the journey continues

Adios tango. Hello waka waka!

We took the flight from Buenos Aires to Cape Town. Saw a stewardess who flew with us when we started our journey a week ago for the Kuala Lumpur - Cape Town leg. She alighted at Cape Town for mandatory crew rest, while we continued to Buenos Aires with a new set of crew. Now she would be flying with us again for the Buenos Aires - Cape Town leg. She was surprised to see how dark we got after just one week under the southern summer sun! And we still yet to spend a week in South Africa!

We slept almost the entire way to Cape Town, woke up just to eat and dozed off again. The flight took almost 9 hours. Nothing interesting. We got to sit next to each other. No recently released prisoner bothering me this time ;-)

South America - Done.

South Africa - Here we come!

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