tag. Memang sah lah ke-versatile-an saya ini tidak dapat dinafikan lagi :-D

So what’s so versatile about me?

(1) I support FC Barcelona football club. It stemmed from my fascination on Ronaldinho’s exquisite skills. Even now that he has left the club, I’m still a strong Barça supporter. He was the reason I picked the URL “ronaldieya” when I first started blogging, apart from the fact that “dieya” was already taken. Couldn’t think of anything better. Stuck that way since.

(2) I am partly Malacca Straits Chinese. My great-granddad was a Catholic, my great-grandma was a Buddhist. Their children grew up embracing different faiths and married people of different racial backgrounds. Growing up in this family thought me the ability to love others despite of their skin colors and religious beliefs.

(3) I always knew that I wanted to be an accountant. When I was in high school, I saw a huge poster at the canteen about shortages in several key professions i.e. doctors, engineers and (of course) accountants. It said that Malaysia needed something like 10,000 accountants in 10 years. I told myself, “If I study hard now, in 10 years time I will be one of the 10,000.” Alhamdulillah, after lots of hard work and prayers, my wish has been granted.

(4) At the first glance, I come across as a typical “anak manja” who gets associated with everything feminine. Perhaps because I’m close to my family, I smile aplenty and I walk around in 3 inch heels. People are often surprised to soon discover that underneath my girly attitude, I have a heart of steel.

(5) I am a stalker silent reader of a long list of blogs belonging to people that I have absolutely nothing in common with. Like who? A new Muslim who writes about the difficulties of practicing his faith without his parents knowing. A trainee nurse who rambles on the stuffs she learns at nursing college. An army Lt. Kol. who’s turning his war book into tv series. A Caucasian lecturer who loves learning about Malay culture that he left his career in the city to teach in the east coast and calls the place “my kampung”. Just to name a few. I bet I have silent readers too. Hi you!

(6) I am baffled by the number of my friends who have been married and divorced even before they reach 30. It makes me believe that if you are ready to be married, you must also be ready to be divorced. Who knows it might happen to you.

(7) Let’s end 7 with 7.

7 FAQs that I get since I join the airline industry:
(a) Kerja apa? Stewardess? Reservation?
(b) Ada tiket free?
(c) Can you change my flight date? By the way it’s a no-change no-refund cheap ticket.
(d) What’s the price to go to XXX?
(e) Where can I get the cheapest fare?
(f) Will it be cheaper if you buy it for me?
(g) When is MATF / MATTA Fair / the next promotion?

7 answers that I have for them:
(a) I know I look good in kebaya, but no, I’m too short to help passengers with the overhead compartment and too energetic to stay seated behind the ticket counter. Sorry to disappoint.
(b) Yes. For me. You want one? Come work with us.
(c) Sorry, I don’t have that privilege.
(d) It’s RM ZZZ. You can also view it in our website.
(e) The best fare is from the website. Register with Get-the-Deal. If you already have an online account with MAS, you don’t have to register again, just link it to Get-the-Deal.
(f) Sorry, there’s no additional discount if I buy it on your behalf.
(g) Once I know about it, I’ll put it on this blog.

Alrightey, I’m done!

Oh wait, I need to tag 7 lucky people.

Mari kita lihat siapa yang kena!
- Kak Jaja
- Kak Lieya
- Kak Lelord
- Kak Ayu
- Kak Haza
- Aunty Nora
- Anis Syuhada

Kalau pencinta patin tu kata takde paksaan, saya kata TAK KIRA! BUAT JUGAK!


Mamamya said...

adeh2....pagi2 jengah cni tgk nama ada dalam senarai...:D dah lama x kene tag nih....nnti akak buat yer...

p/s:sejuknya kat sini dieya....beku rasanya...KL hujan juga ker?

dieya said...

k lieya,
hehehe.. tag di pagi isnin yg sejuk :-D
kat sini pun hujan juga on and off dari semalam. pagi ni pun still renyai2. dengar2 kat johor ada tempat yg banjir ye?

ahkakbatik said...

kaktek baru nak tanya pasal tiket murah...huhuhuu... marah kang kena juai!

JaJa'Z said...

dush! dush! kena jugak.....

dieya said...

ehhh.. tak marah.. pasal takmo jadi cepat kertu mcm kaktek..

k jaja,
dushhh! gedebom! k jaja dah masuk list "wajib tag" maka takleh ngelak lagik dah.. silalah buat ok!

Anis Syuhada Nazari said...

aduhh,mcm susah jer nak jawab tag ni..hihi..
br sampai dr kelantan..
16 jam 1/2 dlm bas disebabkan banjir..gggrrrr.
lepas anis dh cukup rehat,anis buat yer sis! ;)
thanks for tagging.

dieya said...

16.5 hours?! adoilaa... kalau naik flight dah sampai antartika dah :-D
rest well dear. dah rest nanti buat tau!

My Bloggie ! said...

colourfull life of dieya :) mix blood. great accountant. humble's sister . XOXO love u sys

dieya said...

thank you :-) time banjir2 ni jangan main air okay. love you too dear *hugs*

PatinPasta said...

Hey thanks for playing along with us. Ahaks!
#2 - I was born in Malacca (saje nak join the club la ni :D)
#3 - Accounts was one the subjects that I had in matriculation and always manage to screw it up :D (tak dapek join club)
#4 - heart of steel? superman kah? :D

* actually I was being polite jek.. dalam hati dok kata, "kalo tak buat.. siap!" :D

Maya Marisa said...

2) mix blood gitu! calitttt.
3) muahahhaa same here! im actually an accountant by profession. akan tetapi, sudah lama seh tinggal kan buku akauns. walaubagaimanapun, the fundamental of assets, liabilities, equity, income & expenses are still on my kiut miut fingers! and mind you, i can still do the T accounts! lol!
4) tak cayo den! :P
5) wats their url? soundsss so interesting lor. i pun stalker jugakkkkk..hehehe
6)ya betul! my motto would be; enjoy life to the fullest. like my mom always say, marriage is just the beginning! enuf said!
7) tu mmg standard question to anyone working in MAS, and now airasia & fireflyz yea tak?

dieya said...

not a problem ;-)
(2) eh.. nak juga join the club ye! i wasn't born in malacca actually, but was raised here and most of the family members live here, so i tetap claim org melaka :-D
(3) apa daa.. punya laa senang subjek akaun tu.. debit kredit je.. hehehe!
(4) supergirl gitu! confirm tak nangis kalu tengok home makeover.. hahaha.. *larikkk!*
p.s. sapa lagi yg tak buat? meh i buat penguatkuasaan segera!

(2) calittt!
(3) t-accounts adalah tugas harianku.. i so love it! time jadi consultant dulu pun i paling suka kalau buat financial analysis and projection.. debit dan kredit dihatiku :-D
(4) apo? ekau tak cayo? den lompang kang!
(5) meh kita buat kelab stalkers of people we hv nothing in common with.. mesti gempak!
(6) yeay someone agrees with me!
(7) owh tepat sekali! dah selalu sgt dengar sampai immune telingaku ini :-p