pranks are not always fun

I’m not a fan of pranks. I think it’s shameful and degrading.

Okay, scratch that. My old friends might be stomping their feet in dismay right now reading that line.

I used to like pranks. Yes, I did. But now that I’ve grown old up, I don’t see it that way anymore.

I have to admit that I do enjoy watching Punk’d, especially during its heydays. I also enjoy Just For Laughs, a Canadian show that pulls pranks on random public. It does make me think twice of going to the country though, as I definitely don’t wanna end up in one of their episodes.

When I was younger I did pull a few pranks on my friends. I was fun while it lasted, but when I think of it now, I really thank God that nothing bad came out of it.

Prank #1:
One night during high school, Miss L (my classmate) and I left early from prep class. It was about 10pm.We decided to hide behind pillars near the top of a high staircase that students have to pass through to return to hostel. I hid behind the left pillar, Miss L hid behind the right one. We knew two of our most innocent + blur + geeky (you get the idea) classmates were going to pass by in a minute. Guess what we did? The moment they passed by, we jumped out from behind the pillars and went “Warrrghhh!!!” One of the girls was so shocked she felt on the ground rolling, terjelepuk ke lantai! I honestly thought she fainted, gelabah juga Miss L and I sekejap. Thankfully she was okay, just visibly shaken. I couldn’t imagine if she had fallen backward instead of forward, she would have rolled down at least a dozen steps of staircase! Just thinking of it made me shiver. Obviously neither Miss L nor myself thought of it when we decided to pull the prank.

Prank #2:
Same school. One of my classmate, a guy, had a fear of popping balloons. Me and Miss F found it to be incredibly funny, so we asked one of our innocent + blur + geeky classmates (pity this group, if they were not our victims we made them our proxies) to bring a balloon to him with a needle hiding between her fingers. We told her to make the guy hold the balloon and when he did, pop it off with the needle. I didn’t know what went through the girl’s mind (perhaps she wanted to be part of the naughty group after being a victim for so long), she agreed immediately. Miss F and I watched from a few metres away as our proxy did the hard work. When the balloon popped, I saw the guy’s face went white almost instantaneously. His hands were rigid, as if he was still holding the balloon, except that there was nothing there anymore. He was silent, really silent, until the girl called his name a few times. Then only he sort of returned to normal. I was surely thankful that I didn’t cause a healthy 16 year old boy to die of heart attack!

Prank #3:
This one happened at uni. It was my roommate’s birthday. Amongst the four of us in the room, there was a silent agreement that each of us would get splashed with water on our respective birthdays. On the night of Miss S’s birthday, she got a call from someone to wish her Happy Birthday. The mobile reception was bad, so she had to stick her head out of the window for most of the conversation. Miss N, another roommate thought the timing was perfect to splash her, because we wouldn’t have to clean up afterwards as the water would go directly out of the window to the ground. So we did! Miss S almost dropped her mobile phone 4 storeys down in shock! Fortunately she didn’t, or else the three of us might end up buying her a new phone for her birthday. Another fortunate thing was that even though the phone was almost entirely drenched with water, it still worked fine, so she still couldn’t claim for a new phone from us :-p

What about me? Have I been pranked? Of course! Maybe not as often as I pranked others, because most of the time they failed to pull it off properly. I usually got to know it even before they started it, so I managed to dodge it most of the time. It’s not easy to prank a prankster you know!

Those were the days, my teenage days mostly. Now, I won’t pull a prank even if you pay me to do it. Maybe it’s the aging process that makes me refuse to waste my energy on useless activities. Maybe I’ve become mature in my conduct. Maybe I’ve seen and done it all, hence I’m no longer fazed by it.

Maybe because I’ve realised that it’s only a minute of fun, yet it can result in a lifetime of heartache.

Before I end this super long entry, I shall leave you with the following video. Watch it. Trust me, you will think twice of pulling a prank after this.

Didn’t I tell you so?

P.S.: To those I’ve pranked before, I’m sorry, I truly am. Watching this video made me realise how close I was to causing hurt to others, if I hadn’t already. And for that, I’m truly sorry.


~jeet~ said...

i could not see the video, but still, i think pulling pranks (or rather getting it is apart of growing up, that is when we learn what can and cannot do, what makes sense and what doesn't.

it also give a chance for a child to be creative, thinking of new ideas, be it to get at people, but i must agree sometimes it can be really wrong and doesnt serve any good purpose, guess its part of life, every one must have experienced it somehow,

the challenge is how to make our kids (insyaAllah kalo ade la) won't to far in this department?..hhmm...

*sori, terpanjang pulak komen...

dieya said...

you can't see it? i thinks it's the connection. it works fine on my screen (both IE and GC). maybe it's your office firewall, try it again when you get home kay ;-)

anyway i agree with you, it's part of growing up. once we become older and wiser, then we realise how utterly useless it is. and yes, kids do have to be educated not to go overboard with it. tak pasal2 dari asrama SBP masuk asrama henry gurney pulak nanti.

JaJa'Z said...

ohh!!! itu kerja dieya dulu2 ek..bleh tahan...akak jugak yang baik..hehhehhe...akak pernah buat ke ek? ntah la rasa macam takde je..dikenakan ada la jugak, tapi selalunya tak menjadi..akak dapat mengesan dulu la..

but the video!!! giler scary..kalau jd mcm tu mmg menyesal seumur idup la...

dieya said...

hehehe keje zaman kanak2 riang dulu :-D
owh budak baik rupanya k jaja dulu ye.. ingatkan gangster sekolah!
betul laa.. mmg berkesan betul video tu..

ZuNas77 said...

Mesti kwn2 minah dlm video ni menyesal tak sudah kan? nak buat lawak skali tragis yg jadi..Tp bkn niat diaorg pun benda nak jadi mcm ni. Cuma dah terjadi di sebabkan perbuatan diaorg confirm la rasa bersalah gila2. Giler tragis okeh..

Anyway, why i didnt see the other side of your "naughty-ness??". Kat TMO dulu tak pernah prank org pun..hahaha

dieya said...

masa mula2 tengok video tu i was like apa benda yg best sangat prank ni? then toward the end, omigod, tragis abes!
hahaha time tmo kena kontrol ayu 24 jam. kalu u nak tau before i joined lagi my ex-boss dah warning kena sopan santun ayu solehah.. makanya haruslah mendengar kata ok ;-p

Liza said...

do you listen to panggilan hangit aired on hotfm, sometimes it can be entertaining but some pranks are just too much!

niSamiR said...

wondering sape la ur classmate yg agak malang ituuuu...hahahaha...but frankly speaking, our school ramai je yg nerd kan...:p

dieya said...

k liza,
i did listen to it several times. another one is "gotcha call" on hitz. but after while i found it to be more annoying than funny, so i stopped listening to it. but then again, i guess that was how it was intended to be ;-)

teka jgn tak teka :-D
i think both girls dulu satu wing ngan u laa. hahaha mmg ramai nerds pun! mau taknye, hari2 kena drill dgn homework yg tak abis2!