who’s trying to hack my account? (again!)

I have no idea why people want to access my Yahoo account. Am I really THAT interesting?

Remember my entry on similar attempt on my account earlier? I recently received a similar e-mail, with a slight twist:

Dear Yahoo! User,

This email is being sent to the email address on file for the Yahoo ID 'XXXXXX'. As a security precaution this account has been locked for 12 hours due to too many failed sign-in attempts.

You can wait 12 hours to sign in again or you can click this link to sign in now:

If you have forgotten your password, we recommend you visit our forgot password page at:

Thank you for using Yahoo!
-- Yahoo! Member Services

Can you believe that? The person tried to access my account so many times that Yahoo have decided to lock it for 12 hours for security purposes!

To whoever’s doing this, for goodness sake, don’t you have anything better to do? At least if you really need to hack somebody’s account, make it Carlos Slim’s or Queen E’s or Obama’s account. They have the money and power, not me!

Getting tired of changing passwords every so often. Running out of characters already.

Perhaps I need a bigger keyboard with more keys to punch.

A jawi one, maybe?


Erin said...

your secret admirer perhaps? hehe...

JaJa'Z said...

ha!!! jawi ok gak..tak pun in spanish ke..or in japanese ke..hehehe...biar diaorang tu pening kepala sketttt

Mamamya said...

he3...jawi :D ok sgt tue dieya...kompom x kan ada org yg b'jaya...

dieya said...

yeah right, more like stalker i think!

k jaja,
tuh laa.. beli yg jawi + spanish + japanese npun bagus. baru ribu riban keys nak tekan. silap2 owner pun confuse sama :-D

k lieya,
kan? kan? nak kena cari keyboard jawi ni nampaknya!

cik selamah kundang said...

kalo ada boleh ar.tp xda.huhu.ni orang ketiga kena ni.serius.pehal ngn yahoo

dieya said...

cik selamah,
kalu takde kena buat keyboard sendirik laa nampaknya..

ahkakbatik said...

yahoo hang tu nama glemer sangat ke? cuba letak nama saponah@yahoo.com ke... markonah@yahoo.com ke.... minahkerepot@yahoo.com ke....

hang letak nama dekat2 ngan nama kaktek memangler banyak secret admirer....

dieya said...

k tek,
nak wat camno kan, dah memang glemer. nak tuko laa biar jejauh sikit dari nama kak tek.. bau kicap jek ni.. patut le ramai yg hurung