south to south to south

At this wee hour of the morning, while most of you are sleeping, I’m hopping on a plane to kick start my year end holiday. Yeay!

So where am I heading to? Check out the map.

Can’t see? Click on it to blow it up.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -> Buenos Aires, Argentina -> Cape Town, South Africa

I’m flying from South East Asia to South America to South Africa. Championing the southern hemisphere!

I’ll be away for two weeks, until year end. Will see if I can drop a few lines from there so you won’t miss me so much. Otherwise you can expect lots of backdated entries when I get home.

Activating OOB. Wish me a safe trip. See you next year!


~jeet~ said...

feliz año nuevo! ;) safe trip babe, and hugs and kisses to messi..hahaha...

say hi to table mountain para mi ;)

dyanna said...


PatinPasta said...

Have fun and don't forget to try the authenthic dulce de leche in Buenos Aires! And Alfajor is a must too! :D
* Happy New Year (early edition) and rem to take lots of pics! :) Travel safe!

JaJa'Z said...

happy holiday dearrr..cepat2 balik tau..will miss u a lottttttttttttt

Fertzy said...

waahhhh bestnyer!

hepi holi holi dayyyy

cik selamah kundang said...

nak souvenir dari boleh?

Zuraida said...

oh i like!!!! if only i can come!!! but you're already on the plane...

marmarn said...

wow! enjoy ur vacation and have a safe journey! take care babe :)

*Jilly* said...

syoknye dieya!!!
my boss would scream at me kalo i take another long holiday this year. huhu!
enjoy your vacation!
have a safe trip!
and tell us all about it later ye!

Maya Marisa said...

ooohhh i'm partially right on my guess..hehehehehe
cape town is gorgeous and so does johannesburg. if u hv extra time, do drop by at Jozi tau..i think ard 17-18 hrs kot distance nyer.
p/s: kirim satu helai feather ostrich bole? :P

My Bloggie ! said...

sys. mamamya ade tgk picture. wah !! cun lah kat sne. nape xajak. sys da kene tag oke ?? wish u luck ngeh3 balik2 da kene tag.

dieya said...

feliz año nuevo por ti también! eh.. mana boleh, messi es solamente mío! table mountain je boleh.. hahaha!

now you know ;-)

did tried the dulce de leche and alfajor you suggested, they are yummy! thanks for telling me abt them! feliz año nuevo chica!

k jaja,
thanks! miss u too! muah2!

thanks babe! :-)

cik selamah,
nanti i letak gambar byk2, kira souvenir laa yek! :-D

there's always next time :-)

thanks babe :-)

kalau 2010 tak bleh, 2011 ada leave lagi kan.. so apa lagi.. :-D
thanks, will write abt it, jgn boring baca sudah.. hahaha!

ouch too bad joberg was not part of the plan this round. will do it nx time ;-)
laa.. baru ingat nak bagi misai singa kat u ;-)

cun kan! belajar pandai2, nnt dah keje nak pegi mana pun boleh :-)
kirim salam kat k lieya ye!
amboi2 tak sempat i balik dah tag :-p

My Bloggie ! said...

perggghhh!!! :D