You know how sometimes you think about someone and the person suddenly appears right in front of you?

That happened to me yesterday. Twice.

I was at Robinsons looking for CNY outfit. Saw a lot to cheongsams. Must be a lot cheaper to buy them in China. Should have asked Liza and Zaza to buy one for me went they went there last week. Suddenly I remembered my friends who are living in China. Some are in Beijing, some in Shanghai. Lots of people have been to Beijing. Some have been to Shanghai. Maybe I should to go Shanghai one day. My friend Miss Y is in Shanghai. She told me many times to visit her there.

I wandered from rack to rack, looking at all sorts of dresses in red, suddenly I heard someone calling my name. Lo and behold, it was Miss Y!

I felt incredibly surreal as I just thought of her moments before! There we were, in the middle of the mall, screaming and hugging and laughing, both couldn’t believe that we saw each other! Miss Y was home for CNY. She looked fairer than when I last saw her almost 3 years ago. Her hair was much longer. “You look like a typical Chinagirl!” I told her. We only talked for a bit as we both had lots of shopping to do. She told me that she could no longer use Facebook as China had blocked it *gawk* but I could still reach her via e-mail. “Come over, I have a room for you!” she said. A trip to Shanghai sounds fun, eh?

I continued shopping and saw a chic white dress with purple patterns. Looked like my friend Miss D’s wedding dress. Wonder what’s up with her. I last saw her before she went to London to do Master at LSE. She already graduated and returned home last year, yet I still hadn’t seen her.

As I was walking out of a boutique, I saw a really familiar face. Goodness gracious, it was Miss D! Another round of screaming and hugging and laughing!

Miss D is now working with BNM, looking to get her ACCA membership finalized there. She already got a year of working experience in EY before leaving to do her Master, so she only needed a couple more years to complete the mandatory 3 years mark, after which she would be qualified as a chartered accountant. It was good to see another long lost friend, but then again, it was a quick chat. Miss D too was rushing to shop. She was looking for a present for her mum’s 60th birthday. Congrats Aunty Z, that’s a big milestone!

So what did I buy in the end? Well, got a nice top for CNY, a few additional ones to wear some other times and a cute white handbag at 70% discount to replace the old one that was already worn out.

Tired of shopping the whole day. Happy to meet old friends in between!


JaJa'Z said...

ehem2...nak gi Shanghai ek...akak stuju!!!! pi lah, bleh akak memesan..hehheheh..

dieya said...

woraits no prob! ntah bila laa nak gi.. hahaha.. for sure not now coz skrg kat sana sejuk sampai negative wooo.. tunggu panas sikit laa.. ikut jom?

Kak Nora said...

Bila kita terkenang dan ingat seseorang, dan tiba-tiba orang itu muncul, ada telepathy. Dan ada kalanya, kita bercerita mengenai seseorang dan suddenly dia appear, kita kata "Panjang umur..baru sebut-sebut tadi" Aunty dah ke Shanghai, great!Wet weekend here in melaka!!

dieya said...

aunty nora,
memang panjang umur sungguh my friends yg dua org tu, teringat je terus muncul!
it's wet weekend in kl too, been raining on and off. heard it's flooding at some parts of johor.

Liza said...

can we go for shopping together then you start thinking of anuar zain...pls.....

dieya said...

k liza,
jom! you know what, i once bumped into anuar zain while shopping at gardens mv. sangat teruja :-D

PatinPasta said...

Tak dapat bayangkan segala jeritan dan lompatan time jumpa kawan-kawan lama tu kan? Hehe!

Hey.. MUST pose and post on the cheongsam, ok?

dieya said...

owh definitely! habis satu robinsons pandang.. hahaha!
tahun ni tak pakai cheongsam, going for modern-vintage look. esok tengok ek ;-)