bears in a bottle

What do you give as a wedding present to a couple that has everything? Please don’t say nothing. Just get something, anything, make the newlyweds happy.

Today is my colleague’s wedding. She’s fair and cute like a teddy bear, so I wanted to get her a bouquet of little teddy bears. I saw them before at Cold Storage. Orang lain pegi Cold Storage beli ayam ikan, I beli beruang. Looked at the price, almost fainted, didn’t expect it to cost that much. Then I saw a cheaper version, single teddy bear on a stick, with a paper rose attached to it. Just RM 12.90 a piece. Sounds good, but improvisation required to make the whole thing look presentable. Hence I started a craft project, which I shall call...

Bears in a Bottle

Items needed:

1) Two little teddy bears on a stick
One girl and one boy, preferably wearing matching outfits. Get the readymade ones if you are pressed for time like me.

2) One glass bottle
Get one with a wide mouth so it’s easy to put the sticks into it. Chili sauce or tomato ketchup bottle is great, though the bottle’s shape may not be so nice. If you don’t have any, get a lemon soda like me.

3) Tissue wrapper
Not tissue paper. Dark color is good to cover up the bottle’s label.

4) Net pouch
Light color to contrast against the tissue wrapper.

5) Greeting card
A small one will do.

6) Heart shaped lollipop
I needed something to hold the card. Couldn’t find a card holder like those I usually see with bouquets, so I bought the lollipop.

What to do:

1) Minum lemon soda sampai habis. Kalau guna botol cili sos nak minum sos tu sampai habis pun boleh juga. Kalau guna botol kicap suruh Kak Tek tolong minum. Clean the bottle, dry it and then wrap it with tissue wrapper.

2) Use double sided tape at the edge so the finishing looks neat.

3) Twist the paper around the bottle’s neck.

4) Put the bottle in the pouch and tie it up.

5) Stick the teddy bears and lollipop into the bottle. Write some congratulatory message on the card and paste it on the lollipop.


A close-up photo of my masterpiece :-p

I think it looks super cute (sesi puji diri sendiri). Just hope that she likes it! Okay, need to get ready to go to the wedding. Ciao bella!


Messy Mummy said...

Kretifnyer..bak mai satu Dieya. Tghr nanti nak kena g wedding gak nieh. Huhu..

dyanna said...

wow, i didn't take you as a crafty person. This looks very nice and creative =)

From this day onwards, I shall not generalise accountants anymore! (Trying to erase image of all-accountants-should-look-like-Henry-from-Ugly-Betty)

dieya said...

thanks! tengahari yer, sempat lagi ni nak gi cold storage cari beruang ;-)

thanks! sometimes i get random ideas like this and spring into action. hahaha henry eh? at least he's cute!

ninie said... cute..myb bleh do the same masterpiece tp for my colleuge yg baru dpt baby..thx for the idea...:)

Mamamya said... kreatif la dieya....mmg sgt2 cute..!!! well done dear !!

Erin said...

hebat! ko mmg sejak dulu kreatip mate hehe. dah boring wat kira2 esok, leh bukak craft shop ek hehe

sheri said...

lol baca che yah punya comment. i have the same issue, i tot accountants tak creative and "nerdish" mcm henry. u definitely proved us wrong. good on ya mate! ;)

and yes, the teddies are super cute. what a great idea.

JaJa'Z said...

ehem2..nak satu macam tu bleh??? hehehhe

Aida Rezuan said...

Uiks.. creative dia ye? Memang super kiut la! I like!

dieya said...

thanks! hahaha go ahead, good to know that you like the idea!

k lieya,
thanks! hopefully my fren tu pun rasa benda ni cute jugak!

hahaha masihkah ko ingat kita hias bilik sampai penuh dinding dengan football and NBA posters jadi wallpaper? thanks mate!

thanks mate! the bride already has everything, so not much more i could offer, just some personal touch!

k jaja,
nak dengar radio rosak zaman penjajah buat siaran ulangan? hehehe.. kalau k jaja dtg sini, bapak beruang i bagi u tau!

thanks! bleh geng ngan kuih bakar teddy bear kat sana :-D

Maya Marisa said...

ooh, ada hidden talent rupanyer. apa kata tahun depan, i hire u for cha cha punya birthday party...u tolong pack kan goody pack for her frens yg kiut miut nnti???
hehhe i make sure cha cha pakai tutu for her b'day party nnti..amacam? ok tak? oh ya, foc bole? hehehehehe

dieya said...

boleh2 tara hal.. pengerasnya bagi i your bluey eh?
and mummy pun kena join cha cha pakai tutu laa, baru gempak!

JaJa'Z said...

eiiii..selalu buat siaran ulangan radio rosak tau....sabaq laaaa..akak ni lagi ketar tangan nak gi sana..

Liza said...

when i get married in 2012, i want something similar boleh??

dieya said...

k jaja,
ngehehehe.. kalu dah ketar tangan tu cepat2 gi website MAS and click "buy ticket" okay!

k liza,
boleh2 no problem! i'll mark it in my calendar ;-)

niSamiR said...

i've posted something yesterday but i didnt appear here..what's wrong.....huhu..but again..creative la sgt u dieya..hehe

dieya said...

laa ye ke? blogspot ni mmg kadang2 pening sikit. thanks nisa! :-)