where to?

Some clues on where I’m heading in +/- 16 hours from now.

Clue #1:

During a phone call with a staff at the money changer where I usually buy foreign currencies...

Me: Do you have stock of XXX? *the currency of the country I’m going to*
Guy: Come again?
Me: XXX... *saying it slowly this time*
Guy: What is that actually?
Me: You know, the currency of XXXXX *mentioning the country’s name*
Guy: Oh, sorry, we don’t have that.

Very few Malaysians go to the country that the money changer guy had no clue of its currency!

Clue #2:

Chatting with my colleague Mr. K who just returned from US last week...

Mr. K: Do you need USD? You can buy from me. I have some leftovers.
Me: Sure. At what rate are you selling them to me?
Mr. K: Why don’t you check the buying and selling rate at the money changer. Then we’ll take the average. It will be a win-win.
Me: I’ll do that. Will let you know later.
Mr. K: Do you need other currencies? I have some other currencies too.
Me: Do you have XXX?
Mr. K: Huh? No.
Me: What about YYY?
Mr. K: No. People don’t go to those places that you are going to!

Oh well, all the more reason why I want to go there!

Clue #3:

I’m calling this trip “South to South to South”.

My travel book, containing printouts of necessary documents for the trip (i.e. itinerary, maps, booking confirmations).

This time around I took extra measures to make sure that the binding was done on the correct side, so no, last year’s booboo didn’t repeat itself. I think I might have scared the girl at the binding shop in the process. Closely watched her punching pages after pages, just to be safe ;-)

So, can you already guess where I’m going to? Should be easier now. Those who already knew... ssshhhhh... let others have fun guessing!


Messy Mummy said...

Nice clue.. But I still have NO clue! Hahaha.. Where ever you're goin, just be safe. Dengar tempat orang tak pegi lagi nak pegi.. Lagi la extra careful yer.. Nway, any space for me in your bag..? (eventho i'm not that small i know i can fit in.. hehehe)

~jeet~ said...

arrgghh...tak sabar nak bocorkan rahsia...¡tener un viaje seguro, disfrutar de sus vacaciones! hasta luego ;)

Zuraida said...

oh where to where to???


AYApunyaCINTA said...

going to spain?? omg envy u so much! hahaa take care and have a safe trip!

Mamamya said...

ala....mana nak pi nie? dah bagi clue pun still blur2 jer.....

apa pun take care n happy holiday!! i'll be miss u.... ^__^

dieya said...

hahaha.. tak cukup clue lagi ke? thanks, will definitely take your advice to heart. must remember to stay safe all the time.
of course u can fit into my bag, i kan dah belajar ilmu master packer hari tu :-D

ooo jahat yek.. nak bocor rahsia orang..
muchas gracias chica! nos vemos en la clase B1 ;-)

you'll know in say.. 12 hours.. ngehehehe!

thanks dear! nope, not spain, that was last year ;-)

k lieya,
kalau blur jawabnya kena tunggu 12 jam lagi.. akan diberitahu.. hehehe!
thanks my dear sis! i'll miss u too!

dyanna said...

takkan portugal kot? diorang pakai euro, so no problem getting the currency...

south africa? surely ppl pernah dgr tempat tu pasal baru je world cup.

south pole? ade kedai ke kat sana utk shopping? mungkin tak perlu diot pun. haha..

i'm guessing... south america?

JaJa'Z said...

dieya, akak bagi tau ek..bagitau ek...kalau tak..bagi paella seperiuk bleh???

dieya said...

ding.. ding.. dinggg..we have a winner!
which south of the souths? you'll find out soon! :-D

k jaja,
ooo.. ugut yek???
takpe2 k jaja punya pasal.. jangan kata seperiuk, sekawah terus paella dieya bagi! lawan k zah punya bubur lambuk :-D

-farahsu- said...

oits nadiah..kazern ko yg emo ni dhnk sedih ni..sob3..hahahaha..ko hati2 ye disane, di tempat org nadiah...jgn lupekan aku disini...lepas separuh purnama jgn lupa plg ke tanah air kita...hahahaha klasik tk ayat...

dyanna said...

yes!! muahaha! I'm a very good detective :P

dpt hadiah ke ;)

niSamiR said...

wild guess..Papua New Gunea????south..south and south???hehe

Maya Marisa said...

which african continent u nak tawaf nie? :P

My Bloggie ! said...

hehehe south ????? ish !

Liza said...

pegi mana nie...african country is it? kenya?

dyanna said...

brazil, jumpa Messi?
(dah pandai sikit pasal bola after the world cup :P)

dyanna said...

oopps.. tak mungkin brazil coz the currency sounds similar to the other one in Middle East.

is the currency called 'Peso'?
Or maybe 'Sol'?

hmm.. i better stop because now I'm spamming your inbox with my guesses. I'll just wait.

dieya said...

oh usahlah dikau bersedih di sana wahai sepupuku.. nanti kita rancangkan percutian sekeluarga pula yek! thanks for the wish!

indeed you are! :-D
hadiah? will see when i get there.. no promises though kay ;-)

hahahah.. confirm bukan! tak terbayang laa pulak camne agaknya kalau i gi papua new guinea tu.. u nak teman ke? hahaha!

you'll find out very soon :-D

yeah! south it is!

k liza,
you'll find out in minutes :-D

messi kat spain laa yang, tengah main for fc barcelona, my fav team!!!

dear all,
i'm boarding my flight in several minutes. no idea if i can get connected when i reach the destinations. keep the comments coming, i'll reply when i can kay!

dyanna said...

lol.. ye ye oo je ingat messi main for brazil. i still fail in that department obviously.

no no.. just joking about the hadiah part.

dieya said...

u got to watch more football darl! ;-)