ratu and fire

I’ve noticed this new poster on Avon HQ building along Federal Highway for the past couple of weeks. It’s a picture of Tengku Ratu Haidar, daughter of renowned choreographer Linda Jasmine and actor Que Haidar. Apparently she’s the spokesperson face of Avon Baby range. I stroke-off the word spokesperson as I just realized how can she be a spokesperson when she can’t even talk yet? Cryperson is more like it :-D

Isn’t she cute?

Seeing a portrait of innocence gracing the wall is a welcomed change. Previously they used to put up photos of female artistes like Erra Fazira and Reese Witherspoon with tons of Avon make-up on their faces. All cosmetic companies have that kind of ad, nothing interesting. This new one, however, makes me turn twice, then thrice, and before I know it I look forward to see it every time I pass by the building. Seeing the baby’s smiley face showing off her two little milk teeth while I’m stuck in rush hour traffic makes me wanna smile too. Such a positive vibe it has!

As I cruised along the same stretch this morning, I saw a cloud of black smoke on the other side of the road, a few hundred metres away from the Avon building. At first I thought it was from the factories at Sungei Wei industrial area. As I got closer, I realized it was something more serious.

Can you see that? A car was on fire!

No wonder the traffic was slower than usual. The car was stationary on the emergency lane in front of Mercedes-Benz showroom. A fire engine arrived and a group of firemen quickly put off the fire. No idea what kind of car it was or if there was anyone inside.

The entire three-lane highway became cloudy as the firemen sprayed some chemical stuff onto the burning car.

I hope whoever was in the car managed to escape unscathed before the fire spread out. From the look of it, there was no way the car could be recovered.

How can a car suddenly catch fire? A friend told me that’s what happens when you over-customized a car’s engine, something is bound to go wrong somewhere as the specs are no longer standard. Another said that it is also a risk associated with converting a car’s fuel tank from petrol to NGV.

Both arguments sounded logical. Not sure how true though.


JaJa'Z said...

takut la kan kalau tetiba keta terbakar ke apa ke..lagi teruk kalau kita terperangkap kat dalam tu...ngeriiiii

dieya said...

horror betul tengok kereta tu tadi.. takleh imagine kalu ada org dlm tu camne laa agaknya. belum habis ngeri tgk accident bas ekspres delima (even though just tgk dlm tv) dah nampak lagi satu accident.
note to self: baca doa banyak2 sebelum naik kenderaan!

Erin said...

scary...mintak jauh ler benda2 nie sumer kan

ZuNas77 said...

i tak boleh imagine kalau gambar besar Arsyad terpampang kat situ..confirm semacam je coz A LOT of ppl tgk kan..linda jasmine ni dulu masa baby baru kuar beria sorok2. siap buat majlis kenalkan baby bagai. skrg ha kau..tgk la puas2 ppl!!..hehehe

scarynya kete terbakar..kalau i dah giler punya kelam okeh..

dieya said...

sangat scary! mmg betul2 freak accident coz i didn't see the car hitting anything. just berhenti n terbakar.

kalau gambar arsyad terpampang confirm i gelak besar everytime lalu federal highway. lagi2 kalu u letak gambar sengih yg dlm passport tu :-D
mmg scary.. takde apa2 tiba2 terbakar.. keluar kereta lari je laa jauh2 b4 anything happen!