travelling à la me

This is travelling, Dieya’s style.

T - 9 months
Several months since my last holiday. Itchy for the next. Come out with a shortlist of destinations that I wish to go to.

T - 8 months
Do background research on the destinations i.e. flight schedule, interesting spots, connectivity (by plane or train or boat or road), weather, happenings on local calendar.

T - 6 months
After two months of research and doing all sorts of analysis known to humankind (i.e. pros & cons, financial impact, geographical spread), make a final decision on where to go. Convince someone to tag along. Usual suspects - my single girl pals, my mum and my brothers. My dad? He’s always busy travelling for work. If he has the time he’ll tag along at the last minute.

T - 5 months
Firm up the dates. If the trip covers several cities, decide on how many days to spend at each city. Do flight and hotel bookings. As for other modes of transportation (i.e. train or boat), bookings usually can’t be done until 2 months before travel date, but timetables are there to assist planning.

T - 3 months
Prepare visa if required. Think of what to do and where to go in each city. Search for halal restaurants.

T - 2 months
Borrow travel books from the library. Buy a map. Get more ideas of what to do. Do daily itinerary. Book tickets for other modes of transportation.

T - 1 month
Do shopping for additional things required (i.e. winter apparels, additional undergarments, spare camera battery). Activate mobile phone’s international roaming. Check value added tax (VAT) refund procedures. Check solat times. Find out what kind of power adapter used (i.e. 2 pins or 3 pins, square or rounded, what’s the voltage).

T - 1 week
Call credit card company to inform that the card will be used at destination. Print booking confirmations, itinerary, maps, solat times and other relevant documents. Bind everything into a nice book.

T - 3 days
Start packing. The earlier I pack, the earlier I realise what is still needed. Usually it’s toothpaste, toothbrush or sanitary pad. Change currencies. Store important numbers (i.e. hotel, embassy) in mobile phone.

T +/- 0 day: D-day
Activate out-of-office (OOO) and out-of-blog (OOB). Off we go!

P.S.: I’m now at T - 2 days. Still need a new toothbrush.


JaJa'Z said...

uik? nak pi vacation ke???? wah!!!! gi mana?

~jeet~ said...

uhh..jeles..sgt..sgt...enjoy!! kim salam kat gunung-ganang tu ye!!

dieya said...

k jaja,
yup! sudah tiba masanya for another vacay. destination? tungguuuu... :-D

hehehe jgn laa gitu.. anyway later in the future we go travel sesama lak k!

JaJa'Z said...

eiiii..jelesnya...gunung ganang? ke swiss ke?

ninie said...

UIH..BESTNYA..DAH DEKAT 000 AND 00B dah kan...?..
Enjoy ur holiday and take gud care of urself dear....

Mamamya said...

nak ikutttttt... ^__^ bestnya kat dapat pi ronda2... b'tambah lah "recent adventure @ ????" kat side bar tue.....

happy holiday to u...take care ok!! (ehhh..bila nak pi ni?)

-farahsu- said...

aku raseee aku tauuuu...uuwwwaaaa mesti aku busaann ko tiada nnt...sob3...hehehehe...

dyanna said...

can't wait to read your destination entry.
i know you'll have a good time. have a safe journey =)

dieya said...

k jaja,
owh bukan.. swiss adalah sgt sejuk time skrg.. kita gi negara suam2 kuku je :-D

yeah dah dekat, i'm so excited! will do, thanks for the wish:-)

k lieya,
jommm!!! inshaAllah balik nnt dieya story semuanya kat recent adventure tuh. 2 days to go!

hahaha confirm ko tau.. u know that place talked to u abt b4 ;-)
pray for my safe trip yea!

dieya said...

thanks a bunch! will write all abt it when i get home :-)

cik selamah kundang said...

pergh.again.mana pula

dieya said...

cik selamah,
yeah! you'll know in 36 hours ;-)

Erin said...

ala, no clue ke? i'm going away tomorrow, xleh nak tau where u're heading huhu. kne tune in minggu depan baru tau. ntah2, where heading in the same direction x? haha

dieya said...

you too??? what time is your flight? perhaps we'll meet at the airport, i'll call you when i get there, kalau ingat laa.. hahaha!

Erin said...

hmm...gunung ganang, where on earth are u going, nepal kot haha! aku naik LCCT je, not sure the same airport even haha! well, will catch up next week. have a safe trip, mate!

dieya said...

nepal??? hahaha! that's a good one. nak gi bertapa ke apa! :-D
oic, won't be seeing u tonight then. u have a safe trip too mate!

Maya Marisa said...

wah so organize? me? i tukang pack ajer....hehehe yg lain tu MrN yang buat..muahhahaa

dieya said...

ambit best nye ada "bibik" tak bergaji yek :-D

hana said...

hi dieya,
referring to yr dubai trip, may i know when you did the booking for the sundowner package? before the trip or when you were already there? thanks!

dieya said...

hi hana,
i booked it in advance before i went there. if i remember correctly, i made the booking via their website.
no problem :-)