final exam & harry potter

This morning I sat for my first paper of this semester’s final exam. How was it? It was okay, I would say. In one sentence: Too much to write, too little time. Not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Perhaps I need to learn to get my points across with lesser words. Perhaps my love for language has taken me over. Perhaps I simply need to write faster. My dad used to tell me to make my handwriting smaller. “If you write bigger, you write slower,” he said. I try to consciously write smaller during exams to save time, but since I’m a woman of confidence *ehem* my handwriting still finds its way to get bigger, naturally. If you see my answer script, you’ll notice how my font size grows from size 8 on the first page to size 14 on the last page. And the more I’m pressed for time, the bigger I write. Weird, eh?

Anyway, the exam started at 9am. I had been thinking of watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (such a long title!) immediately afterwards. Checked the schedule, the soonest screening was at 12noon, the exact time my exam was supposed to end. The next show was at 2pm, ending at 4pm, meaning that I would have to go home immediately afterwards to avoid KL’s rush hour traffic, so no hanging around the mall after movie. Since I wasn’t fond of both show times I thought maybe I should give it a pass.

Then I entered the exam hall and saw some writings on the whiteboard, “Exam duration - 9:00am to 11:00 (2 hours).” The exam was for 2 hours, not 3 hours! We only had to answer 2 long questions! Therefore I would have time to catch Harry Potter at 12noon and still do some shopping! Yeay!

So after the exam, I quickly headed to Mid Valley. By the time I reached the ticket counter it was 11:32am. The counter staff told me the earliest show just started at 11:30am. Do I want to catch it? Of course I do! Everybody knows the first 15 minutes of screening is nothing but endless commercials. So I grabbed the 11:30am ticket, went to the jan and headed to the hall. As expected, commercials were still running. By the time the Warner Brothers logo appeared it was 11:43am, so no love lost.

I did watch it!

How was the movie? It was good. Really good. The last scene brought tears to my eyes. You must watch it to know why. My only regret was not getting anything to munch. I didn’t have any breakfast, so by the time the movie entered its first 30 minutes my tummy was already growling. While Harry, Ron and Hermione were busy fighting some odd-looking creatures, I was busy thinking of what to have for lunch!

P.S.: Wonder if that one particular girl in Spain found her way to Portugal just to watch Harry Potter speaks English, not Spanish? ;-)

P.P.S.: I still have 2 more papers to go next week. Wish me luck!


Erin said...

Saw it too! Went all the way to Kerteh just to watch HP7...well worth it. Lama sgtla nak tggu tahun depan for the last part kan...huhu

JaJa'Z said...

jangan tak caya..akak tak pernah tgk harry potter...or should i say...akak tak minat tgk citer2 gitu..hehhehe..rasanya dah lama sangat2 akak tak tgk wayang...sampai last movie g tgk pun tak ingat dah citer apa..

Zuraida said...

oh i love that HP too...i think its the best so far. eh good luck on your other 2 papers!

Maya Marisa said...

the last HP that i watched was the 3rd sequel. so, if i watch the latest one, u agakX2 i bole paham tak? hehehe nak short-cut punya psal..

dieya said...

definitely well worth it! at least you didn't cross the border to thailand to watch it ;-)
eh, in fact if you have to cross the border, it's still worth it!

k jaja,
laa ye ke? i think k jaja kena try laa tengok, then baru minat kot. try start tengok part 1 masa diorg kecik2 dulu, cute sangat!

i sooo echo you! the last scene at the beach.. so touching.. *sob sob*
thanks babe! can't wait to wrap up this semester!

confirm boleh punya.. as long as u still remember yg mana satu harry, yg mana satu hermione ;-)

Mamamya said...

good luck dieya....sori yerk t'lambat wish pulak....

akak pun dah lama giler2 x tgk wayang ni...maklum my couple 'mat perang' mana lah minat tgk2 movie nih.... :)last movie akak tgk "Upin & ipin Geng Pengembaraan" itu pun sbb layankan anak2....:D

dieya said...

k lieya,
laa yer ker.. ingat kot mr. kmdo ajak k lieya tengok citer perang2.. hehehe!
ramai betul peminat2 upin ipin ni yek! kat shah alam ada restoran upin ipin, very popular siap ada kedai jual cenderahati diorg lagi. kalu mya n fiqa gi sana sure teruja :-)

PatinPasta said...

Ahhh.. so one exam down, and 2 more to go. Gooc luck!

Nak tergelak bila baca bout your font grows bigger in time. Hehe! Suggest la buat electronic exam. Buleh standardized font size and type lagik. :D

Hey, memang sedih kan? Ngalir air mata tak dalam cine? :D. Apa2 pon, memang best! *thumbs up*

* yup, I get to watch Harry talks in English, thank god! muaha!

Liza said...

i saw harry potter for the first time ever and i love it! can't wait for the next one!

and good luck dear, though I don't think you need it, I am sure you'll do great!

dieya said...

muchas gracias! itulaa kan.. makin lama makin besar tulisan tanpa disedari.. camno tuh? good idea, kalu e-exam kan senang boleh buat spell check + grammar check terus.
hahaha tak ngalir laa.. bergenang jek.. segan kat budak2 kiri kanan yg dah snort snort, tak pasal kena mintak satu tisu diorg pulak ;-)
dpt juga tengok in english yeah, good for you!

k liza,
me too can't wait for neext one! july kan?
thanks a bunch! gathering all the motivation i can get to get thru the 2 papers!

cik selamah kundang said...

hahahaha.shed to tear on the dobby's part ;(

dieya said...

cik selamah,
tu laa.. so sedih kan ;-(
thanks for dropping by. i'll check out ur blog real soon!

ijannina said...

I love this one, too. I think it is one of the best. kudos to the director. But I think it is also because this last book is one of the best one, too. Everyone will have high expectations on the last one, I think they are going to make it 3D:)
Good luck for your paper dear.

dieya said...

i think so too, perhaps the kids has grown up so they act better. and they have been doing it for years, much practice there.
thanks babe! :-)