malaysians are social network nutties

Angah posted this article on his Facebook that I find interesting.

Below is the full article, extracted from BBC News website. Click here to view it in its original version.

Japan has fewest digital friends

Malaysians have the most friends on their social networks, while Japanese users have the fewest.

This is one of the findings of a large-scale research project, looking at online behaviour around the globe.

It also found that digital sources are overtaking TV, radio and newspapers as the media channel of choice for 61% of the online population around the world.

The study, conducted by research firm TNS, interviewed 50,000 consumers in 46 countries for the study.

In Malaysia the average number of friends is 233, closely followed by 231 in Brazil and 217 in Norway.

This contrasts to an average of just 29 friends in Japan, and 68 in China.

The results could suggest “a culture that embraces fewer but closer friendships,” thinks TNS’s chief development officer Matthew Froggatt.

As well as having the most friends, Malaysians are also the heaviest users of social networking sites, spending an average of nine hours per week on them.

It is followed by Russia, where people spend an average 8.1 hours per week online and Turkey where 7.7 hours a week are spent on social networks.

Socially mobile

The study found that consumers are now spending more time on social networking sites than using e-mail.

This is fuelled in part by the rise in mobile net access.

In the US, a third of online consumers expect to be accessing social networks via their mobile phones over the next 12 months, compared to a quarter via a PC.

In Sweden, over half said they would access social networks via mobile and just a quarter cited the traditional PC.

National crisis

The importance of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter is being explored in a separate study at the University of East London.

Researchers are using three British cities - London, Birmingham and Carlisle, to study whether social networks could help save lives in the event of a national crisis.

“We are working on the premise that, as technological advances continue, the traditional mediums of television and radio may become usurped in their potency in terms of delivering important messages to society at large,” said Professor John Preston, who is leading the project.

The TNS study, which the researchers hope will become an annual project, also found that countries newer to the digital world are embracing online activities at a faster rate to those in more mature markets.

In China four out of five users have written their own blog, compared to only 32% in the US.

“In rapid growth markets...users are embracing these new channels in much more active ways. The digital world is transforming how they live, develop and interact,” said Mr Froggatt.

P.S.: So how many Facebook friends you have? Do you know them all? Or you simply add them so they can help you harvest your Farmville crops? ;-)


~jeet~ said...

i think at one time i had over 300 and then i take a consciuos decision to delete a few yang memang tak pernah say hi pon.

i even did not approve those people yang friends of a friend, bukan apa, most things that we put are private stuffs, kalo every tom dick and harry tau, mane personal nye.

and i don't like people tagging me on some pictures of baju, biskut, tudung, etc (yang ni pon i untag)...i think blog is a much better venue for business.

JaJa'Z said...

mujur la akak just add and approve mana2 yang kenal jek..once in a while akak update..mana yang tak berapa nak menonjol diri tu..'delete' jek..

dieya said...

now i'm keeping my friends list real tight, only ppl i know AND like AND willing to share personal stuffs with. there are some ppl yg berkali2 add tapi i tak approve coz tak menepati 3 syarat di atas.. so too bad laa kan.. hehehe!

k jaja,
betul tu! ada my pals yg add sampai ribu riban tapi sebenarnya bukan tau pun sapa yg diorg add.. nak lumba sapa paling ramai friends kot!

dyanna said...

Looking at my FB news feed which updates quite regularly various updates from friends, I won't argue with that report :P I'm also one of the culprit.

I have just over 300 friends. Sometimes I add friends of friends and have them on 'trial' period. See if they got anything useful to say and interacts with me, then I'll keep them. If they just post Farmville updates or just stalking, bye bye friend.

dieya said...

hahaha trial period eh? that's a good one. maybe i should do that too.. accept first, then delete later. sounds evil ^_^

Erin said...

guilty! well, aku ni peladang berjaya, so got to have ramai i have soo many ex-students. tu pun certain students je yg aku approve, yg xpernah say hi jgn haraplaa kan hehe. hence, why i have another account for students...*sigh*

Liza said...

i am actually quite careful before i approve the friends list. even after i approved it, i will only give the full access to people i really know, the rest will only have limited access especially to the bosses *wink*, how can you not accept when your boss add you kan?

dieya said...

my wall used to be full of your tanaman punya updates. now i hv removed all framville / fishville / mafia wars whatsoever updates, baru ler clear sikit wall tuh. what, you have a separat account for your students? rajin giler maintain sampai 2 accounts!

k liza,
hahaha when the boss adds, better accept kan :-D
thankfully fb has the "limited access" feature!

Erin said...

haha, sorry for that...luckily boleh hide benda2 instead of hiding org yg post haha. yup, letih! but sgt jarang bukak account satu lg, and syyhh, dont tell anyone but that's the account for the bosses as well *wink*

dieya said...

hahaha no worries. yeah fortunately the new FB allows me to do that! ooo.. nyorok dari boss yek! :-p