it’s a hotel. it’s a campus. it’s a... prison?

We arrived in Cape Town at quarter past noon. Felt a little groggy as our body hadn’t adjusted to the new time zone. While clearing customs, saw quite a number of Malaysians:

1) A pilot’s daughter who must be 12 y.o. max, queuing alone amidst strangers to get her passport stamped. Such an independent little girl! Obviously her dad couldn’t queue with her (pilots and cabin crews went through special clearance lane), yet he must have brought her travelling many times as she already knew the drill and could do it herself. By the way, I knew she was the pilot’s daughter because I saw them together at VAT refund counter in Ezeiza Airport earlier.

2) A steward’s wife and her three sons. A very lovely lady. Fiza said she thought she saw them in Buenos Aires while we were walking along Calle Florida (she remembered the wife’s headscarf style).

3) The lady who queued behind us at VAT refund counter in Ezeiza Airport. She was with her big family - husband, parents (or parents in law), two big girls and two little boys. She was really friendly. Her mother (or mother in law) looked a bit uptight though, perhaps sleep deprived... or rice deprived ;-)

We took a shared pick-up to Victoria & Alfred Waterfront where our hotel was located. Showered, rest for a bit and started exploring the waterfront to find food as we were so hungry! The last meal we ate was the in-flight meal! We went to a seafood joint by the harbor. Again, we saw the Malaysian lady who queued behind us at VAT refund counter in Ezeiza Airport with her family. Her mother (or mother in law) still looked cranky ;-)

My first photo with the beautiful Table Mountain. Notice my new shirt?

The pedestrian bridge could be rotated...

...if a boat like this wanted to sail through.

We entered Victoria Wharf Shopping Mall and were delighted to see several halal outlets at the food court.

There was a Christmas choir by professional singers on stage...

...while the less professional ones walked around wearing santa hats.

We wandered around the waterfront area before returning to the hotel, which was only a few minutes walk away. Fiza discovered an alternative entrance to the hotel opposite Two Oceans Aquarium, which would give us easy access to the hop-on hop-off bus terminal.

The hotel was within the vicinity of University of Cape Town Graduate Business School. It had been awarded with 5 palmes (the highest rating) by Eduniversal. Universiti Malaya only got 4 palmes.

The campus cum hotel was previously a prison, which was evident through its big metal doors and long hallways. Former prison cells had been converted into classrooms.

It was such a nice, clean and well set up campus - a complete opposite of UM GSB. It would take a lifetime before UM GSB could ever reach that standard. I should tell my classmates who would want to do exchange studies to come here.

Done for day one. More adventures tomorrow!


JaJa'Z said...

uishhh..dan2 pakai t-shirt baru boca ek???

cik selamah kundang said...

ada subway.lama dah xmakan.pergh...terliur boleh?

~jeet~ said...

the nur cafe, sold koeksister, but not as nice as kat cape malay restaurant...i miss that place!!! ;p

dieya said...

k jaja,
yeah! vamos boca juniors!
tak sabar dah nak pakai, maklumlah susah payah cari :-D

cik selamah,
ada, halal lagi. tapi takyah laa sampai ke cape town nak makan subway. kl pun melambak.

i bet u went to bismiellah restaurant? when i opened the menu book and saw "denning veils" i immediately remembered you! and yeah i tried the koeksister too, yumster!

PatinPasta said...

Yaaaaa... sudah posing dengan itu t-shirt! Perfecto! :D

Berani that lil girl sorang-sorang ye? The first time that I flew (selain masa kecik dulu naik army nye heli and such), I had to fly alone to Brunei. Memang chaos abes sebab tak tau nak ke mana, apa kena buat. Haha!

dieya said...

yeah! dah beli kena laa posing kan :-D
itulah mmg berani sungguh! nampak sgt dia dah selalu travel, tak heran dah kalu kena gi cop passport sorg2 pun.
ooo anak sojar rupanya señorita aida ni!

dot said...

dieya. canteknya SA. me likey. :). more piccas plis

Ikr@m said...

bestnye ;-)

ahkakbatik said...

bestnya jalan-jalan takyah hangkut handbag-handbag mpatbelas neh....huhu...

dieya said...

memang cantik sgt! just uploaded lots of pics in the next entry :-)

yes, sgt best!

k tek,
baguih apa ada handbag mpatbelas, bleh dapat luggage allowance lebih.. 4 kali 20kg = 80kg.. banyak bleh soping tuh!