1st lucky draw by heze suze

Another tag from Kak Jaja. Mentang2 cikgu math ni dah cuti sekolah, rajin dia tag orang yek! I don’t mind actually, one tag = one less entry to think of. Just what I need to fill in the page during this final exam week ;-)

And thankfully this tag is pretty easy to do, it’s not like I have to solve a murder case or do a tricky IQ test that’ll get stuck in my head forever.

It’s a lucky draw whereby the winner will get RM 50. Not so much of going after the money, more for the fun of it and to have something to fill in the page.

Click here to join the lucky draw.

Tinggal seminggu nak tarikh tutup saya baru sibuk nak join ;-)

The rules:

1. MESTI jadi follower blog http://hezesuze.blogspot.com/ & sila nyatakan ID follower uols ok..senang akak nak catch up – Done, I’m follower #379. So many? Surely it’s gonna take lots of luck to win this :-D

2. Opkos kene wat 1 enty sal lucky draw nie...simple je pun Ok... – Done, you are looking at it.

3. Letakkan BANNER di sidebar uols dan link back ke entry ni ye. – Done, now that lone Asya Zain contest banner has a friend.

4. TAG 3 rakan uols..lebih pun takpe tapi jangan kurang haha. – Done, I’m tagging these hot babes that I haven’t tagged before:
- Maya Marissa
- Messy Mummy
- Ninie

5. Akhir sekali jangan lupa tinggalkan komen di entry ni & juga email uols ok. – Done, but sorry I’m not leaving my e-mail for privacy reasons. If I win this (which I doubt I would) just drop a comment here, okay?

To Kak Jaja, if I get the RM 50 let’s go eat paella!


Mamamya said...

good luck dear!!

dieya said...

thanks k lieya :-)
jom join jugak?

JaJa'Z said...

mintak2 dieya menang...mintak2 dieya menang..fuh fuh!!!!

Hezesuze said...

thanks join my LD..gud luck ye

Maya Marisa said...

patut ler ada sayupX2 suara memanggil i singgah ke blog u. rupaX2nyer tipah tertipu...uwaaaa kena tag lagi....
deadline next week kannn? takper, ada time lagi..esokX2 i buat - bila mood merapu i dah datang ...:P

dieya said...

k jaja,
fuh kiri.. fuh kanan.. dapatlaa makan paella dgn k jaja :-D

k hezesuze,
u r most welcome.. and thanks for dropping by!

ngehehehe.. buat jgn tak buat! u hv 6 more days to go!