bonjour, bonjour!

No, I’m not in France. I wish I am though. I kind of miss France actually. Miss hearing people greeting me with “Bonjour!” every time I enter a store. Miss those cute little sidewalk cafes serving awesome crêpe topped with banana and chocolate. Miss strolling by Siene River in my ankle boots, though if I’m going to do it again I will need a new pair as the old one (maybe some of you still remember it) sudah hidup segan mati tak mahu.

While I was flipping channels on my car stereo on the way to work, one station was playing a French song. Guess which station it was? Hitz? Wrong! Fly? Double wrong! Era? Triple wrong! I’ll tell you later ;-)

Anyway, back to the song. It sounded so cool that I immediately made a mental note to find it on Youtube and share it here. The song is called “Bonjour, Bonjour” by a singer named Yuyu. Definitely a perfect song to live up your spirits in the morning. So enjoy!

Bonjour, Bonjour by Yuyu

Bonjour, bonjour
Mon chéri bonjour
Chaque matin
Bonjour, bonjour
Mon petit amour
Voici la vie
Qui seme la joie
Vois en le regardant
L' amour est comme un enfant
Fou de caresse
Fou de tristesse
Il arrive court et s'en va
Dans ses plus beaux atours
La vie reprend toujours
Pleine de jeunesse
D' allégresse
Passe et va
Bonjour, bonjour
Mon chéri bonjour
Chaque matin
Bonjour, bonjour
Mon petit amour
Voici la vie
Qui seme la joie
Comme ces grands cocotiers
Qui se balancent énivrés
Nous si fragiles
Sans équilibre
Oui, nous nous tendons les bras
Notre amour a grandi,
Au fil des jours et des nuits
Et la jeunesse
L' allégresse restent là
Bonjour, bonjour
Mon chéri bonjour
Chaque matin
Le monde entier
Je veux te donner
Bonjour, bonjour
Mon petit amour
Merci à la vie
Qui se penche sur moi

Translation? As much as I love using Google Translate, it can’t be relied upon 100%. Hence to avoid the danger of butchering a beautiful language, let’s leave it in its original form. Unless there are any French speakers out there who volunteer help with the translation? Votre aide sera bien apprécié (your help will be much appreciated)!

Anyway, just a few words that I have confidence with the automated translator:

Bonjour, bonjour (Hello, hello)
Mon chéri bonjour (Hello my darling)
Chaque matin (Each morning)
Réveille-moi (Wake me up)
Embrasse-moi (Kiss me)

C'est tout ce que (that’s all) :-D

Owh yes, the radio station. It was KL FM. Surprise, surprise. I wonder which one is more surprising though, KL FM playing French song or me listening to government radio :-p

P.S.: Mon chéri = My darling (to a guy). Ma chérie = My darling (to a girl). Jangan salah sebut ya!

P.P.S.: The song would also make a really nice ring tone, eh?


dyanna said...

rasa macam nak menari cha-cha

JaJa'Z said...

Ma Cherie Dieya....hehheheh

Mamamya said...

nice lah...enjoy jer... tp x faham lak lirik....;) xper la yg penting happy..:D

dieya said...

kan!!! the chorus has been playing in my head again and again, so catchy!

k jaja,
très bon ma soeur chérie!

k lieya,
betul2.. dieya pun tak faham jugak, tapi yang penting kita enjoyyy *ala2 nora danish dlm puteri* :-D

lucky said...

nice song! mmg i tgh dgr di pagi hari nih 630am.. tp disebabkan takde matahari lagi.. so rase mcm masih malam..

KLfm ? station baru ker ? apa frekuensi dia? coolnye!

dieya said...

nice kan! owh winter already kicks in over there ya?
hahaha KL FM is RTM punya radio station laa babe, dulu diorg panggil Radio 3 Kuala Lumpur ;-) the randomly play foreign song sometimes, which is a nice change.

Liza said...

i am more surprise you are listening to govt radio...hahaha!!!

dieya said...

k liza,
hahaha i bet you are!