error code: bX-ei8wqk? somebody help!

“I’ve got a blog!” screamed Liza, my partner in crime. My immediate response was to follow it. Tried adding it via my dashboard, didn’t work. Tried clicking the “Follow” link from her blog, didn’t work either. The following message kept appearing: error occured, try again later. Error code: bX-ei8wqk

What on earth is that? How to fix it?

Yes, I’ve googled it, no solution found. Apparently it has been happening for several months to some people. Click here and here to read Google forum discussions on this.

Any of you know what to do?


JaJa'Z said...

tak penah plak jumpa kes cenggini..

dieya said...

tu laa.. dieya pun first time jumpa. kesian kat liza, baru nak berjinak2 buat blog sekali keluar error cengginih, sudahlaa org tak dapat follow blog dia. tengah dok tunggu2 kalu anybody knows what to do abt it.

ije said...

tulaaaaaaa.. sian liza.. org dah check dah.. takde letak prvacy setting pun.. plus dah ade dah setting utk follower.. camne ek..? takpelaaa..misteri sikit blog liza nie..

Messy Mummy said...

MM punya problem plak.. draft yang sangat lama n actually dah post a new one.. the draft still kua kat google reader..(the one yang memang tak post) I did not realize it until my friend bagi tau.. duk pk2 jugak camner nak get rid the one yang draft tuh.. ergghhh..

dieya said...

i pun heran.. naper yek.. i think blogspot pun haven't got an answer to it yet. tunggu je laa sampai dia ter-fix sendiri. takpun u buat blog baru laa ;-)

eh peliknya, tak post but appears on google reader? hmm.. musykil sungguh kan! when i see tech glitches like this mesti teringat series "chuck" the nerd herd. kan bagus kalu diorg dtg tolong kan!

dyanna said...

i'm not a software engineer, but maybe try to contact blogger. that code must refer to something that they haven't fixed yet :P

dieya said...

i guess so too. perhaps they still can't find the fix, hence they're keeping mum on this.