boeing 737-800 has arrived!

Yesterday was a hectic day at Subang Airport. Traffic was congested as early as 7:30am. Police officers were everywhere to look for Zaza ensure safety in conjunction with Hillary Clinton’s visit. The US Secretary of State was here as guest of honour at Malaysia Airlines showcase on our longstanding partnerships with US companies (i.e. Boeing, Pratt and Whitney, GE). She then returned home from Skypark in US government’s official jet, after ending her speech with “Malaysia-America bollleyyy!” :-D

In the afternoon, we had Boeing 737-800 Staff Open Day. Yes, the new generation aircraft is here! In fact, it just arrived from Boeing field in Seattle on Monday. We were given two hours to see, touch and fly feel the aircraft. It was an opportunity not to be missed; it gave us the chance to get familiar with our fleet and develop even stronger connection with the company’s operations.

Welcome to MH family, dear B738! We have been waiting for you!

That is NOT a simulator. Will you fly with me?

Submerging into luxurious business class experience while reading Going Places.

The economy class seats look lavisher than ever!

Our boss’s secretary coming out of the aircraft’s rear door.

My “Horatio Caine” pose ;-)

Some tired people and pigeons at the hangar. It was an incredibly hot afternoon.

A full look at our brand new ride.

Noses up with pride and joy!

XA is safely stationary at SZB.

One advice, NEVER ever do this when the aircraft’s engine is running. The turbine will suck you in and you’ll be minced meat within seconds!

Asfiza doing her camerawoman magic.


This spanking new B738 is fitted with equally new Boeing Sky Interior and Malaysia Airlines is the first full service airline in the world to operate with it. What does Boeing Sky Interior mean? It means (among others) leather seats, bigger overhead compartments and – what I like the most – individual high resolution screens to watch movies of your choice!

The aircraft that you see here is the first of 55 (yes, that many) B738 that we have ordered, in addition to 25 A330 and 6 A380. By 2015, we will have one of the youngest and most environmentally friendly fleets in Asia Pacific.

The inaugural flight for the B738 is scheduled for 15 November 2010. The flight flies from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu, then to Haneda, Tokyo.

So when was the last time you flew to Kota Kinabalu (or Tokyo for that matter) in style? With school holidays coming up, this is the perfect time to do so! Book your tix and give our new ride a try!


~jeet~ said...

waaa...good for MAS, i only fly MAS kalo company bayar...tapi tgkla kalo enrich point bnyk bole la nak redeem point.

p/s: ada jugak pose senget tu...

dieya said...

fly laa MAS selalu, our tix price is a lot more competitive now, plus better flying experience!
hahaha pose senget takpe, jgn otak senget ;-)

JaJa'Z said...

pose ala2 Horatio Caine yg tak bleh tahan tu..harus la akak gelak sket..hehhehe..syok nya tengok korang ni..jenjalan tengok flight...akak ni..masuk airport boarding pun tak pernah..huwaaaaaa

dieya said...

k jaja,
meh laa dtg kl naik flight, tak lama pun 45 minit dah sampai. cuti2 sekolah ni boleh laa jln2 kan? bawak exam papers tu skali meh dieya tolong tandakan.. hehehe!

NurFa Online Boutique said...

oh syoknye syoknye!!!

Liza said...

wah, while other get to enjoy new car, you get to enjoy new plane...thanks for the offer, i think i let the professional fly me :)

Mamamya said...

alahai...akak senasib lah dgn jaja...ntah bila yer nak merasa naik flight?? :(

sungguh jelezzz ok tgk gambar dieya b'gaya sakan kat depan aircraf nie...

dyanna said...

wow... seriously fly to KK boleh naik ni? you mean every flight to KK? (nk gi tokyo tak mampu lagi)

dieya said...

yeah! mmg syok sangat-sangattt! :-)

k liza,
when u put it that way, it sounds even more fun :-)
sampai hati u don't trust my flying skill.. hahaha!

k lieya,
alalala cian.. nanti lepas bersalin dtg kl naik flight from jb ye, dieya sambut k lieya ngan k jaja sekali kat airport. kita amik gambar banyak2 ngan aircraft!

yeah it flies to KK. but not every flight, the usual flights are still there. this one is additional. hv to look at the schedule b4 u book to make sure it's the new aircraft. kalau tak nnt naik aircraft lama.

Mamamya said...


harap2nyer biarlah impian jd reality kan..kan..kan....mesti best sgt2...x larat nnti dieya nak m'layan kami nih...

p/s: jajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....jom pi kl!!!!

JaJa'Z said...

kak lieya..mcm jaja cakap kat akak hari tu..memang teringin sangat nak jumpa akak..nak jumpa dieya..nak bergambar makan2..lepak2,borak2...yang penting..nak bergambar kat kokpit tu..hehheheh..bleh la tunjuk sket kat orang kampung....

kak liyaaaa....dieyaaa..mai la ktn!!!

Maya Marisa said...

ooooh so enticing...cant wait to experience it..
err babe, u part-time buat marketing MAS ker? hehehehe

Rashidah Ibrahim said...

Cam seronok je kerja tu... ada pun gambar dieya kat blog akak. tq.

dieya said...

k lieya,
aaammmiiiiinnn! yeah me too.. nak sgt jumpa k lieya! jom2 kita pujuk k jaja dtg kl!

k jaja,
hahaha siap nak amik gambar kat cockpit tu! meh laa dtg kl.. kat sini ada paella tau.. :-D

do give it a try, it's a totally different feel! hahaha like my big boss said "every single staff is the company's marketing agent" so i guess the answer is yes :-p

k rashidah,
alhamdulillah mmg seronok kerja kat sini. owh dah keluar yek gambar, great! :-)

Erin said...

Waahm so the leather seat. Erm, benda alah nie dtg KB x? Hihi..

I so love your jumping pic, cool! Cepat jd profile pic kat FB. Must take one too one of these days haha..

dieya said...

datang, but u hv to wait for the remaining 54 biji yg diorder tu sampai, definitely one of them will be heading to KB :-)
hahaha i was toying with the idea of changing my FB profile pic jugak, that jumping pic is one of those being considered.
yeah lompat jgn tak lompat mate!

JaJa'Z said...

paella...waduh2..tapi dieya tlg order kan la kalau nak makan ek..akak nai mana la reti menda2 gitu semua...

dieya said...

k jaja,
boleh2.. janji dtg :-)
kalau suruh order no problem, kalau suruh buat.. errr.. kita tunggu chef dari huelva tu balik kg laa yek!

Aida Rezuan said...

Amboi cantek sungguh! Ke KK jek ke? Ke Pahang tarak? Diskriminasi nih!

* err.. nope, still tak sanggup fly dgn Dieya (as pilot :D)

* sapa dari Huelva tuh? saya pon nak join makan paella gak nih!

dieya said...

ada2 gi pahang, tapi kena tunggu the rest of the aircrafts yg dah diorder tu sampai ye :-)
ala.. nape takmo.. i'll land u betul2 depan rumah kat temerloh, nak? :-p
baru pas makan paella ngan jeet.. brrrppp!

orang baru... said...

xsompat nk g nek ats tu..huhu

dieya said...

orang baru,
takpe.. tiap2 hari kapal tu terbang.. bila2 masa boleh naik :-)