chocolate math

Got this from my partner in crime and fellow chocolate lover – Liza, who else. Try it and let me know if you get it right!

Grab some hot choc and a cookie and let’s start!

Your Age by Chocolate Math

It takes less than a minute.
Work this out as you read.
Be sure you don’t read the bottom until you’ve worked it out!
This is not one of those waste of time things, it’s fun!

1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have chocolate (more than once but less than 10).

2. Multiply this number by 2 (just to be bold).

3. Add 5.

4. Multiply it by 50 - I’ll wait while you get the calculator ;-)

5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1760. If you haven’t, add 1759.

6. Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.

You should have a three digit number.

The first digit of this was your original number (i.e., how many times you want to have chocolate each week).

The next two numbers are…

…YOUR AGE! (Oh YES, it is!!!!!)

This is the only year (2010) it will ever work, so spread it around while it lasts!

Hershey’s chocolate heaven in Dubai Mall. That lady is NOT me.


Erin said...

haha, tepat sekali! 7 wonders of the world betul haha...

dieya said...

hahaha great! pakai calculator tak? :-D

lucky said...

omg!!! freakyyy!!!!!!!! yes.. mmg kena pakai.. hehehehe

dieya said...

i know! math is amazing kan!

Erin said...

mula2 xpakai, but as the number got bigger...haruslah haha. There's a reason why i'm not a maths teacher ;)

. de baloon. said...

wowwy !! its got the right number of my age. berhantu hehe

Zuraida said...

hi dieya!!!

wey, i didnt know that u blogged!!!

nice one. banyak travel ya??


dieya said...

mana tau kot2 your math gets better with age ;-)

kan! berhantu? hohoho takut! :-D

omg zu!!! it has been sooooo long! yes i do blog secara kecil2an.. hahaha.. you do too? i'm so gonna check out your blog right now!

PatinPasta said...

You just can't escape numbers, eh? :D
Dok tergelak bila memula konon congak pastu terus bukak calculator tapi betul la, it was fun! :D Jawapan tepat lak tuh! *tabek!*

dieya said...

hahaha memang pun, numbers make me happy :-D
nasib baik jawapan tepat, kalu tak puas laa i nak kena tolong kirakan.. hehehe!
*tabik balik kat aida*

niSamiR said...

AMAZED!!!!!hahaha...I lmbt...hahaha..but the person who created this is so genuisss....hehe

dieya said...

hahaha biar lambat asalkan selamat! amazing kan!