hopping - day 1

I’ve never been a fan of hop-on hop-off bus. They are usually expensive and out of maybe twenty stops, I may only want to go to three. So it’s not worth it for me to take hop-on hop-off bus. Furthermore, I love exploring a place like locals - walking with them, taking the same subway trains, stopping by at sidewalk cafés when I feel tired - I enjoy doing all that. Looking at them from the rooftop of red buses is just not to my liking.

But in Cape Town, hop-on hop-off is the way to go. A day ride only costs ZAR 120 (RM 60) for one route. They have two routes - red and blue. Red route goes around the city, while blue route goes by the seaside around the cape peninsular. Considering that riding normal buses and rikkis is not very safe, taxis are very few and far in between and a taxi ride costs ZAR 10 (RM 5) per kilometer, taking a hop-on hop-off bus is the best way to get around town. Not to mention that the buses stop at many interesting spots!

Hopped on! We bought tickets for two day ride for ZAR 200 (RM 100) per person, which entitled us to both routes, with a free night tour too.

Hopped off at Table Mountain as we planned to take a cable car to the top. Too bad the queue was terribly long and under the hot sun too! So we decided to come again tomorrow at a much earlier time.

We hopped back on, went along the beautiful coast...

...and hopped off at Camps Bay beach for seafood lunch.

Saw police officers on horses passing by.

After lunch, we walked along the sidewalk while enjoying ice cream. That was Lion’s Head in the background.

Across the road, hundreds of people were hanging out at the beach and being shark smart...

...while at the top of Lion’s Head, a couple of paragliders were taking advantage of the wind.

We hopped back on the bus and headed to the city centre. Since it was Boxing Day, most shops were closed, but the Greenmarket Square flea market was on.

We walked through Company Gardens and saw several couples doing wedding photo shoots.

We hopped back on the bus in front of Mount Nelson Hotel and returned to the bus terminal to catch the night tour bus at 6pm to watch sunset at Signal Hill. The traffic was really bad heading towards the hill.

If you are really rich, you can build a matchbox elevator to take you from your house to the beach.

If not, you can climb the stairs like everyone else.

Signal Hill, here we come!

It was really windy when we reached the top, my scarf was flying everywhere! Behind me was Table Mountain on the left and Lion’s Head on the right.

We sat down and watched the sun went to sleep...

...which was such an amazing wonder of nature.

The city at night, with Green Point Stadium in the middle.

We hopped back on the bus. It was a really long and slow ride downhill as there were so many cars being illegally parked by the roadside, blocking our way. Finally we reached the city centre. I remembered our safari driver told us yesterday that the focus of Cape Town’s nightlife had moved from the city centre to the waterfront. I couldn’t agree more. After a few days in Cape Town I felt very safe walking around waterfront at night. But I didn’t feel the same sense of security at the city centre, even from the rooftop of the tour bus.

Welcome to Cape Town city centre!

The bus sent us back to the waterfront and we went to Victoria Wharf Shopping Mall’s food court for dinner. Tried one of the kebab joints that we saw on our first day in town. Then we walked back to our prison turned hotel hideaway.

A glimpse of the hotel at night. Actually it wasn’t as scary as it looked. Blame the lighting :-D


en_me said...

baru je lastmonth my boss nk soh me gi Johannesburg.. sonoknyerrr.. uhuhu, salamm ziarahh

JaJa'Z said...

lawa2..menarik ek permandangan bandar tu time malam..sunset tu nampak romatik jek..awwwww

dieya said...

salam ziarah to u too :-)
wow joberg eh? i belum sampai situ lagi. yeah, cape town sgt seronok! kalau bosan2 kat joberg pegi laa cape town.

k jaja,
memang cantik sgt tengok sunset kat signal hill tu. kalau k jaja lepak ngan bro zack mmg romantik abes laa :-D

Erin said...

I love travelling! You get to see how diverse,beautiful & amazing Allah's creations are.
Subhanallah,sgt cantik gmbr sunset...kalo pkai camera canggih mesti lg best kan hehe

dieya said...

owh definitely! it's a big beautiful world that Allah has created, waiting for us to explore :-)
hahaha in the mean time red baby is all i have!

Citarasa Rinduan said...

tu dia..
time malam...terbaiklah..
karang kesana kena bawak kamera canggih nie..
kalau tak sia2 jer

dieya said...

k ayu,
memang cantik sgt pemandangan time malam :-)
betul tu, kalau ada kamera canggih memang syok ambil gambar, semuanya cantik2 belaka!

~jeet~ said...

memang cantik the view from signal hill, and mind you, i climb up there ;)

so did you chose english or spanish for the hop on hop off bus narration? berbaloi kan?

dieya said...

omigod jeet, u climbed?! i tengok bas tu terhegeh2 naik bukit pun dah rasa penat.. nak climb.. kirim salam laa..
hahaha i chose english! cukup2 laa hablo espanol en argentina :-D