the search for a priceless shirt

For the past several days I had dragged Fiza to maybe 20 different sports stores in search of Boca Juniors main jersey and Messi’s Argentina jersey in my size (kid’s size M). Went to every single one on Calle Florida, the most popular street in Buenos Aires which was near to our hotel - didn’t find any. Went to Nike and Adidas outlets along Avenida Corrientes - not there either. All they could offer me were original ones in adult’s size or imitation ones in kid’s size, both of which didn’t work for me.

Finally, at a store named Stock Centre towards the end of Calle Florida near Plaza San Martín, I found something. It wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but quite close. I found the original Boca Juniors second jersey by Nike in kid’s size M!

I was initially reluctant to buy it as I was hoping to get the main jersey. But I knew I might never find it in the size I wanted. Gosh, I had been looking high and low for it for several days to no avail! Hence, the second jersey might be my only chance to own a Boca Juniors jersey ever. After all, the jersey wasn’t sold anywhere else, only in Argentina. It was priceless. Thus I decided to buy the second jersey anyway.

Boca Juniors second jersey in pale blue and solid blue. The main jersey would be in solid blue and yellow.

Despite of everything, my hope to find Boca Juniors main jersey in kid’s size still hadn’t died. Since we had dedicated today as our shopping day, I aimed to continue my search.

We went to Abasto, the biggest mall in Buenos Aires. Getting there was convenient, we simply took the subte (subway train) to Carlos Gardel station which was connected to the mall. One funny thing about the subte system - their trains had no air-cond! The windows could be rolled down like bus windows, hence passengers would feel a rush of air when the train moved. Don’t stick your head out to get a better view, you might get decapitated along the tunnel, yikes!

The minute we entered the mall, there was a huge Stock Centre branch to our left. I quickly went in to see if they had Boca Juniors main jersey or Messi’s Argentina jersey in kid’s size. Surprise! Surprise! They did have Boca Juniors main jersey, in kid’s size M, for 10 to 12 y.o., exactly what I was looking for! Yippie!

I had to control my excitement, it was too soon, we just entered the mall for hardly five minutes. Furthermore the store couldn’t do letterings at the back of the shirt. I opted to explore other parts of the mall and see if I could find another store that could do that. And I needed to get Messi’s jersey too, which unfortunately wasn’t available in kid’s size in this store.

Since we didn’t have breakfast (woke up super late, too tired from yesterday’s trip to Uruguay, by the time we went to the coffee house everything had been cleared), we were really hungry. I read online that Abasto had a kosher McDonald’s, the only one outside of Israel. So we decided to go there for brunch.

Before I say anything further, let me tell you my stand on kosher food. I believe that Muslims can eat kosher food prepared by Jews, because Jews are followers of the holy books (ahli kitab). Similar to Muslims, they slaughter animals to get meat and they don’t eat pork. Hence, when I travel and find difficulties to get halal food, I eat kosher food. You may have a different stand, I’ll respect that. In return, I hope you’ll respect mine.

The kosher McDonald’s was located at the food court near the escalator. It was a separate setup altogether from the normal McDonald’s.

Their menu was understandably limited, as the place was catered to a small community.

Kosher certificate hanging on the wall.

I had Doble McNifica. Fiza had Big Mac.

My Doble McNifica, which was basically double cheeseburger.

Their meals weren’t cheap. My set was ARS 32 (RM 25), Fiza’s was slightly over ARS 20 (RM 16). Perhaps the market size was too tiny they had to hike up the price.

Fiza’s mum forced her to pack several packets of McDonald’s chili sauce in her suitcase. Lucky she did! Our burgers tasted just like at home!

After brunch, we went around the mall and began our real shopping spree. I continued jumping in and out of countless sports stores, hoping to see a tiny blue and white Argentina jersey by Adidas with Messi’s name on the back. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any. So I succumbed to the fate that it wasn’t my turn to wear Messi’s Argentina jersey just yet.

Christmas decorations in the middle of the mall.

We walked past every store on every floor. Stopped to enter some of them and bought some stuffs. After we had covered all other shops in the mall, we went back Stock Centre. I bought the original Boca Juniors main jersey by Nike in kid’s size M that I had been longing for! Dancing! Tango? :-D

The trademark blue and yellow of Boca Juniors!

We were done with shopping and were quite tired from walking around the mall, so we hanged out at Starbucks.

Our drinks. The barista gave Fiza a new name :-p

Bought several pieces of chocolate con leche (the big lollipop) to bring home, as I had never seen it at any other Starbucks thus far.

We then took the subte back to our hotel with our shopping bags in tow, happy! We left the bags in the room and went out again to walk along Calle Florida. Our aim was to get all the things that we had been eyeing during the many times we walked along the street but kept holding the purchase for later. Well, it couldn’t be much later as we would be leaving Buenos Aires tomorrow!

The intersection of Calle Florida and Avenida Corrientes, where Florida subte station was located.

Calle Florida was a busy pedestrian street lined with hundreds of shops. In the middle of the street there were peddlers selling souvenirs, costume jewelries, cheap electronic items and so on. Our hotel was on Calle Lavalle, merely a few steps away. Therefore we walked along Calle Florida every single day.

We went back to the hotel and packed our bags as we had to check out the next morning. We would still have a bit more time to spend in the city after checking out as our flight would only be at 11:30pm.

So what would be in store for tomorrow? Of course, some last minute sightseeing and shopping before jumping on the plane!


PatinPasta said...

Memang priceless sungguh! (kalau saya, dah lama give up) Bila nak posing pakai T-shirt tiada nilai tu? :D

~jeet~ said...

finally...yang argentinian jersey xleh order online ek?

p/s: mcd sana xde cili sos ke? ;)

dyanna said...

what a good idea to bring packed chilli sos along. ketchup not bad either, it's just less adventurous :P

tak pernah terpikir pun, selalu dok bawak maggi dan milo je. next time i'll bring chilli sos!

btw, you really have a 'thing' for football jerseys don't you?

dieya said...

tunggu ye.. jap lagi i posing :-D

hmm..boleh kot, tapi macam tak best la.. nak beli sendiri kat sana baru best!
mana ada cili sos daaaaa.... i think mcD kat mesia n spore je ada cili sos :-D

yeah we got to thank fiza's mum for her wisdom!
hahaha.. perhaps cencaluk and budu too :-D
yeah i do love football jerseys, especially the hard-to-get ones!

Erin said...

diorg ada ketchup je kan? Masa g mekah pun ketchup berlambak. Sgt rindu cili sos haha...logik x? Cool jersey! rezeki betul last2 dpt jugak kan hehe

dieya said...

itulah ketchup je merata2.. cili sos toksah mimpi laa. nasib baik mak fiza suruh bw bekal, which we didn't even think of :-D
thanks! alhamdulillah mmh rezeki sungguh. happy sangat!