mis tres hermanas

Remember several years ago there was a huge craze about Spanish telenovelas? La Usurpadora, Rosalinda, Betty La Fea.. sound familiar?

My most favorite telenovela is without a doubt Mis Tres Hermanas. The first time it was aired in 2001, the slot was from 4:30pm to 5:30pm on weekdays. I was still studying at that time. Fortunately most of my classes ended at 4pm. As soon as the lecturer finished his/her last slide I would dash out of classroom so that I could be in front of the tv just in time to watch it.

Santiago and Lisa, the hero and heroine of Mis Tres Hermanas.

During that time, there was an online forum on Mis Tres Hermanas where Malaysian fans shared information about the series. The best part about joining the forum was that if you missed an episode, there would always be someone providing a summary of what happened on that day. Mind you, telenovelas are unlike Hollywood dramas, there’s no online episode guide available. Furthermore one telenovela runs for 120 to 150 episodes, simply too many to write about. Thanks to the forum members, fans were updated by way of a post-airtime summaries, episode by episode, every single day.

I already knew way back then that the forum wasn’t going to last forever. Being a huge fan, I wanted to make sure the valuable summaries wouldn’t be gone with the wind. So I copied all the summaries from the forum verbatim and developed a really simple website on Mis Tres Hermanas. The forum members were incredibly supportive throughout the process. They fed me with summaries for earlier episodes i.e. those aired before I started watching the show (I only started watching it around episode 30) and those that nobody had posted any summary in the forum before. After adding photos of the casts, lyrics of the songs and clips of major scenes, the Malaysia Mis Tres Hermanas Fan Site came to life in 2002.

The website was a huge hit. So huge that when people typed “Mis Tres Hermanas” on Yahoo (back then Google was unheard of) it would be the first link to appear. I got e-mails from people asking how I made the website number one, even surpassing the official website by the production company in Venezuela? Truthfully, I had no idea. It just became that way, perhaps because of the traffic flow.

Even after the telenovela finished airing in Malaysia, the website still garnered substantial readers, especially from countries where the show was still on tv. Questions came from all over the world asking if I could pass a message to Santiago, if knew Lisa’s e-mail address, if the were DVDs released on the series.. bla.. bla.. bla.. many of which I didn’t have any answer to. But one recurring request that I was able to oblige was to translate the summaries to English. As I said, I copied the summaries from the forum verbatim, hence they were mostly in broken Malay mixed with equally broken English and bits of even more broken Spanish. Not very helpful to fans outside Malaysia.

So after graduation, I found some free time to do translation work and ensure that every single episode had its English summary. I had fun doing it as I was able to recap the beautiful memories of the show, like I was watching it all over again. I still remember the sense of accomplishment I felt after I finished uploading English summaries for all 150 episodes. Simply awesome!

In 2003, NTV7 showed a rerun of the series. The airtime was different, from 2:30pm to 3:30pm, yet still during weekdays. I wonder if it had anything to do with the e-mail blast we (the forum members) sent to the tv station demanding for a rerun immediately after they aired the last episode ;-)

This year, after seven long years, NTV7 is showing another rerun. The airtime is from 11:30am to 12:30pm on weekdays, so no chance for me to catch the show. Anyway, last Tuesday I was on study leave, so I took the chance to watch that day’s episode. Compared to when I watched it during the first and second runs, the major difference this time around is my ability to understand a lot more words without relying too much on subtitles. My Spanish teacher’s gonna be so proud! :-D

After watching last Tuesday’s episode, I decided to resurrect the Malaysia Mis Tres Hermanas Fan Site. When I first created it, it was hosted on two servers, Geocities and 8k. Geocities stopped offering free websites in 2002, hence the copy I had there had been deleted. The one on 8k went kaput even earlier, together with the host’s demise. Fortunately I still keep a copy of everything offline. After doing some editing and repairing several broken links, the website is now ready to come to life once again.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many free web hosts that allow HTML files to be uploaded. Most offer readymade templates, which is unlike many years ago whereby a website has to be created from zero using HTML coding and uploaded to the host. Since I rather not recreate everything in a new readymade template (mind you, only the template is readymade, everything else such as content filling and page linking still need to be done) I’ve spend hours looking for a host that allows pages to be uploaded in HTML files. Finally I’ve found one called 9k.com. Previously I used 8k.com, now I’m using 9k.com, how cute is that!

Check out the Malaysia Mis Tres Hermanas Fan Site at this link: http://m3h.9k.com/

I know the design is so outdated. I have no plan to change it. Sticking to everything old. Every single item on the website is full of lovely memories. I’m sentimental that way.

And pardon the advertisements all over. Since I’m using a free host, can’t avoid them. The one at the side can be closed by clicking the little X mark. Those at the top and the bottom, nothing can be done there, so just let them be. Let me know if you know a better host that allows uploading of HTML files, I shall move the website there.

If you are following the current running of the series and have missed some episodes, go check out the “Story” page, the daily summaries are there, in both Malay and English. Last Tuesday’s episode was number 140, which means the last episode for the current (third) screening will air on Tuesday 14 December 2010. Will there be another (fourth) screening? Nobody knows. To tell you the truth, even the second screening was a surprise to me, what more the third one. If there will be a fourth one I will be fourth time happy!

I wish for more Spanish telenovelas to be aired in Malaysia. Airtimes after office hours or during weekends will be perfect. In original audio with subtitles, not dubbed Doraemon style, so I can brush up my Spanish while enjoying the show.

