awekinside 1st giveaway

Tagged by Isma @ Cu Manis, a lovely young lady from Johor. She just finished her diploma, got her final exams results yesterday. Yes she passed and was super ecstatic about it :-D

This contest is by Awekinside. Click on the photo to join.

Why do I want to join the contest?
- Because I got tagged :-D
- Because I find it interesting that only girls can join it

Okay, enough with two reasons. I think Awekinside likes everything in two. Two prizes for the contest. Two people to tag. Maybe two is her favorite number.

The two lovely ladies I’m tagging:
- Hasnah
- Ninie

Good luck!

P.S.: Cu Manis, congrats! May you be an awesome accountant one day!


awexinside said...

thank ya join my GA..=)

dieya said...

no probs. thanks for dropping by :-)