from me to me

I got a postcard yesterday. From me. Yup, you read it right. I sent a postcard to myself!

It's a pretty normal thing to do when travelling actually. Photos and videos are great, but nothing compares to the excitement of seeing a piece of paper that you wrote in a foreign land arriving safely in your mailbox at home. To hold the postcard in your hand and admire the postage mark, to wonder how it had traveled thousands of miles to get to you, to read what you had written and reminisce how you felt back then... simply wonderful!

I was in Cape Town alright!

I picked a postcard with a view of V&A Waterfront, my favorite hangout in the city.

Look at the date. I wrote it on 26 December 2010, a day after Christmas (Boxing Day). Gave it to the hotel staff to be mailed the next day. Arrived in my mailbox yesterday 17 January 2011, three weeks later!

If I were to reply to me, I would say:

Dear me,

Guess what, I finally got to
go up Table Mountain the day after I wrote the postcard! I was quite a wait, bit it was definitely worth it!

By the way, after returning to the hotel that night, Fiza realized that we could actually get 10% discount at Ocean Blue restaurant if we showed our hop-on hop-off bus ticket. Too bad we didn’t notice it when we were at the restaurant. Anyway, it didn’t matter. The most important point was that we got to the top of Table Mountain. Yeay!

Thanks to the front desk staff for helping to mail the postcard. And thanks to the world mail system for making sure that it arrived safely!


P.S.: Still waiting for my postcard from Buenos Aires to arrive. Since the distance from there to Kuala Lumpur is double than Cape Town, it may take double the time to reach me!


liya said...

Salam DIeya..bestnya dapat gi CT!!!

el isman said...

good morning .HantR la satu poskad waterfront kat mamu.hehe memang beautiful.

Tawel Sensei said...

Oh kind of reminding me to one scene in Mr Bean where he sends Christmas cards to himself :)

Met any Malays in Cape Town?

Fertzy said...

dieya, finally dapat khatam baca trip ko from south to south. bestnyer!!! terasa spt ingin berjujuran air maata kerterharuan...wakakakakkakakaka over!

kalau bwk anak age 5 and 3, agak2 ko seswai tak ker better tunggu derang besar sket (or rather besar banyak) hot wether the hottest derang penah experienced was in Mekah/Madinah hot is that hot kat sana?? 3 shades darker??!! oh no, aku nak "preserve" 1 shade lighter pon took yearsssss....wakakakakaka

ps: where's next?

JaJa'Z said...

wah!..tak pernah terpk plak nak buat idea mcm ni kan..hehhehe syok jugak buat gini..hehheh

Kak Nora said...

Good idea, never think of it. Should do it next time. Thanks.

dieya said...

w'salam! lamanya liya tak singgah sini :-) memang best sangat, boleh bawa your boys gi CT nanti!

postcard from kl mau ka? :-p
yeah, the V&A Waterfront is gorgeous!

i showed the postcard to a colleague this morning and he said exactly the same thing! macam mana i boleh miss that episode haa.. i'm quite a fan of mr bean :-D

hahaha bagus2, tak sia aku tulih pjg2, siap nak nangis terharu tuh.. tak tahan i dengar youuuuu :-D
cape town is very kids friendly, sesuai sangat bawa your 5 y.o. and 3 y.o., they'll love it. buenos aires is not so, i mean maybe okay for 3-4 days stay but not longer. considering the kids, better u go to cape town.
time summer mmg laa panas yang.. sila bawa topi besar ala2 aristocrat pegi tea party okay :-D

k jaja,
my friend laa suggest buat gini. memang best, boleh buat lagi nx time!

aunty nora,
definitely! though checking the mailbox everyday hoping that i see the postcard can be quite tormenting :-D

Mamamya said...

ada sorang member akak pun suka buat mcm ni w'pun dia pi bercuti kat m'sia...

seronok katanya simpan poskad yg di kirim sendiri.... :)

dieya said...

k lieya,
yeah! rasa seronok betul time dapat postcard tu, walaupun dah tau diri sendiri yg hantar :-D

~jeet~ said...

hei dieya...i did the same thing too!!!

hahahaha...tak sangka, memang great mind thinks alike ;), nanti i post my postcard picture ye..

what a bizarre coincidince, seriously!!

dieya said...

omigod you did too?! awesomeness! great minds do think alike! hahaha!

Liza said...

i probably should do that to, will write to me during my next trip...

PatinPasta said...

Baru jek cakap kat Jeet, kiut nye la dari diri untuk diri. Hehe!

The view on the postcard looks beautiful!

dieya said...

k liza,
you definitely should! it feels awesome to get see the postcard in my mailbox.. a sense of achievement of some sort :-D

agreed, the waterfront view is fantastic! next time u go for "frodo & sammy's adventure", hantar satu kat diri sendiri at every stop okay!

dyanna said...

macam time travelling pulak dpt notes from yourself in the mail.

dieya said...

hahaha ye laa.. like time travelling kan!

ahkakbatik said...

boleh tak kita anto omeh kt diri sendiri tapi rege omeh tu org lain yg bayo?

dieya said...

k tek,
buleh2 takdo salah eh.. lobih afdhal kalu k tek anto sekilo kek sini skali!

Maya Marisa said...

for me takda ka?????????????

dieya said...

laa.. tak sampai lagi ka? nanti i suruh ostrich tu lari laju sikit ehh!!!