the adventure concludes

Final day in Cape Town.

Final day to enjoy my two weeks break.

Final day of the south to south to south adventure.

Sad to leave, but excited to go home!

Before I talk about what we did today, let’s check out some photos of the unique prison-turned-campus-cum-hotel that was our hideout for 8 days and 7 nights. The photos were taken two days earlier, while we were waiting for our pick up to Cape Point.

Original prison features were still intact, giving the hotel a genuine character.

Big metal doors at the entrance of Block B.

The new block - Block A - where we stayed.

Alright, now back to the final day activities (which weren’t that exciting anyway). We took a taxi from the hotel to the airport. Went straight to the tax refund counter, submitted our receipts and got the refund in the form of cheques. Then we checked in, went through passport clearance and cashed the cheque at a bank branch in the departure hall.

Had some breakfast while waiting for boarding call.

A lost bird. Which flight are you taking, birdie?

Toast + tuna + avocado + eggs. Very filling.

Around noon, flight MH 202 EZE-CPT-KUL arrived from Buenos Aires to drop off and pick up passengers in Cape Town. At 1:45pm local time, we stepped into the Boeing 747-400 aircraft and were on our way home.

Good bye South Africa! Good bye South America! My dream vacation had come true!

P.S.: Thank you to all of you who have been patiently following every step of my journey, reading every entry and leaving encouraging comments along the way; be it via the blog, telephone or in person. I heart y’all!


Erin said...

Ala, abeh dah bedtime stories for me to read...huhu. hurry up & go on another trip :)

JaJa'Z said...

huh..habis jua akhirnya..entry2 yang pjg berjela but fun to read ni...hehheh..tapi akak rasa banyak lagi menda2 yang u nak citer kan..especially pasal halal feature..banyak tu..kan kan kan...cant wait for that..

el isman said...

betoi tu akak kat atas.dieaya kena jumpa dan dok kat starbuck baru ceta ni jadi lagi interesting>Latte on me-
p/s mcm adventure dalam Indiana Jones cuma tang fashion tu kena rugged lagi :)Topi tu dah ok just kena pakai khakis baru la real..heheh jgn marah

PatinPasta said...

Hey.. thanks for sharing your adventures and photos with us :)

Hope you get to go for more adventures and keep us posted! :)

dieya said...

my entries make you go to sleep? that boring eh?? ;-D
hahaha inshaAllah. if i do, you'll know about it!

k jaja,
ya betul! halal feature lom letak lagi.. also the learning points. nanti yea!

siap laa mamu, i'm going demand that starbucks latte when if i go to penang :-D
hahaha nanti i cari khakis ala2 harrison ford. kalu dapat jumpa emas terpijak tgh2 gurun pun bagus jugak.

you are most welcome :-)
amiiin! i really like that!

cik selamah kundang said...

habis sudah.well.i enjoy reading your entries.gila rasa nk bercuti.

dieya said...

cik selamah,
yeah, sudah tamat pengembaraan kali ini.
thanks for reading my entries :-)glad u enjoy them. next time pegi cuti2 kay!

Erin said...

Erkk...didnt mean it that way lol. Bedtime stories are feel-good stories kan...i feel happy, hence sng nk tido :) lgpun, i only get to lie down & read when im just about ready to go to bed haha.

Your stories are definately not boring,young lady! :D

~jeet~ said...

Phew...abis gak,thanx for sharing,glad that u enjoyed the journey : )
p/s:i x register lg,olvido :p

dyanna said...

hmm.. masuk penjara pun boleh sengih lagi??

i can't imagine seeing any inmates smiling like that inside a cell. you must be the most ceria-est :P

dieya said...

hahaha glad that the entries make you sleep better :-D

yeah! habis sudah cerita cuti2 sesi 2010 :-)
p.s. i think i'll register nx week.. hehehe

hahaha kalau banduan sengih mcm tu, sure dia dpt anugerah banduan contoh :-D