planes of tomorrow?

Several days ago NASA revealed the designs of three concept planes. They will be undergoing testing this year and expected to fly in 2025.

The designs look very much workable, I would say. Oh well, NASA wouldn’t approve them unless they were confident with the workability, right? Check them out below. Photos credit to The Huffington Post.

1. Northrop Grumman Concept

One cockpit, two fuselages, that’s totally new! Need to be careful with the seating arrangement though, we don’t want the aircraft to fly sideways because one fuselage is heavier than the other.

2. Boeing Concept

Wide cabin ala Starship Enterprise. Perhaps they can build a swimming pool or a tennis court in there. Or a ballroom. Wedding banquet in a plane, cool eh?

3. Lockheed Martin Concept

The jet on the tail immediately reminds me of the old DC-10-30 aircraft. Other features look pretty much the same.

DC-10-30 that MAS used to fly a long time ago. Photo credit to ASAHI.

Well, at least the new designs look much better that those overly futuristic planes that appeared in The Huffington Post last year.

Because until now, I still can’t figure out whether... it a fly?

...or a squid?

...or Herbie on steroids?


Citarasa Rinduan said...

wah..terpaku kak dengan teknology terbaru...sure laju nie.

dieya said...

w'salam k ayu,
kapal terbang generasi baru, tahun ni diorg testing. kalau menjadi, makin ramailah boleh naik kapal terbang nanti :-)

Messy Mummy said...

Design bermacam.. Lau dapat naik pun sure takut2 jer nak naik. But MM kagum lah ngan orang2 yang bijak pandai nieh.

dieya said...

baru2 maybe cuak gak kan org nak naik.. pasal bentuk dia lain dr yg lain kan.. lama2 ok kot.. hehehe