itulah sayang

Oh I so love this song! Funky, energetic, another start-of-the-day kind of song. Some people (older generation, perhaps) may shake their head in dismay upon hearing it. Words like “butchering a heritage” and “disgracing a legend” come to mind. But hey, if you want the younger generation to connect to old songs, you better make the songs interesting to their ears!

The song is called “Itulah Sayang”. It’s a very old song, a P. Ramlee song, now given a new breath by four girls who call themselves “The Ramlees”.

The Ramlees = Yuna, Mira (from the group TILU), Liyana Fizi & Najwa (Photo credit to

Now let’s sing!

I hope they’ll make a music video for the song. Won’t that be awesome!


Kak Nora said...

I love this song too but I belong to the 'klasik nasional' group,dieya

PatinPasta said...

Ahhh.. I know this song! The original version too, mind you. Muaha!

Yup, a new breath to an old song is definately a way to keep it alive. Some may like it, some may prefer the ori version. It's all bout preferences.

* so.. what's your activity for today, eh? dah dalam cuti panjang ni kan? :D

dieya said...

aunty nora,
w'salam. hehehe i do listen to klasik nasional too once in a while, especially when other radios are busy airing non-stop commercials!

you do? calit sket! anyway i love the new version, big time!
today? half day rolling on the bed, half day pegi ukur suria klcc. how productive of me.. hahaha!

ahkakbatik said...

kaktek pun suka ori version lah... bukan sebab dh veteren.. errr... errrrr... (tgh cari alasan)....

dieya said...

k tek,
kalau sudah kertu.. kertu laa jua..