lucky charm me

Once is luck.

Twice is coincidence.

Thrice is.. I better start charging consultation fees.

Some years ago my former unimate Miss A lamented to me, “Other people have found their partners, broken up, even found new partners.. yet here I am.. still single..” A few months later she was introduced to someone by a mutual friend. Next thing I knew, she was making plans for her big day. Now she’s happily married with a son.

In April, my friend Miss B came to visit. She’s a doctor working in a rural clinic in a tiny town down south. “It’s hard to find friends there, let alone boyfriends. I get home from work and talk to my cat!” In July, she changed her relationship status on Facebook to “engaged”. In August, I received her invitation card. In September, she got married to a guy from the tiny town, who apparently had been eyeing her for over a year!

Mid this year, my friend Miss C told me that her parents were nagging her into marriage just because her two younger sisters already found their men. “How am I supposed to get married when there’s nobody for me to marry? I can’t get married alone, can I?” she blurted. A couple of weeks ago I got a Facebook message from her. A guy at work asked her out in early November. A week later he proposed. On 27th November they got engaged. “Block your calendar in March for my wedding,” she ended her message.

Get my point?

Single friends poured their unhappy tales to me and *poof* their princes charming came along. And all I did was to listen. As simple as that. No jampi serapah, mandi bunga, minyak senyonyong.. whatsoever.

Am I a lucky charm or what?

Yes, single ladies, you want me to hear your complaints? No problem. But now that I know what a charm I am, it’s gonna cost you a tiny bit.

Say, something from Louis Vuitton’s “The Heart of Africa” a.k.a. Ali and Bono collection? (Photo credit to Louis Vuitton)

Or a pair of Christian Louboutin ala Angelina Jolie’s? (Photo credit to LIFE)

Or Cole Haan booties at the very least? (Photo credit to Cole Haan)

Come on, ain’t that just a small price to pay for a chance to meet that dream guy?

Nonsense, you might say.

But the three stories are true.

Am I really a lucky charm?

I leave that to you.


JaJa'Z said...

uik..kalau macam tu...tak jadi la nak citer kat dieya...kena bayar pengeras mahal tu..hehhehehe

Maya Marisa said...

errr, i nie sure la disqualified kannnn??? :P
mana ler nak ku letak MrN ku nie..

LV? wah itu macam punya fee, ur consulation hours mesti 4 hrs minimum yea tak?

p/s: lamanyer tak jengah nengok ur blog. banyak betul i kena catch up.

dieya said...

k jaja,
heppp.. dah jadi bini org pun ada hati nak cerita yek :-p
wahahaha musti laa.. sucess rate tinggi kan. so kena pengeras kasut tinggi gaks!

eh.. ni lagi sorang bini orang.. babap karang :-p
kalau bagi fees LV i'm ready to hear your entire life story.. ngehehehe!
p.s.: i noticed that! where hv u been? ikut mr. N gi US?

Erin said...

hahaha, this is soo funny! u remind me the movie, Good Luck Chuck. any single gals who slept with him, will get married with the next guy they dated. Word spread and soon the girls are lining up to "offer" themselves to him...haha! u should bukak booth & ppl will line up jugak for sure!

On that note, ala, ex-roomate pun berkira ke? *wink* *wink*

dieya said...

hahaha i watched that movie! bukak booth eh? i'm thinking something classier, like dr. addison montgomery's private practice kind of place. melampau tak? u be my receptionist eh! :-D

JaJa'Z said...

dieya: tak la citer pasal laki bini..citer pasal baby ke..mana tau ada rezeki..hehehheh

Fertzy said...

oh dieyaa!! kalau aku citer dkt ko post marriage story plak, wat will happen ah??? wakakakka

paypal 45 kan mmg just nice utk our size. tp utk travel sehari dua ajek leh taruk barang. kalau nak seminggu nyer travel, alaaaaa sayang ler pulokkk beli ribu riban leh taruk barang sket. but, i heart paypal 45. nampak stylo jek ala ala travel in style gitewwww

Fertzy said...

cop! bukan paypal daaaa...keepall...wakakakka

paypal utk bayar keepall...

Zuraida said...

ooo...should I pour my heart out to you????

tapi nak diskaun! hahahahah!

dieya said...

k jaja,
hahaha cerita baby lom pernah try lagi. k jaja nak jadi first client? kalu berjaya dieya amik jadi spokeperson terus :-D

owh i don't dare to think what's gonna happen.. hahaha!
u know what, amazingly event b4 u explan i already know "paypal" means "keepall" .. pasal kita kan dulu selalu game teka abjad.. wakakaka!!!
the limited edition keepall sungguh cantik kan! travel in style, i like!

sure thing hahaha!
discount? member punya pasal i downgrade keepall to neverfull, boleh? :-D

Erin said...


Sure2, i can even be your services to me free of charge kan? haha...expect a phone call from me soon ;) hihihi

dieya said...

no prob, free consulation for staff.. hahaha! we'll make such an awesome team :-D

dyanna said...

kasut angie to cantik la. she must be proud to strut around in those Loubs.

wei, kalau bagi kasut cap alain delon 50% discount adakah melambangkan hasil yg akan kita dpt jugak? (does my question make sense?)

ahkakbatik said...

dieya... apa kata hang citer kat kak tek pulak... fees kaktek tak mahei... lobotin mobotin tu kaktek tak kenai....
sekontena kicap je ok...

dieya said...

cantik kan! nice and simple pair of nude peep toes, can go with anything, suka sangat!
wahahaha.. if the result turn out to be muka 50% tak siap u don't blame me :-p

k tek,
baguih gak tu, untung dapat prince charming import dari charlotte.. jgn kaler mcm kicap udahhh

krengtina said...

dieya, i rasa i tahu siapa Miss B..huhu seriously? so, next year kurang la geng kita pi layan F1 ye hehehe.

noly, lagi satu game yg dia suka sangat main "cuba teka nama orang?" the most famaous name yg masih lagi terngiang2 kat dalam kepala i ni ialah tak lain tak bukan "buyong" ... oh man, kita mmg giler!

dieya said...

yeah! u memang bijak bistari! u still ingat kan masa dia cerita pasal cakap ngan kucing tu? :-D mau taknye i tergezut tahap gaban bila dia tiba2 a few mths later dia bertunang!
hahaha "buyong".. so classic! gilersss!!!