ikea’s calling

Jeet mentioned that she hadn’t been to IKEA for ages. Me neither. I couldn’t even recall the last time I was there. What was the last item I bought? The 6 stem glasses that I hardly used? One thing for sure, during that last visit I must have eaten their meatballs. I hardly leave IKEA without eating meatballs. And super huge curry puff with eggs in it. And vanilla ice cream that tastes better than McDonald’s.

These recently arrived in my mailbox, calling me to visit IKEA.

I’m not an IKEA Friend (their membership club, something like J Card). But around where I live we always receive new IKEA catalogs once they are out. The one on the right (the full catalog) arrived last month, I think. The one on the left (a special additional catalog on kitchen) just arrived last week.

Since I don’t read IKEA catalogs that much (in fact I haven’t read both of them), I’ve given them to Liza who’s quite a fan of IKEA. But not as a big fan as Mar. I remember going to her apartment several years ago (at that time the big new IKEA at Mutiara Damansara just opened) and saw the entire place being filled with IKEA stuffs! Then she went to Warwick to do her Master, so bye bye IKEA-filled apartment. Haven’t been to her new apartment since she returned home, but I expect it to look quite similar to IKEA showroom ;-)

I bought these glasses for two reasons: One, they are cheap. Two, they look great hanging upside down on a rack like that. The rack is not from IKEA though, I bought it at Jusco.

IKEA is good at selling cute + cheap stuffs that you don’t need but if you don’t buy it you won’t be able to sleep at night, like this ice cube tray.

Guess what, the ice cube tray turns out to be one of the most impractical kitchen items (not that I have many) I have ever bought. It’s made of rubber, thus after filling it with water carrying it to the freezer requires major balancing act so you won’t end up flooding the kitchen in the process. If I have continued using it I might have qualified myself to join Cirque du Soleil by now.

Angah’s Swedish friend (IKEA is from Sweden, if you haven’t known that already) said that they pronounce the word IKEA as “ay-kay-yah” not “ee-kee-yah” like we do. He said that in Sweden, people from remote parts of the country would drive their cars / vans / trailers for hundreds of miles just to go to IKEA and buy furniture. No wonder Ingvar Kamprad is one of the richest men in the world!


ninie said...

happy shopping dieya...plan to go there too for lunch today-since last week..(w/pun sbnrnya jarak dr rumah 5minit drive jer...hehehhe)

dieya said...

thanks! more like nak makan meatballs and karipap besar and icecream sebenarnya.. hehehe. wah best laa.. if i were you i would go there every weekend nak makan jek :-D

niSamiR said...

hahaha...i lurveeeeeeeeeeeeeee...me as ay-kay-yah friends pon tak dpt catalog tauuuuu...hehehe...tp i liokkkkeee the smells od IKEA la dieya..don't u think so?????n of coz the meatballss..tp bile ajak amir to makan mb of coz la tergedikss2 nak g tgk furniture..bought few stuffs there and no no no DIY laa...suh diorg hntr n psg sumer skali...sbb some people said if DIY ada chance la nak tumbang - dunoooo...hehe..oh me pon tipah tertipu bought that ice maker tp i punya shape ikan...( and aryssa love it ) but it's so hard to carry it...i have to put on plate first b4 bring it to the fridge..or else mmg bersepah2 la water tuu plus masa nak take it of pon mencabar minda..kalau ekor ikan tak putus, tak sah....n made aryssa mad..so kena berpeluh la dulu b4 success...hehe...i believe mcm that puzzle lg susah jeeeerrr...oh not to forget..i bought tin opener last 2 weeks kot n I failed to use it...i dunno why laa..rasa tak salah teknik..straight fwd je mende alah tuu..dunnooo...

Erin said...

I so love Ikea, tp harga x berapa nak love haha

JaJa'Z said...

dieya: akak lagi laaaa..tak pernah gi IKEA pun...tapi teringin sangat2 nak gi..janji ngan abag zack brapa kali dah nak gi..sampai masa, tak jadi..last2 gi kelain...menyampah tau..pastu dr blog2 akak tau pasal meatball tu...so tempting kan....nampak sedapjek kalau lalu dalam tekak ni..tapi member akak cakap..tiap kali nak gi..sah2 kena beratur kaw2 punya panjang barisan...org ramai sangatttt

dieya said...

eh u tak dapat ke catalog? i thot ikea friends wajib dapat. i guess they want you to go there and see for yourself ;-)
you are so right, i love the smell of new furniture, trying all their cool + ergonomic + comfy stuffs, and of course.. the food!
hahaha you pun beli the ice tray? memang betul2 punya tipah tertipu tertipah kan! what i did was i put the tray in the freezer first, then only i fill in the water. after a while i thought aiyoo leceh punya kerja only to get several pieces of ice cubes so forget it! maka duduklah bekas hijau itu dalam lemari sampai skrg. if u want i give it to you, add on to aryssa's collection.. and her mummy's stress :-D

harga dia mmg ada sikit less love in the air.. hahaha.. but i guess we pay for the design laa kan. yg penting cun!

k jaja,
dengan segala hormatnya radio rosak mohon izin utk berbunyik lagikkk...
banyak tempat dah plan nak ronda2 ngan k jaja ni.. bila nak dtg ni???

JaJa'Z said...

akak rasa kena tunggu radio tu jahanam kot baru akak gi..hehhehe..kalau jadi la...plan gak nak gi kl after habis jaga spm..insyallah ok..will let u know ok dearrrr

dieya said...

k jaja,
hahaha radio ni tahan lasak tau macam perabot ikea jugak.. campak ke lombong pun still bunyik lagik :-D
woraits, let me know in advance tau!