old people working

A couple of weeks ago during my MBA class, there was a group presentation on age discrimination in employment. Several cases were presented on why old people should be given chance to work after they retire so they can be useful to the community and feel good about themselves.

I have mixed feelings about old people working. I believe it depends on your career level at the point of retirement.

When people retire at the top level, they usually find it difficult to adjust to their newfound free time. They feel useless and agitated. These people love to work and are good at what they do (which is why they are so successful). It’s the retirement age rule that stops them from keeping their job. These are the kind of people that employer often requests to continue working post-retirement on contract basis as their experiences are of enormous value to the organization.

When people retire at the bottom level, they often can’t wait for the golden moment to happen. Some are already in retirement mode even years before they really hit that age. Sayings like “Saya ni dah tua.. dah nak pencen lagi 2 tahun..” or “Kalau kerja kuat pun buat apa.. tambah sakit je.. bukan sempat naik pangkat pun..” – these are all too familiar. If you really want to retire that much, why come to work and waste the employer’s money? Go retire already!

I guess old people, like any other human being in this world, come in various packages. Some are hardworking, some are lazy. Some contribute a lot, some just whine all day. It really depends on the individual.

One thing that I find difficult to accept is seeing old people cleaning up after young ones – wiping tables at fast food restaurants, picking up trash left by kutu lepak at the roadside, digging dumpsters for anything recyclable – these scenes make me sad. Just sad.

Anyway, if you plan to work until you are old and wrinkly, I just have one thing to say…

…please resign when you reach this stage! ;-)


Siti Roffini said...

This particular posting had me thinking as well. I had to stop working when I reached 56 because as you said, I did not belong to the upper echelons of the Education Ministry so my service was no longer required even if I had wanted to continue.Sad initially but looking at your illustration, I think the government made a correct decision in maintaining the retirement age at 58. I wouldn't want to be peering at the computer like that old lady. What would my students say? I'm glad that I left at an age when I was still attractive to my students!!! Hehehe.

JaJa'Z said...

kalau dieya tanya akak skang ni..or tengah bz ngan kerja..memang rasa nak pencek cepat jek..penat dengan kerenah bebudak..tapi bila sampai cuti sek..baru 2 minggu dah mati ktu dok umah...nanti kalau dah pencen betul2 ..guaner la ek...

dieya said...

aunty siti,
hahaha good for you! i'm sure they'll always remember the youthful madam siti ;-)

k jaja,
kalu dah pencen nnt k jaja bukak kedai pizza laa.. jual pizza segiempat yg gebusss tuh.. makcik kayo!

ahkakbatik said...

kat sini ada report saying old folks work harder than youngster sebab tak de fikir nak kelam kabut balik ambik anak...
they all punya customer orientation pun very much better tapi masalahnya amatla slow nya buat keje....

Aida Rezuan said...

True.. it's a sad to see old folks cleaning tables and sweeping the sidewalks and such.

One thing that I noticed from working old folks is that, they are so particular. :D

* Ayah si Tomi is 65, and is still working.

dieya said...

k tek,
betul laa old people are usually better at customer service. lagi sabar kot. part slow tu takleh nak tolong laa kot.. kita pulak as customers yg kena sabar ;-)

old people are more meticulous eh? taking their time, making sure everything's ok. uih bila laa senor tomi the senor (berapa kali senor daa..) nak pencen yek.. boleh bukak kedai paella + asado satu!

Jamiel said...

salam perkenalan..
saya xnak keje sampai tua..
Bagi saya, dah tua kene relaks skit..
So, sekarang ngah struggle utk smua tu..
We all have a dreams right?

dieya said...

hi there, salam kenal to u too! for me i wanna work selagi larat, coz mcm boring je kalu dok rumah tak buat apa. kalau dah tak larat baru relax ;-)
owh yes we all do!

dyanna said...

IDK... if i don't have anything better to do.. i might work until aven after retirement kot, but not 9-5 daily.. maybe occasionally like consulting. but who wants an oldschool old geezer consultant kan when the world is more advanced and hi tech in the future?

dieya said...

hahaha.. here i thought you'll have more value with age, like fine wine. i'm thinking teaching would be nice, perhaps college level. but if if it's too much stress, kindy sounds okay too. boleh join budak2 main pastisin :-D

Erin said...

personally, I dont want to be teaching past 58. First, the workload + stress + perangai budak2 ntah apa rupa tah time tu haha. Plus, the kids would NOT want an old lady teaching them...kalau cikgu muda diorg sgtla suka.

So, utk tidak menjd bahan umpatan kanak2 di masa akan dtg, I would gladly retire when the time comes + just chill like my parents now. Seronoknye tgk, leh g jalan2, leh g masjid 5x sehari...relax je hehe

dieya said...

hahaha ye tak ye budak2 mana suka cikgu tua.. nak yg muda lagi seksi or hensem jek.. wah bagus betul wawasan nak gi masjid 5x sehari.. moga dimakbulkan, amin!