simple surprise

It has been a really tiring week. Assignments and tests at school, training at work, assignments during training, assignments after training, work stuffs that have been piling up while I was away from training.. bla.. bla.. bla..

The consequence? I haven’t had enough sleep this week. The remedy? A huge cup of coffee every morning to keep me functioning. The effect? Still surviving.

After going through one pretty hectic week, it was a nice surprise to return to office this morning and see these on my desk.

Cuteness! These were from two practical trainees who left us yesterday after being with the department for 3 months.

My department always has several practical trainees working with us at any point in time. They are accounting or business students aiming to satisfy their respective university’s requirement of doing certain number of hours of on-the-job training before they can graduate. They come from various universities and colleges, private and public, local and abroad.

Over here there’s some sort of “unwritten practice” that we will organize a small farewell party for our practical trainees at the end of their training period. In return, they usually give us small gifts to say thank you and mark their presence at Malaysia Airlines.

Close-up on the notes from the trainees. Love the cute clip.

There’s Ferrero Rocher between the petals.

I’m not a big fan of nutmegs, but this particular brand actually tastes quite good.

I missed the farewell party yesterday. Didn’t get to bid the two girls proper goodbye or enjoy the marvelous party food. Two more will be leaving us next week or so. Expecting more cute gifts to come my way soon ;-)

Sometimes it only takes a simple surprise to turnaround a tiring week and give it a lovely end!


Aida Rezuan said...

Haishhhh! I thought those were from Mr CC maa! Are you sure the trainees gave you those? Are you 100% sure? :D

* hang in there!

dieya said...

you just love to find any trace of scandal in everything, don't you? wonder why you don't have your own tabloid magazine, you can make zillions you know :-p
if that was the case the title wouldn't be "small surprise", it would be "super huge mega shocker of my life surprise"!
still surviving, thanks for the support :-) can't wait for the semester to end!

Maya Marisa said...

Hv to concur with Aida. Are you absolutely sure its not from your secret admirers??? lol

エイザト said...

akhirnya, update. :D

baru tau buah pala tu adalah nutmeg. T_T

~jeet~ said...

good for you, i need to find simple pleasure in life too!! else i'll be stressed everyday ;)

el isman said...

salam cik dieaya

wow bestnye dapat dr trainee u buah pala n cokelat.tang bunga mawar tu yg mahai.kalau mamu dh lama melompat keriangan mcm teletubbies.

p/s dok consider of keje kt dubai.same situation mcm u but i have 2 months to think it over.ammcm cik dieya any idea?mati kutu ni.7500 dirham ok ka?

dieya said...

adoi.. berpengaruh sungguh aida ni.. ceh! i wish your words are true, with lots more ferrero rocher :-p

yeah, akhirnya. baru boleh tarik nafas sikit this weekend. still much left to do though.
yaa betul buah pala adalah nutmeg!

thanks! yeah simple things do matter kan?

salam to u too. hahaha nak lompat kat ofis tak boleh nanti patah heels i yg lima inci tu.
wow congrats! truthfully i'm not the best person to give you advice on this. tapi dari hasil borak ngan member2, life kat sana adalah mahal especially rental and food. rental kena pay 12 mths in advance so pastikan bawa savings banyak2 utk bayar benda2 in advance ni. kereta n petrol murah tho. yg lain2 i tak sure. sorry i can't help much, kena tanya org yg mmg dok sana laa. anyway, whether u pegi or not, congrats again!

Liza said...

how sweet, i am very sure this definitely cheer you up right? have a good weekend

JaJa'Z said...

aiyakk..buah pala!!!!! akak ni mmg la die hard fan buah pala..bleh makan berkilo2..dasyat kan?? hehheheh

dieya said...

k liza,
yeah definitely! i had a productive weekend, buat assignment sampai tak tido.. huhuhu.. hope yours was a lot more fun!

k jaja,
wah ye ke? mak ooi sampai berkilo2 tu.. apa kata k jaja bukak dusun buah pala satu, pastu lumayan!

JaJa'Z said...

akak siap buat entry tau lepas tgk gambo buah pala dieya ni..

dieya said...

k jaja,
oh i just read it. cian k jaja, nampaknya kena cari laa sapa2 dok penang tolong pos :-)