Hope my wish will come true!


Fertzy said...

ohhhhh mannnn!!!!!

u did it again??? kalau kau taruk nuffnang boleh kaya gini wehhhhhh

ps: i still remember betapa fanatiknyer ngko dgn mis tres hermanas nie. dgn si farah dan bebudak lain. while aku plak sakit jantung tgk mis tres hermanas nie asekla relaaaaaa ajek kena buli...ah, sungguh tidak baik utk kesihatan jantung dan hati mak. wakakakaka

~jeet~ said...

chica, es muy interesante!!!!

yo recordado la telenovela, yo tambien ;)

as for telenovela coming back to malaysian airwave, me parece que no suciendo, we are flooded with korean dramas already..

muy bien!!

REAL IT blind..hehehe

JaJa'Z said...

akak tak perasan la akak tgk citer i ke tak...yang pastinya akak katam rosalinda..yg tu jek yg menarik perhatian akak..lepas2 tu akak rasa citer2 in spanish ni menyerabutkan kepala akak jek time tgk..ntahla..akak rela tgk citer in tagalog lagi..hehhehe

dieya said...

yes i did! aku tak pernah guna pun menda nuffnang tu, maleh nak explore how to use it. but since u said boleh jadi kaya, sounds interesting. mata duitan sungguh :-D
hahaha memang heroin citer2 latin semua jenis pasrah belaka kena buli. bad role models kan!

gracias chica! tu tambien? que bien!
i kureng sikit korean dramas. only certain ones i tengok. espana dihatiku :-D
besos por ti!

k jaja,
rosalina ay amor! fernando jose! hahaha! yang tu pun best jugak.
dieya tak minat tagalog coz confuse bahasa dia ngan spanish. my cousin minat cerita tagalog yg ada perempuan jahat giler byk kali eksiden tp tetap tak mati.. apa tah namanya lupa pulak..

cik selamah kundang said...

masa tu sanggup ponteng kuliah semata2 nk tgk cita ni kt kafe.gilalah.hahahaha.sungguh best!

niSamiR said...

hahahha..me tooo!!..berebut dpn tv tuuu...but thing for sure..sorg akan pegi at tv room tu, n put our books there!!gilee jahat..takpe laa janji we are in first linee..n that time tu perasan la kan kejap jadi minah Lisa tu ( kan dah dekat sama dgn Nisa...)..haha..n die kan kerja at hospital...and that santiago kan engineer n time tu kan Amir tgh blaja engineer jugak..( hahahahaha..tak boleh blahh laaa my dreaming ni dieyaaa!!!! )

dieya said...

cik selamah,
u were not the only one :-D
kalau part2 penting like time lisa discover margarita mengandung anak santiago.. tak cukup tanah lari dari kelas!

hahahahahahahha giler2 punya tak boleh blah laa your dream! tapi yang penting it came true kan ;-)
nasib baik i takyah berebut coz my housemate ada personal tv and satu rumah ngadap cerita ni hari2.

Erin said...

this was like my favourite spanish telenovela babe! berangan ade rambut pjg mcm lisa (cantik sehh rambut dia) haha! those were the days lah. now berlambak cite korea, sorrylah xminat haha. i prefer Spanish men ;)

dyanna said...

semangatnya buat forum MTH. Kipas Susah Mati -konfem!

(keluar topic jap)
It always amazes me that you are able to come out with a new post almost everyday. Mencurah2 idea... are you spending your whole Sunday writing entries for the rest of the week? -- just curious.

ahkakbatik said...

err... gracias amigos!!..
tu jelah kaktek tau... huhu..

dieya said...

me too! korean dramas sekala sekala tengok okay laa kan.. latino men still rock! lisa tu tang rambut yg mahal kan. ada macam rambut aku kat tepeng dulu tak? :-D

ehh chop, forum tu bukan i punya tau, marah tauke forum tu karang. website tu je i punya ;-)
hahaha memang kipas ni dari dulu tak berenti mengipas!
about the posts, ideas tak laa mencurah mana pun.. hahaha.. when it strikes i jot down the key points in my pda, then before i go to bed at night i make it a full entry and set it to publish the next morning.

k tek,
de nada hermana! rajin2 laa kawan ngan geng2 ugly betty kat sana ek, banyak ler vocab nanti. jgn lupa tanya diorang kicap cakap spanish amenda :-D

Liza said...

i can't remember which spanish series was that, but it was the one about this gorgous lady and she is a tailor, my Mira loves to watch this to the extend she said she wants to be tukang jahit when she grows up. that causes roaring laughter from both my better hald and i

dieya said...

k liza,
hahaha bagus apa, fashion designers (lets upgrade mira's ambition a bit) make huge bucks nowadays. i know the series, same heroin as mis tres hermanas right? can't recall the title though.

akiss ferrero. said...

this is so sweet. thank u for telling me about ur webbie! lovin it!

The Blog Miss said...

geez, dieya! glad you shared the mis tres hermanas with me. liked it alot. and thanks for stopping by my blog =)

dieya said...

akiss ferrero,
u r most welcome :-)
glad u like it!

the blog miss,
happy to share :-)
thanks for your visit, am always happy to meet another mis tres hermanas fan!

youngadultbooklover said...

Do you still have a link of the episode summaries? I would be so grateful if you did!

s y a q. said...

masih ada ke link tu? nak tengok lagi cite ni kalo ada