evita, mosque, craft market and tango show

That’s it, I had put up too many pics for the past couple of entries... waaaaay too many pics... the blog had started to look like children’s playbook!

So I’m going to cut down on the pics. Thinking just one pic for each place of interest I went to. Should be alright, eh?

Anyway, back to the trip story.

Our craze for Evita was still evident. In the morning took a taxi to Palermo (the rich people’s neighborhood that I told you about yesterday) and visited Evita’s Museum.

As we entered the taxi...

Me: Museo Evita (Evita’s Museum)
Taxi driver: ¿En Recoleta? (In Recoleta?)
Me: No, en Palermo (No, in Palermo) *fortunately I studied the city’s neighborhood before coming here*
Taxi driver: El cementerio, ¿no? (The cemetery, no?)
Me: No, el museo (No, the museum)

Somehow Evita’s grave was more famous than her museum, hmm!

Fiza took out her Lonely Planet guidebook and pointed the address to taxi driver. He took a look and started driving. As we entered Palermo he asked us for the address again. We finally found the street but the museum was not in sight. We saw a police officer standing near a junction and the taxi driver asked for direction. The officer told him to go two blocks down the road. Finally...

...we reached Evita’s Museum! That was the museum’s café, facing the main road. The museum’s entrance was on the other side.

I won’t talk about Evita’s courage, fights and struggles; you can read all about that in Wikipedia. What I’m going to talk about is her sense of style, which was really admirable for a woman of her time.

Her handbags...

Her dresses...

Her shoes... gosh she had nice shoes! Work appropriate but never boring. I like!

I saw that most of her shoes were of the same brand called “Perugia”. I googled it and found out that the brand was by a French designer named André Perugia who created fantastic shoes during 1940s to 1960s. Click here to see some of his designs. Simply awesome!

After the museum visit, we walked around Palermo and found out it was such a lovely part of the city. The area felt really clean, safe and peaceful, a sharp contrast to the southern part of the city that we went to yesterday. If I ever move to Buenos Aires, Palermo would be the area I would want to live in.

We walked passed some nice apartments and pretty gardens all the way to Centro Cultural Islámico Custodio de las Dos Sagradas Mezquitas Rey Fahd (Islamic Cultural Centre of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd) - quite a long name for a mosque. Anyway, it was the biggest mosque in South America, named after the King of Saudi Arabia. Next to it was the Saudi Arabian Embassy.

The symbol of Islam’s presence in Buenos Aires.

I wanted to visit the centre but it was only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12 noon, so no chance there. Anyway the visit was free. If you want to go there, just tell the taxi driver to go to Mezquita Rey Fahd (King Fahd Mosque) or Mezquita de Palermo (Mosque of Palermo). No need to say the full name, you may end up confusing everyone including yourself.

From the mosque, we walked to Plaza Serrano.

Since it was Saturday, the craft market was on. We had a good time looking at pretty arts and wandering around chic shops surrounding the plaza. We jumped in and out of many shops along the way until we reached the only halal restaurant I could find in the city. Let’s keep the review for my halal feature later. After lunch, we went back to the hotel to freshen up and got ready to, get this, watch tango!

We went to this place called “La Ventana”, which was suggested by Patricio, an old gentleman at the hotel’s front desk. Let me tell you something, watching tango wasn’t cheap. A show (mix of tango and folklore), dinner and to-and-fro hotel transfer cost us ARS 495 (RM 385) per person! But since we craved the experience, we went for it anyway.

A view inside the restaurant. It reminded me of Hogwarts dining hall in Harry Potter movie.

Too bad no cameras were allowed during the show, so I can’t share any photo or video here. But trust me, the show was fantastic! It was just crazy how the tango dancers moved so fast and in sync! It gave the phrase “it takes two to tango” its very meaning, tango was all about two people working their feet at supersonic speed (okay, I’m exaggerating, but you get my point) according to the music without tripping all over each other.

The place from the outside.

We reached our hotel past midnight and were incredibly sleepy. In fact, both of us dozed off several times during the show. We needed the good night sleep as we would be going out of town tomorrow. Where to? Stay tuned!

P.S.: I finally managed to cut down the number of pics, tremendously! Yeay!


PatinPasta said...

Awwww... am I the only one who likes more pics?

Your "concern" on fashion is truly fascinating :D. And did I get you right? You both dozed a few times during the tango show? :D

JaJa'Z said...

eh dieya..biar la banyak gambar..akak ko ni dah la nak membaca in english tu kekadang baca dengan khusyuknya baru la nak paham apa yang dieya tulis..more pic plsssssss.....

dieya said...

apparently you r not alone, k jaja feels the same way too. so i'v put loads of pics in the new entry. enjoy!
hahaha it was evita's style that stood out in my eyes the most!
yeah we did *sigh* perhaps we were too tired of walking all day. couldn't believe we could doze off in the midst of high-pitched songs!

k jaja,
owh my dear akak, saya mendengar pendapat anda. dah letak banyak2 pics in the next entry, enjoy!

~jeet~ said...

hahaha...nothing wrong with more pics ;) btw, i like the middle shoe the most, memang cantik!!

dieya said...

hahaha.. i guess i'll be putting up more pics from now on :-D
cantik kan her shoes! the middle one tu memang cool!

Erin said...

I might be the only one looking at what u wear mate hehe. Berapa byk bju bwk g jln2? Hihi....i like!

ZuNas77 said...

bestnya ur trip!!!!..jeles sgt nih..

dieya said...

hahaha! i did bring clothes that were easy to mix and match. tu yg nampak macam banyak walaupun tak banyak mana beno nya.. tukar2 jek :-)

best sangat zu! next time u pulak pegi kay!